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  1. interesting that you say you wouldn't trade against the trend, however the trend is entirely dependant on the time frame you're looking at. Its a tough one, and why the markets work so well... everyone is looking at different things.
  2. Not related to the uber IPO directly but there’s been a leak recently regarding deliveroo takeover. Eyes are pointing to series F funding from T Rowe Price.
  3. Saw that william hill are extending their roots with a tie up with International Game Technology to offer sports betting with lotteries. Aparrently 50% of US trade lotteries at least once a year so the market could be huge. Stock hardly up at all on the news but an interesting development.
  4. Crazy if true. Oh to be one of those bitcoin whales and to make 5% on their multi million pound trades. Sigh.
  5. Basically if you tried to do a limit order to sell at 180 you would immediately get filled at the current levels and your position would close. You’re saying “I want to sell down to a price of 180” but because the market is at 212 you’re going to sell at these levels.
  6. I shouldn't laugh but this just came through from Bloomberg on my email.... That title
  7. Great video! Hopefully will increase sign ups as you can use it to promote the forum in a number of places.
  8. interesting take really - especially at these1200 levels you can't help but look back at the chart and see the support and a number of good bounces and think we're going to be looking at a reversal. I put in a little in an ETF when we hit 1205 but now I'm not so sure...
  9. Saw this interesting chart on Statista which I thought could be a discussion topic. https://www.statista.com/chart/15001/valuation-of-the-most-valuable-private-companies/ The fact that uber is nearly $70bn strong and hasn't floated is quite remarkable really. Apparently there is a bit of news to back this happening in 2019 as Investopedia reported: "According to a CNBC report, the company passed a resolution to this effect at its board meeting to discuss investment from Japan-based venture capital firm Softbank Group Corp. (SFTBF). At an all-hands meeting earlier this month, Uber CEODara Khosrowshahi had indicated that the company would go public within the next 18 to 36 months. The San Francisco-based startup is valued at $69 billion in the private markets and has raised over $13 billion in funding."
  10. Yeh reiterate the above. Careful. Given them the crypto option “if this goes to zero don’t blame me”....
  11. This is it. We’re looking at a near 80% odd expectation of a rate rise despite many thinking that it may not be the best course of action in the long run. What are people’s expectations of the August rate hike? Likely to happen for good reason, or really for the BoE MPC to save face? Continued slow rate rises are needed I’m sure... but doesthe data support it? Second rate rise in 10 odd years. One thing’s for sure the banks are going to make bank (pun intended) if this comes through. Could be worth getting on the sector ETFs and short term stock swings. Steeper futures curve, better profitability on consumer debt / mortgages etc, whilst not as much of a pay out on banking interest, and latency in clients switching to bigger and better bank accounts. So where do we think things are heading? Good ida for a rate rise? GBPUSD and EURGBP estimates?
  12. This was the article btw - skewed for a supportive argument of the MPC meeting but anyway, worth a read for anyone I think as it gives a great summery http://www.cityam.com/289920/bank-england-economists-split-monetary-policymakers-set-out
  13. Interesting regarding Thursday rate rise if I’m honest. I don’t get how we’re looking at this 80% odd likelihood of a rate rise coming whilst economists are split on the effect it’ll have. The effect is surely the reason for the action... saw this is city am “While most City observers now think rates will rise, economists are split as to whether hiking borrowing costs amid a weak economy – and shortly before the biggest political upheaval in 40 years – is the right course to take.” if it isn’t the right course then why have such a solid expectation or a rate rise? The figures which have been coming out recently haven’t really supported this in all honesty? All the figures last week aswell... I thought we’d be more split.
  14. market looking relatively range bound going into the meeting.
  15. ...wrong again. GBP was very uneventful on the open. ?
  16. GBP will be interesting on the open...
  17. Stellar a clear winner in Question 1, but EOS by a nose in Question 2. What does that tell us!
  18. Yup it’s an extension which is likely to not be supported and rightly so. Otherwise people click on the link and it’ll auto download software which no one wants. id remove the links if I was you and link to a webpage. Again as said about even that may be seen as promotion...
  19. I’m going to follow these steps and post results for companies on Monday after the open. Looking forward to a dividend post too great and very useful post thanks
  20. oil no longer in that pull back after the biggest draw since 2016 apparently! But there have been bigger pull backs immediately and we're actually lower than we were at the start...