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  1. So I don’t have a pen and paper in front of me and I’m on mobile, but I think that yes you are correct. A new rule which focuses on the leverage rather than the maximum financial loss has come in a year or so ago. That means that your guaranteed stop won’t reduce the margin (and thus increase the leverage), but you still have your maximum financial loss safeguarded. So if the margin is 10% and so is your guaranteed stop distance then you’re going to be using all your funds as margin, so a 500 Euro unrealised loss would as you said put you on margin call. On mobile and don’t have excel to figure out the exact number but you wouldn’t need double the amount of funds would ya to cover yourself? You’d be on margin call after that 5% drop, but if you had an extra 500 deposited you’d be able to cover for more... it’s not a linear progression down is it? More diminishing. Maybe I’m wrong. Second question if you have an account where you’re forced guaranteed stops on all positions, should the margin call even ever be applied, because there’s no way to lose more on your account that you have locked up, so the above rules should just be void.
  2. Nothing yet I’m afraid but it would be good to get something sorted on Monday
  3. Generally holding on the Fib, but waiting a break above and then on for the 880 level. Still a fair while off the $15,000 the reddit guy was saying by end of year ... but we can dream.
  4. You need to send an email to helpdesk@ig.com asking them to close it, and you need a few security details like name, DOB, address etc. The standard.
  5. This is interesting. Q: which one is causal?
  6. So my original question I guess was... Do you think technical analysis and trade decisions based on previous price action is reliable?
  7. These seem to be confirmed and live here: https://www.esma.europa.eu/sites/default/files/library/esma71-98-128_press_release_product_intervention.pdf Binaries are a gonner Leverage to be limited (as below) Market reaction: IG close 816 IG open 789.5 Plus close 1043 open 1000 Cmc close 159.2 open 155
  8. The NTY and wired have recently released articles on women in finance, I guess cos we just had Int Woman’s Day. Why are there less women in finance and how can we get more involved? There’s a lot of chat on regulation at the moment. Can crypto be regulated? Does crypto fit into any one of these existing frameworks? Or should a new structure be created?
  9. But everyone has a view in the market, irrespective of crypto or other asset? I would have thought it’s more down to no one knowing how to value them, thin liquidity, poor on / off ramps for fiat, and algos auto trading against BTC...
  10. Slightly off topic but... I never get the logic of MA's or EMA's (admitidly I've never really looked into it much). But why pick arbitry 'x' numbers of days. Why 7 or 21 for example, when the candles will only print on actual market open trading days, so why not 5 or 15 for the '1 week and 3 weeks worth'? Why three weeks anyway, and now 4? Why 100 and 200 days, rather than 252 which is the number of trading days in a year (generally)?
  11. saw this copy and pasted from somewhere else . ____________ If you want to trade now you can select the ‘Deal’ tab, fill in your size, and select one of the following: Current price or better: This default trade option will open your position at the current price or better if the market moves in your favour. Points through current: This gives you more control of your execution by allowing you to trade through the current price, up to certain tolerance as defined in your deal ticket. This is useful in reducing order rejection in a volatile or illiquid market, or if you trade in larger size. Market order: If you want to increase the likelihood of being filled, irrespective of price, you can select Market Order. To increase the chance of successful execution, the IG deal ticket will default to accept partial fills. If you use this feature, IG will only partially fill a trade as an alternative to outright rejection, and you will never be partially filled if an entire fill is possible. We also offer a range of stops and limits so you can exit your open position at specific price levels. These include trailing stops which will follow your trade if the market moves in your favour, and guaranteed stops that will always be filled at the exact level you select (even if the market gaps over the level you selected). Regular stops are available too. If you want to trade when the market gets to a certain level, use the order tab: A stop order, once triggered, will be filled at the prevailing market price, however this could be a less favorable level than you selected. A limit order will give you control over your entry point, but your entry level must be placed at a more favorable level than the current market. Once triggered your entry level will always be the price you selected or better. _________ Also these from youtube
  12. Interesting article for newbies trading over rates from Investopedia: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/010616/impact-fed-interest-rate-hike.asp Also, why do the charts for rates on IG only go back to August?