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    US OIL

    interesting thanks casey.
  2. https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/ and then just looking through the ones in FTSE which have their Ex date today (as IG take them out at market close the day before, rather than the morning of) hope this is useful
  3. I think that would be BATS, BT and HLMA. 6.3 points total coming off FTSE 100.
  4. if anyone else has better ones (free ideally) i'd be very interested!
  5. if logged in you can use this https://www.ig.com/uk/ig-economic-calendar which whilst quite **** layout and dated, works well enough for the things they offer.
  6. well IG would be a good place to start, but basically any regulated broker, ideally stationed in the UK or other well regulated region like America / Australia etc would be a clear choice. look deeper than just the top level costs. look at conversion costs and admin fees too. they mount up.
  7. have you been shorting this market?
  8. "161 hours 40 minutes a week" or "24/6, plus 18 hours minus 20 minutes on FX and 2 minutes on indices" didn't have quite the same ring to it I imagine....
  9. also do you know if this is fixed or varies
  10. True but also let me know how else I can trade fx which settles at the globally traded fx rate on sunday night especially over weekends with brexit! exclusivity means it lacks competition and can put a premium on it
  11. Login, go to platform, search ‘weekend gbpusd’ , trade it.
  12. Beyond meat IPO lock up period ends 29th Oct should be of interest. 9,625,000 at offer price of 25 USD coming back online. spicy.
  13. very useful tool! would like advanced visualizations like this in the platform
  14. Don’t you need a certain level of qualification to trade leverage ETFs?
  15. Don’t trade intraday 😇 how long have you been trading?
  16. left click on book cost figure (it'll go underlined) and then put in what you purchased it for.
  17. Interesting read thanks. My 2 cent / question.
  18. don't you get "...this will likely be reduced once market volatility has decreased, however we are unable to put a timeframe on that as it's based on the underlying market conditions." ?? Short term for sure.
  19. This is trump all over. Threaten the worst and settle for mid ground.
  20. any value in long term trend line.... Was broken but still. 57p seems massively undervalued. I always thought this was a £1 stock for a number of years now
  21. where are you? Not possible in the UK anymore, and Europe I believe?
  22. I find currencies very hard to trade on. There is so much information to digest and a lot of macro players and data to keep an eye on. In some aspects its a heavily manipulated market with government intervention, and in other aspects its a free market because its so large you need to be a serious player (i.e. government or significant player) to move the market. Stresses me out but I do appreciate looking at these threads to get an insight into the wider economy. Thanks.