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  1. Great piece - nothing like a good bit of manipulation in the macro markets. Lets be honest we are kidding ourselves if all the major global players aren't trying to manipulate the markets. European and western guys just call it 'quantitative easing' though.
  2. Looking like a really tough time for the Lira. In just one year it has devalued maybe 40% against the USD which is crazy. You'd have some good holidays on the cheap if you're looking for a last minute get away! Seems to be at a point of resistance at the moment but rising volume and higher lows....
  3. Doesn’t bother me if the mods are signing off first. TF, yeh I think that’s a by far fetched. 202925, lol someone’s bitter. Maybe happy medium and only allow newbies to post in the new section?
  4. Useful. Hopefully a perminant feature...
  5. I didn't know where else to post this, but it had to be shared. https://news.sky.com/story/trump-angry-baby-blimp-gets-green-light-to-fly-over-london-during-presidents-visit-11426665
  6. so the parameters are • Current Price greater than Price from 1 Week Ago • Price from 1 Week Ago greater than Price from 2 Weeks Ago • Price from 2 Week Ago greater than Price from 3 Weeks Ago • Weekly Volume greater than Weekly Volume from 1 Week Ago • Weekly Volume from 1 Wk Ago greater than Weekly Volume from 2 Wks Ago • Weekly Volume from 2 Wks Ago greater than Weekly Volume from 3 Wks Ago • Zacks Rank less than or equal to 3 • Price greater than or equal to $5 • Average 20-day Volume greater than or equal to 100,000 shares Is there an easy method to look at these things? How do you do it? Charts seem to show varying degrees of success. Do you think the method works?
  7. A post by @trendfollower made me think of an article I read this week where Monzo have partnered up with transferwise to offer international payments! I think Monzo is great. They’re getting take over bids all the time, have a growing team, and really it’s what millennials want. Many others out there feel the same? Revolut maybe? Are they a serious contender to take on the big boys? https://monzo.com/blog/2018/06/25/monzo-international-transfers/
  8. The whole ‘trump trade’ is quite an interesting one isn’t it. I guess the easiest (“easiest”) thing would be to look at which industries the tariffs target, which companies within those industries are most exposed (for example Harley Davidson as a US company, how much revenue is generated from overseas sales, as well as which companies have a high use of raw materials from China such as aluminium etc) and go from there. The old ‘fang’ Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google and a large number of other tech stocks had a bit of a crappy few days so probably worth keeping an eye on that. It’s a bit odd really because these stocks are generally immune to tariff chat, especially when there hasn’t been any mention by the US, EU or China on levies or barriers to entry on these multinationals (many of which are softwares / transcend boarders). Maybe this is more a profit taking scenario on the individual stocks which haven’t been battered by the trade talks? I wouldn’t be going in big here. Also recently read this which was quite interesting. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2018/06/25/the-first-layoffs-from-trumps-tariffs-are-here
  9. I wonder if there is another way to do this? @Caseynotes knows the ins and outs of PRT I think?
  10. @owenb1979 When it says Wednesday that’s the day at market close they take them out The index price, but the individual stock is done on the Thursday. Have a browse on google and somewhere it’ll say the stock names.
  11. Always think the ‘more buyers than sellers’ Statement is a little funny. By definition bid/offer matching means there are equal buyers and sellers... always. Its just the fact it’s happening at a higher or lower price point which matters
  12. Seems like there is a lot of opportunity for making a few trades on the back of the rhetoric coming from the trump-house. Trade war talk is really kicking off and now the EU are getting on board. How are you trading it? Which markets are worth investigating? Whats your riskprofile on this? Do you think it’ll last or just be a flash pan statement? Chinese investment in the United States has plummeted 92% this year was trending on reddit today. Looking forward to some discussion about this
  13. Thought I would do a bit of research on the DAX as I don’t really trade it or know much about it. So we know it’s a German benchmark, but apparently there are two versions. Performance AND price weighted index, however the performance index is quoted more commonly. That’s the one IG uses too as it isn’t effected by dividends. Also “because of its small selection it does not necessarily represent the vitality of the economy as whole” which is interesting. Does this mean when macro economic data from Europe comes out it isn’t moved so much? Looking at the make up it seems very manufacturing and industrial heavy so likely to be hit by the trump tariffs at the moment. Some large pharma and chemical companies in the higher weighting side of things too. Question - what moves big pharma and chemicals then? Small pharma is volatile because sometimes they release drugs or have things fall thru, but if you’re massive and diverse I can imagine it’s a bit harder to knock the stock?
  14. Thanks for this. Also I love that wee notification which comes up in the community at the bottom. And when you’re on a thread and someone else adds a reply and you get that small black notification, and when you click on it you’ll see it fade in...
  15. If bitcoin breaks that support it’s going to nose dive down to the 4K levels for sure. Personally id be looking to short a small size with a large stop, as there could be a little bounce. Long term bullish for bitcoin tho. Everyone is waiting to see where it’ll bottom out before starting to load up in size. Expectation for 2020 halving event and cryptos are likely to skyrocket IMO.
  16. I get the trade confirm screen before I place a deal?
  17. looks like we've seen a price target rise to $53 for UBS on the back of the world cup. So looking at about a further 15% upside if that comes through. Can see it reached 47 but off a bit since. On a personal note I just don't get it ... I don't get the company, lack of profitability etc. I don't get the service or use it for that matter, and because I don't understand I won't be getting involved. Trend is looking good tho and glad this played out well for ya. Also the following from seeking apha: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4182119-twitters-recent-boom-beginning
  18. can't for the life of me remember what it used to be called, but the reputation this on here? What was it?
  19. I don't know if my settings are different but I seem to have the option.
  20. Interesting. I like the new upgrade. On mobile it’s looking good. You can go to the forums section @Caseynotes and it’s the same layout (nearly - small tweaks to structure) but all in all you can navigate as before. Mobile experience is a **** of a lot better. It looks like I can add screenshots and I actually find it MORE intuitive. Mobile nav could have a little work and reorder, but that’s about it at the moment. Will update later when I can review on desktop. Also casey - love that picture ?
  21. Love the ‘fluid view’ in the forum section. Easy to pick the things you’re interested it, omit the stuff you’re not keen on, and sort in chronological order so you’re always pushed the lasted most important content. Good one!
  22. As one reddit economist comically put regarding the Trump tariff... "my excitement for the data generated by these policies exceeds my fear of the consequences"
  23. I'm pretty sure that it is purely on new positions, which makes sense. They can't force people to add a whole load new margin onto existing positions, especially if they're in a loss, because that could force a closure of position. I don't have a source... but think there was an email about it a while ago.