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  1. You may want to look at Canada, Gibraltar and Switzerland. I have not done any research but am merely just suggesting off the cuff. These countries seem to have embraced Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
  2. Bitcoin often does what we least expect it to and the technical charts indicate scope for a possible rise to around $9000 levels. I say possible as this is Bitcoin after all. On the 1 hour chart Bitcoin has breached the rising trend line.
  3. Around the $9255.78 will be an interesting price point. If Bitcoin passes this then it starts getting exciting. It hit $8762 today and is already around 6.5% up at the time of writing this.
  4. , I have responded to your question on another thread. TrendFollower
  5. , Good question. In my opinion the small traders will not be able to afford the margin requirements. Therefore these clients will simply no longer be able to trade using IG. For me personally, spread betting using IG's platform is only a very small part of my overall investment and trading portfolio. I use it to mainly use spread betting as way to use leverage to maximise my profits on Commodities and Cryptocurrencies both long and short. There are other ways to gain exposure to leverage on commodities. It is not the same but for example for Commodities one can trade ETF Securities products. They offer x1, x2, x3 and on commodities and equities both long and short. They even offer x5 leverage on USD, EUR and GBP currency pair trades both long and short. For Cryptocurrencies, XBT Provider are excellent two. I use them for my long positions on Bitcoin and Ether. They are ETN's so Exchange Traded Notes. I cannot understand why the US is messing around with ETF's and regulation when a country like Sweden has offered this tracker fund of sorts on Bitcoin and Ether for a while now.
  6. The reason why this article is interesting is that the Winklevoss twins and their elite friends and 'wealthy and intelligent circle' have the financial power to physically acquire more Bitcoins on every major correction thus bringing the price back up. A fascinating book to read is Digital Gold - The Untold Story of Bitcoin bu Nathaniel Popper who is an editor of the New York Times. It really does open ones mind and I highly recommend it. https://cointelegraph.com/news/winklevoss-twins-bitcoin-has-potential-to-grow-at-least-30-fold-in-10-to-20-years
  7. I found this a very interesting article and thought I would share it with the IG Community. https://www.ccn.com/privileged-minority-winklevoss-twins-strike-older-cryptocurrency-critics/
  8. , Gold needs to hold $1300. If that breaks then there could be further selling pressure. $1306 was hit today so it is getting close. An interesting battle for Gold at the $1300 level. It all depends on the risk appetite around the world, political stability and economic news that is released. Interesting times for Gold short term.
  9. , Thank you for checking and sharing your find immediately with the IG Community. It is worrying the impact that could have had if you had not highlighted the error. There may be traders and investors who are new to IG and have very little experience or knowledge. , I accept mistakes can happen and I am sure it was a genuine error due to not being familiar with the software. The main thing is that you have accepted the mistake publicly and quickly.
  10. , Interesting post. I think only future monitoring and observations will determine whether it is indeed correlation or coincidence. The only thing I would add to the 'mix' is that from a risk perspective Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are far more higher risk than equities. However, one could argue that both are more risky compared to more traditional investments such as land, property, bonds, etc. Risk On / Risk Off Trading?
  11. Thanks for your response. I have been posting about Bitcoin for a while now. I just wanted to see what your views and opinions you had. Feel free to go through my historical posts on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain if it is something that interests you.
  12. $49129 was hit by Lumber. My target of $50000 is on course if you look at my previous posts historically.
  13. Add Bitcoin Cash to your list as there are similarities there too. I think this year will determine whether Cryptocurrencies has a future or not. If Bitcoin and Ether make new all time highs this year then game on. If they do not then capital preservation will be key. They now have the media's attention around the world. I include the types of newspapers such as The Sun and The Daily Express as well which means that even those who do not understand what Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are can get the latest news regarding them. :smileylol:
  14. , I meant on Bitcoin! I understand what Bollinger Bands are. That was not what I was asking. As you are posting regular charts of Bitcoin then one would assume that you have an interest in it and possiblly some opinions or views?
  15. The price action of both Gold and Silver do not look too good. Now I have mentioned this before and it may be totally coincidental every time but as Cryptocurrencies have generally gone up over the past 24 hours or so, Gold and Silver have declined. I have no evidence but my 'gut' tells me that in terms of 'risk on / risk off' trading it could be that capital is being shifted from Gold and Silver back into Cryptocurrencies. It is merely a suggestion / opinion that I am presenting. This coincides with markets generally reacting to the recent correction where money is shifted from precious metals back into equities and generally more riskier investments than precious metals. This is very simplistic and I accept it is far more complex than what I have merely suggested and it would take a lot longer to post such complexities but if I ever have enough time then I shall certainly share my theories with the IG Community.
  16. Elle, do you have any comments, views or opinions to go with the chart?
  17. If Bitcoin attracts new buyers on the sidelines 'fearing they missed out' on any potential next leg up then I see this exceeding $20,000 for sure. Momentum will be key here. I accept that it has to blast past $10,000 first so it needs to climb the steps bit by bit.
  18. If you look at from 24th Jan 18 onwards then we have just witnessed not only a sharp sell around world markets (especially in the past two days) but the price action of Gold and Silver during the past couple of weeks including right now at time of writing on 06.02.18 - 8:00 pm is downwards! Just look at the Gold and Silver charts. Should they not have both gone up when there was blood in the 'Crypto Universe'? Should Gold and Silver not have gone up during the past couple of days when the world markets in general were falling such as in the US and UK especially?
  19. Dear , Yes I do have some questions (below). If you could please forward them onto the appropriate team. What their views are on Stellar Lumens? Do they think it can be the best performing Cryptocurrency (in terms of the larger market caps) in 2018? Stellar is decentralised as opposed to Ripple which is more centralised. Also Stellar is entering important partnerships, gaining huge traction and experiencing momentum. What do they think about IOTA, Cardano, Monero, NEO, NEM, Dash, Tether, TRON and Qtum? Can these make traders / investors big returns in 2018? Is this event with two crypto experts tailored to only cover the cryptos that IG offers? Stop losses. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. In fact I am struggling to think of anything which is more volatile. What are their thoughts on how to set effective and efficient stop losses? One of the most difficult things I find is that traders can get stopped out very quickly if they do not have an effective stop loss strategy. Risk management is extremely important and crucial when trading Cryptocurrencies. How would they set stop losses so that it manages their risk on the trade yet reduces the chances of getting stopped out thus avoiding making constant losses when there is VV 'violent volatility'? What are their thoughts on the following Blockchain investment companies - Coinsillium, KR1 formerly known Kryptonite 1 and Vela Technologies? Do they think that investing in the right Blockchain companies could be a good long term investment and why? Are there any other Blockchain companies they recommend and why? Kind Regards TrendFollower
  20. Sure has. In fact it has smashed its way through. Looks like $5000 next!
  21. , Cryptocurrencies in general are going down. The movement downwards has been rather aggressive and quick. Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Litecoin are all also going down. There is a current sell off at the moment, I would urge you to look at the charts to really appreciate this. Even Cryptocurrencies like Stellar, IOTA, Cardano, etc. are all declining heavily. The current charts are not indicating any reason to go long at this moment in time (5:38 am) at the time of writing. Some may argue that it is because of the announcement the Indian Government made recently, South Korea and China's recent statements or even the decision of certain banks to ban the purchase of Cryptocurrencies on credit cards as having an impact. I am not so sure. It may have contributed only slightly but this current 'bloodbath' in Cryptocurrencies may have happened regardless. Who knows. For those who are currently in a short position then I would suggesting holding until the trend reverses and there is a clear signal / confirmation. Should anyone open a new short position? This is all dependant on your risk tolerance as if the trend does change then as many of us have witnessed it could shoot back up very quickly and aggressively on the way up.
  22. , if some of us are not available to participate live then will there be a recording available to us to see after the event? Well done to IG for arranging and organising this for its clients. Excellent idea.
  23. At this rate the $5000 level has to be in serious danger and a serious target for the strong downward trend in play at the moment. It looks like physical Bitcoin is being sold and sold quickly. Investors are cashing in as they risk losing their profits or want to minimise any losses. One report in the media suggested that some expert had states Bitcoin could breach $5000 and even go as low as $3000. For those with short positions, I think the key is not to sell too early. Right now there is no confirmation or signal to close your position and take any profits. I agree with that $6000 is the next target and well if it breaches $5000 then I can def. see the floodgates opening with more selling.