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  1. Is Orange Juice resuming its uptrend? From a technical perspective the signs look encouraging. Prices are at an important juncture right now and the next couple of weeks will be very interesting.
  2. I do not like the look of Gold at the moment from purely a technical / charting perspective. What is of more concern is that IG Client Sentiment shows traders are net long Gold - the ratio stands at +8.23 so (89.2% of traders are long) which presents a strong bearish reading. I would not be surprised to see Gold flirting with $1220 - $1230 levels soon unless there is some major buyers step in.
  3. @PandaFace, IG offers spread betting on cryptocurrencies which is a form of gambling. Having said that I see the point you are trying to make. Your points are what IG would have to consider should it wish to venture down this road. I have made a suggestion which I think would incentivise quality content and encourage discussion on the IG Community. For the time spent reading other posts, writing responses or creating new posts, this is all time consuming. I accept it does not take long to post a chart, post a link, a brief reply, etc. However, deep, meaningful content requires ones time. There used to be a poster that @Caseynotes will know who I am referring to who kept on posting the same old information time and time again like an online salesperson. Only IG can police such spammers by having some sort of assurance or quality control programme in relation to postings.
  4. Anything new and at times complex can provide challenges which is what we are seeing. Different countries around the world are adopting different views on the regulations they wish to use against cryptocurrencies. There are complex questions around whether they are currencies or commodities? Maybe some country will be bold enough to say with they are neither and create a new framework for which cryptocurrencies come under. I don't know the answers but I think patience is required. Once a country has clear guidelines, framework and regulations in place then it will be far more easier for institutional traders / investors to get into the space.
  5. I just checked the Argo Mining website. Its services are still all sold out. This is either fictional or we are about to see a major rise in the share price once IPO is completed. https://www.argomining.co If this 'SOLD OUT' is not true then we could see an initial move upwards to entice new investors and then BOOM! Down it will go.
  6. An insight into the future of blockchain data technology https://www.governmenteuropa.eu/future-blockchain-data-technology/89402/
  7. I am merely sharing this news. I am not advocating anyone invest in this. When the pitch launched it started with £100m valuation. Due to numerous prospective investors complaining about the obscene valuation they reduced it by a staggering 50% to £50m. Wow, just shows if prospective investors had not challenged this valuation then a lot of people would have invested into the original valuation. http://www.cityam.com/289106/uk-blockchain-startup-launches-equity-crowdfunding-round
  8. I cannot see it having a problem listing on AIM but at present it is unclear as to whether it will list on the Main Market AIM or NEX? One could argue that NEX is a London Stock Exchange!
  9. Could Boris Johnson mount a serious bid to become the next Prime Minister?
  10. @JamesIG, First of all, you must start somewhere albeit at a basic level. With LSE support/backing it gives the course more credibility. In terms of value for money then it really just depends on what you use the course for or why you pay the money and do it. For example, if you pay £1800.00 and pass the course and then get a job in Central London for say the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and then get a salary of at least £100,000.00 or more as an crypto asset manager then one could argue that the course has immense value. It is unlikely that this course would achieve that but if it does not change your life or increase your income in any way then it could provide to be of lower value. To be able to manage and allocate funds to crypto will require some form of qualification / accreditation due to the extreme high risks. This is merely a small starting block. Crypto Asset Management or asset managers wishing to allocate funds to cryptos will need professional qualifications. I can see a big demand for Blockchain degrees in the coming future. Three to four year degrees will come incorporating Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, etc. once the demand is established.
  11. Where is the capital which is flowing away from Asian stock markets going? It is not seem like it is Gold or Bitcoin. Is it Bonds! Bonds are more traditional assets in times of uncertainty and with Trump's trade war and Brexit then it may just be that capital begins to leave stock markets and go to Bonds. It will be an interesting one to keep an eye on. The trick is to shift your own personal capital before the media even reports/comments on such trends and movements. Then once 'joe bloggs' starts looking at Bonds to then move back into the more 'riskier' stock markets to maximise capital growth opportunities. If this is too much hassle then use any major corrections as an opportunity to top up and add to your long term positions. Be greedy on any major stock market crashes / corrections.
  12. Here comes access to education which is vital to the future success of cryptocurrencies and ICO's. https://cointelegraph.com/news/london-school-of-economics-introduces-online-course-on-crypto One of my favourite sayings is, "Knowledge is Power." Other counties are starting to offer degrees in this area. Gibraltar and Malta along with Ontario are at the forefront of more positive regulation in relation to blockchain, ICO's and cryptocurrencies. If memory serves me correct then Malta will be offering a degree in blockchain.
  13. Does anyone know when Argo Blockchain PLC IPO is listing? There are rumours of by the end of July 2018 but I have checked the London Stock Exchange website and there is absolutely no mention of this which also includes any AIM listings too. I wonder if Argo Blockchain PLC lists on NEX to join Coinsilium and KR1 (formerly known as Kryptonite1 PLC) or whether it joins the company which has invested £200k in it (Vela Technologies PLC) on AIM.
  14. @AA.H, if you are new to trading then may I ask what has led you to look at possibly trading oil? Apologies if my assumption is incorrect. @Caseynotes, has pointed you in the right direction. Do you have a trading plan? The answer must be yes because if it is not then I know this sounds cheesy but failing to plan is a plan to fail and it is especially true when trading commodities.
  15. @Caseynotes, I would not normally post anything in relation to UK politics but here goes in support of your post. David Cameron will go down in the history books as the PM who brought the Brexit referendum to the people of the UK and when the decision went against his personal beliefs, he resigned. George Osborne then joined him by resigning. Now we have David Davis and Boris Johnson resigning as they realise that the Brexit deal is not in line with their views. So the only inference I can make by the action of these four MP's is that they were not willing to act in accordance with the wishes of the UK as per the referendum vote. What happened to the politicians working to carry out the wishes of the public? Democracy!
  16. @Situation, first of all thank you very much for taking the time and participating in this discussion. I am not suggesting you are right or wrong as we all will have different views and opinions. However, sometimes a lack of knowledge can lead to one thinking that Bitcoin and Ethereum are done. You may be right, who knows? You suggest new money has no reason to come in. At the moment institutional money has not even entered the 'Crypto Universe'. If it does and this all depends on the regulatory environment but if it does then new money will have the biggest reason to come in. I accept it is a big IF. I agree that the traction for Bitcoin and Ethereum adoption is slower than one would like. However. momentum is building and there are lots of exciting projects in the pipeline. The reason why one would buy say a Samsung, Panasonic or Sony TV is because even though the technology is available to make your own TV, most would not be able to do so. This is because they would not have the skills required, knowledge needed and time. @Situation, have a look at some of my previous posts within the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain section of the 'Forums'. You may find posts, links and material that may be useful in acquiring more information on the subject area. Apologies if you have already seen most of them. Thanks again for your post.
  17. @Caseynotes, I can see your point and cannot argue against it. It is a difficult balance but you may be right. Lets see.
  18. @Caseynotes, there is a lot of foreign capital invested in say the FTSE 100 index from various countries around the world. This includes pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, etc. Should they all get jittery due to the final Brexit deal then there may be a run on say the FTSE 100. I am not suggesting there will be one but it is possible should the deal be bad for the UK.
  19. @Caseynotes, I agree that IG should encourage from within the 19000 clients already signed up. However, where I disagree which is fine as we all will have different ideas and opinions is that IG should absolutely worry about 'quality' posts. It should not necessarily be about the quantity of posts. Yes, simple honest discussion would be a great start but how many posters are engaging in a simple honest discussion. How many people are sharing their opinions or thoughts even though there may be a risk that others will not understand or agree with them?
  20. For those who have come across my previous posts will appreciate that I am pro 'digital currencies' and 'cryptocurrencies'. Some of you will find this article both interesting and fascinating. IG are not silly to offer trading of cryptocurrencies if there was no future. IG's credibility is on the line. Also they are a business and need to profit and would not support the trading of something that was a fad or was simply going to disappear shortly. https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-could-go-mainstream-within-10-years-imperial-college-research/
  21. This may be of interest to some. https://www.ccn.com/major-futures-exchange-cboe-files-for-bitcoin-etf-increasing-probability-of-approval/
  22. @PandaFace, thanks for replying and participating in this thread. The value creation would be that the IG Coin could be converted into fiat to trade only on the IG platform so ultimately IG wins. Also the knowledge and experience that could be shared within the IG Community could also be non monetary value creation. If it leads to successful / profitable trades then again this creates value which may not be seen by the IG Community. As they say the 'house always wins' and has the 'edge'.
  23. @Caseynotes, the main play for Gold right now is Brexit and the political and economic uncertainty that comes with it. This could have a ripple effect across the globe. I will be very interested to see when D Day comes whether the capital flows to Bitcoin or Gold in terms of safe haven allocation. I don't know what will happen but I am intrigued as to whether the money moves into Gold or Bitcoin.
  24. @JamesIG, I think those who are registered clients use IG's platform to invest/trade. Enabling visitors to post is like saying to a child you can go to the candy store and purchase candy but you do not need to pay for the candy. Any thought provoking discussing has to lead to at least a serious thought/consideration of a trade, preferably on IG's platform. I cannot see how visitors can help with this unless (being cynical) those visitors are IG employees disguised as visitors or even automated 'robo' responses using AI!