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  1. Purchased three entries a few days ago at different levels. Why are they buys not showing at the different levels? All three buys lets say 4000 are shown at the last level. Is this correct? I was expecting three entries at different levels so that I can sell at one level once the price went up. At the moment I can only sell at the last most expensice level.
  2. Stop level is literally just above the finish yesterday. This is a huge turnaround. I was really tempted to close yesterday and maybe lose a bit. As you say i will hang on and see what develops today. Hopefully a bullish start will see it rise further. Many thanks for your extra piece of news.
  3. Well thanks a lot Brazil. That will do nicely. Just a small rise tomorrow morning and i am out.
  4. Many thanks, i don't see it rising either. Unless there is some sugar crisis of course.
  5. Had a punt on this last week and the price went up, looked at it and thought it will go up further. I was wrong. Price has dropped since and seems to be hovering with no real movement. So stuck with this until it rises and goes back over my limit. Cant see that happening for a while.
  6. If you have enough deposit then you can speculate up or down through ig.
  7. You guys must have a fair chunk to guess up or down. Wish i could join in but trying to build up my cash flow slow and steady atm.
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