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  1. @nit2wynit, A professional and I repeat a professional trader would make more money using Spread Betting. They would be able to effectively use leverage to maximise gains and use the margin requirements to trade larger position sizes than their deposit. They would also have access to trading Commodites, Cryptocurrencies, FX, Bonds and Stocks. Commodities and Cryptocurrencies can offer some of the biggest gains both long and short.
  2. @nit2wynit, Yes it does seem you are confused and I would avoid even considering Spread Betting for now. I agree with @Caseynotes above about putting your entire trading capital on one trade and with that trade being a high risk trade in my personal assessment it does not have very good long term implications for your trading survival. Having some experience in trading AIM shares over the past many years, I also agree with @Caseynotes that the shares on AIM tend to be far more illiquid than its larger counterparts and therefore you will find many instances when you have bought in good faith but when the price is declining rapidly you cannot exit due to liquidity issues. Trading on AIM is a different animal altogether and yes there are big winners but there are big losers too. It is report that around 90% of AIM is junk so it is about identify the 10% of quality and trading them. Have you considered day trading these 10% on RNS 'Positive Contract - Significant Revenue Increase' news? You may want to look into it and consider it but please do research beforehand and only if it meets your own personal trading criteria.
  3. German Bund is just going higher and higher. Most Bonds are up (blue) today with the German Buxl up 107 points at the time of this post.
  4. I just looked at the 'daily' chart for Bould Opportunities PLC. Ouch! I hope you are either short or did not buy (long) a while back and are nursing large losses.
  5. He who blinks first! Imagine what would happen if a weaker US President was in place?
  6. @nit2wynit, If you want to make money quickly then that presents an increase in risk, but at the same time if you want to do this as safely as you can, it entails a sound risk management strategy. I am not sure about some small caps being considered safe! As someone who trades micro and nano cap stocks which are even more higher risk than small cap stocks I would say that these stocks attract a lot of 'Pumping' up the price and speculative capital. This creates a 'bubble' especially when you see breakouts shooting upwards like rockets. Now I accept these are great trading opportunities and if one can profit from them then there is nothing wrong with that. They are extremely high risk as these stocks tend to be far less liquid than larger caps and there is a lot more volatility too. It is not for me to recommend anything to you. You must look at your 'Trading Goals' in your 'Trading Plan' and then pick the most effective and suitable 'Trading Strategy' to help you successfully execute your 'Trading Goals'. You must develop and test a trading system which yes involves 'Back Testing' but an element of 'Forward Testing' to give you the best possible chance of trading success. You must select the trading platform which can best suit your trading philosophy. Are you going to day trade, trend follow, swing trade, momentum trade, value invest / trade, etc? All the best. 👍
  7. German Bund yields hover near zero as industrial orders disappoint https://uk.reuters.com/article/eurozone-bonds/german-bund-yields-hover-near-zero-as-industrial-orders-disappoint-idUKL5N22J1SC
  8. @Rubyred, You can def. trade German Bund on IG's UK Spread Betting account.
  9. @nit2wynit If you purchase £1k of shares then you purchase £1k of shares. The point of Spread Betting is that to have a position worth £1k you do not need to stake £1k and instead can stake a margin. I accept it is not for everyone and is a more riskier mechanism so those who do not feel comfortable with the risks this mechanism presents should steer well clear. Spread Betting has its place but it is merely a tool that can be used to trade. Just like CFD's, Futures, Stock Broking Accounts, etc. Each one will have its advantages and disadvantages and it is down to the trader's trading strategy that will help determine which they should use and which they should not.
  10. @DanLord, IG is known for trading and more specifically Spread Betting and CFD trading in the UK. It offers 'Margin Trading' and the ability to use 'Leverage'. For this you would open either a Spread Betting account or a CFD account. Now IG does offer a Share Dealing account and though I have never used it, I can only think it is like any other UK share broking account where the client actually acquires the shares though I believe IG use a separate company for the nominee whom they will not disclose but suggest other brokers use them too. Your shares in IG's share dealing account will be held in a nominee account. Now from my understanding the shares are owned by a non-trading subsidiary of the stockbroker. This will be similar with certain other brokers in the UK as well so it is not just IG that adopt this.
  11. What is interesting is to see how the German Bund's price has been appreciating since the beginning of 2018 till date (making a new high) during the Brexit chaos and the uncertainty within the EU. They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well a chart tells the narrative better than both a picture and words in this particular case.
  12. I touched upon this in a previous post on this thread that it is reported that Fidelity are going to offer Crypto trading. Now Fidelity has around $7 trillion in assets under management. It is as big as they come. What an endorsement for Bitcoin. Now who is right? A $7 trillion AUM firm called Fidelity or those on the IG Community who think Bitcoin is garbage and will eventually end up going down to zero? Now it is not out of the question that Fidelity could have got this wrong but when enough support by large institutions is offered to Bitcoin then they will all together ensure Bitcoin survives in one form or another. Fidelity is being proactive. It is showing great trust, support and confidence in Bitcoin. Maybe it has high educated and intelligence staff that really understand the Crypto Revolution that we are witnessing and they have a more open mind which is balanced rather than just simply negative against Bitcoin. Now E-Trade has already entered this space but it is more focussed on the retail side. What Fidelity will do is attract institutional investors like pensions, hedge funds and High Net Worth (HNW) clients. The other thing worth noting is that Fidelity will offer a Custodian service which again is another sign of them being ahead of the curve against its rivals and competitors.
  13. Two of the biggest brands in the world - Microsoft and Starbucks are going to work together by Starbucks using Microsoft's Blockchain Service to track Coffee. Now if Blockchain was a waste of time, overhyped and useless then why would both of these companies even bother? I include the article in relation to this below: Starbucks to Track Coffee Using Microsoft’s Blockchain Service https://www.coindesk.com/starbucks-to-track-coffee-using-microsofts-blockchain-service This is just another example of Blockchain gathering some serious traction and momentum with some big institutions getting involved. Once the big boys do then the rest of the smaller boys will follow.
  14. It is being reported that the Bitcoin price is being backed by a diamond breakout on the '4 Hour Chart'. I am not sure if this is bullish or bearish! Diamond breakouts tend to occur in relation to market tops unless my understanding is wrong which it could be. Maybe this is bullish short term but bearish thereafter.
  15. I just checked and Motif Bio is not available to Spread Bet right now and the market is not currently available to trade message is appearing. The minimum bet is £1.00 per point and the margin is unclear as the above message is getting in the way. So with a £1000.00 margin what is the £ per point? That is the key question and surely the whole point of margin trading using leverage is that the gains are far greater than acquiring the shares physically? What value is the position worth when you stake £1000? £10000, £20000, £50000? You need to know this and then only can you compare it with acquiring the shares worth that value.
  16. I mentioned the 'HALVING' for Bitcoin in a previous post in this thread and other threads and I can see others have picked up on this concept too. It is widely being reported in the media so one must be careful of course with 'Market Noise'. The key question is whether this event will cause the Bitcoin price to rise? The price action is certainly supporting this notion at the moment. When you look at the 20, 50 and 100 DMA then they are all sloping upwards and the current price is above all of these. It is also trading above its 200 DMA so there are strong reasons to go 'Long' on Bitcoin if anyone is not already long. The downside risks are the extreme volatility and the continuation of the longer term downtrend. This could be countered by historical patterns around 'halving' but the 'halving' does not offer any guarantee over future price behaviour. It does however very slightly tilt the odds and probability in your favour of a new upward trend forming prior to the 'halving' based on historical patterns around this concept. Another key consideration is the increase in volume which is supporting Bitcoin's price action. The price is trading above the 'Parabolic SAR' which is another positive and bullish indicator. When you apply 'Trend Lines' and then take into account any 'Support and Resistance' you will find a very positive and bullish argument for Bitcoin's price increasing. This does not necessarily mean it will continue increasing but all we can do as traders is make an informed trading decision based on our risk appetite, signals/indicators being used, trading style and trading strategy adopted.
  17. @JamesIG, Thanks for your prompt response.
  18. @JamesIG, Are you able to provide a list of U.K. domiciled US ETF’s available to trade on IG’s platform?
  19. What is interesting if reports are to be believed is that during this uptrend from Bitcoin the 'Short' positions are rising. If this is true then this is very bullish indeed. These shorts will have to be closed at some point which indicates rising prices from here. Also key support and resistance are being taken out by Bitcoin so again a bullish indicator. There is the risk that this could be a false rally but it really does not matter if one trades on current price action. There is nothing wrong with trading and profiting from a false rally in a downtrend as long as one accepts that is what it is or could be.
  20. Ether needs to really hit the psychological $200 level. The strength of any rally for Ether will be judged on whether it can stay above this $200 level or not. When you look at the 'daily' it seems Ether has bottomed and has completed a consolidation period. Obviously I cannot confirm this and time will correct me if I am wrong by the behaviour of the price.
  21. Bitcoin hit $5982.10 so it is getting very close to the psychological level of $6,000. Until Bitcoin surpasses the $6.6k to $7.3k levels there will still be many who agree that Bitcoin is in a longer term downtrend. We are now approaching a critical period for Bitcoin. So far it has done extremely well and there will be many traders who have profited from the longer term downtrend and the recent uptrend.
  22. A break below $9000 is on the cards unless there is some positive news or any positive drivers to support an increase in Orange Juice prices. Below $9000 seems inevitable based on the current strength of the trend and bearishness of the charts.
  23. I think the question right now is whether Fidelity Digital Assets in the next few weeks will begin acquiring Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies or whether it already has and is partly responsible for the recent price rises?
  24. @draa46, Anything is possible when it comes to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. The only reason why it may not continue in its downtrend is the 'HALVING'. If you look at the historical patterns for Bitcoin around a year before 'Halving' takes place then you will see that there is high chance of upside from where we are. It will all be down to how much demand and risk appetite there is for Bitcoin to be acquired both in the physical / digital sense and through futures and derivatives. If there is high institutional demand then we could see Bitcoin come out of the downtrend.
  25. I have just found this which may explain the sharp increase in price for Ether out of the blue. Regulators Ready to Approve Ethereum Futures, CFTC Insider Says https://www.coindesk.com/cftc-would-approve-ether-futures-if-asked-insider-says