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  1. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/stellar-lumens/xlm-price-prediction-2018-ripple-killer/
  2. Lumber hit 48717. It is having a really good go for 50000.
  3. Recently, I had been posting several charts albeit very basic highlighting say the 20, 50 and 100 day moving averages, etc. I deleted them from 'My Photos' section but they seem to have disappeared from all my posts. I thought once posted they would stay there but it seems you have to keep them in the 'My Photos' section. Is anyone able to confirm this or offer any support or advice?
  4. Orange Juice looks interesting right now by looking at the chart. There is extreme weather condition possibilities in Florida and already if reports are to be believed then the freezing conditions have damaged some of the orange crop. I shall be keeping a close eye on Orange Juice. This is where 'Fundamental meets Technical'.
  5. Lumber hit 48347 and is having a real good go at my magic number of 50000. It looks like another leg up to get there.
  6. I use Fidelity Investments for my SIPP. I have been a client for many years and I suppose I have built up a good relationship and loyalty with them. I like their platform and service. They do not have the cheapest charges and nor are they the most expensive. https://www.fidelity.co.uk/pension/fidelity-sipp I think at the end of the day you have to be comfortable with the provider you use. You have to trust that when you look to retire or take an income from your SIPP or tax free lump sum that this will be executed as per your wishes. You want your expectations managed. It is totally a personal decision and there is no right or wrong here.
  7. I do not use the IG SIPP. My SIPP is managed elsewhere. However, are you referring to the IG Smart Portfolio SIPP or Share Dealing SIPP? From my understanding you may be able to carry forward unused allowances from previous tax years but you would need to take some advice on this matter. This is just what I think so IG would need to confirm this but there is an annual fee of £195.00 which is payable to James Hay and not IG as they do not charge this. There will be normal commission charges / dealing charges that apply. Apparently James Hay may charge fees for certain actions within your SIPP. Have a look at below for more information on their charging schedule. https://a.c-dn.net/c/content/dam/publicsites/1464246132307/igcom/uk/files/other/SIPPs/charges-schedule.pdf I hope this helps Trend Follower
  8. Jack, You state you are a long term trader. What strategy have you adopted? You mention you are looking for passive income from dividends. Are you sure you are not an income investor or dividend investor? I apologise but I do not understand your first paragraph. In terms of tax relief then that is more in relation to myself investing in start up growth businesses which allow investors to claim either 30% EIS or 50% SEIS tax relief off their income tax liability. What do you deem as reasonable understanding? Your execution on Card Factory is not something that I am familiar with and to be honest I don't understand. I am a trend follower and I let the price action help me to decide when to enter or exit a trade / investment. I will always have stop losses / trailing stops in place. I get the impression that you do not have a stop loss. What sort of risk management are you operating? My advice would be to read how successful dividend income investors produced high yielding income portfolios. Then see if you can adopt the best bits in your unique and personal style. I wish you all the very best.
  9. The greenback is helping Soybean Meal. It is weakening thus the price appreciation. Now for those who do not know or understand why this is? Well, overseas buyers have more purchasing power and they tend to buy more from the U.S. when the dollar is weak. It makes sense and is generally a strategy that is adopted by countries in Asia.
  10. I know I have been 'banging' on about Stellar but this article highlights why I am so passionate about this particular crypto that IG does not offer. https://www.coindesk.com/why-a-39-million-ico-chose-stellar-over-ethereum/
  11. I am sure they do. However, I am very sceptical of how useful educational tools are for novice investors on broker platforms. My advice would be to further your knowledge first before becoming a trader but do so by reading books and knowing what is happening around the world with a bit of economics mixed in. Feel free to see of my previous posts which may guide you if you find them of interest. If you want to improve as a trader then you need to work out what kind of trader you want to be? A trend follower? Momentum trader? Swing trader? Do you have a trading plan? What is your trading strategy? Do you have strong risk management in place? Which assets are you going to trade and why? What are you aims and objectives and what is your plan for meeting them? Will you be trading both long and short so that you can make profits regardless of whether markets are trending up or down? I could go on and on. The best advice I can give you is to watch the price behaviour of what ever you are trying to trade. Understand it. Look at the fundamentals and the 'story' behind the price behaviour. Look at it from a technical perspective and observe the charts. What are they showing you? Do you know why the price is moving in its current direction? Spend time, have dedication, be enthusiastic and have passion for making money. You will need to put the hours in and no one can give you a magic formula for being a successful trader. You will have to look at your risk tolerance and personality and decide which strategy is going to be best for you and whether you will be able to execute the strategy to meet your aims and objectives. Lots of effort, dedication, time and capital will be required!
  12. The price action is wonderful for Soybean Meal. Hit 34658 today. It is trading above the 20 day, 50 day and 100 day moving averages. This is what I like to see.
  13. No not so far. I must admit I like their platform and online visual portfolio screens. They even helped me chase up a company's EIS Tax Relief form when I had invested in a company which was eligible. Their range of investment funds (Unit Trust + OEICS) and investment trusts are quite good.
  14. Jack, Stop using who? I don't quite understand your question. I still am currently using Hargreaves Lansdown and Equiniti Selftrade. I use IG for spread betting on Crypto's and Commodities mainly. I use spread betting due to the leverage available to help maximise on winning positions and the tax benefits as well.
  15. https://www.coindesk.com/two-companies-sign-test-ripples-xrp-xrapid-pilots/
  16. Both precious metals and base metals seem to be doing well recently. Gold and Silver and performing well. Nickel and Zinc are too. It is worth keeping an eye on these.
  17. Jack, I use Hargreaves Lansdown and Equiniti Selftrade as brokers for my shares, ETF's, ETN's, etc. Hargreaves actually offer an excellent choice and pretty good service from my experience.
  18. James, 20 MA has been breached. This could be a sign of weakness but it is worth keeping an eye on.
  19. Oats are in a strong rally. Oats supplies are tight in Canada. Demand is increasing for high fiber containing food products which have promoted the growth of oats on a global platform. This is driven in a major way by the demand directed from the functional foods market. Rising health concerns among people who are health conscious have prompted the high growth rate of oats in the global market. Also rising consumption of oats to reduce excess body fat has also been identified to be one of the major drivers to this market. Now that $2.70 has been broken I think Oats will try and target that magical round number in $3.00. Also the US dollar declining is certainly helping. At the time of writing, Oats was $2.77. There is absolutely no reason to short Oat right now so I can see further appreciation in the price. This is only my personal opinion but within this post is a potential trade idea for those who can spot it.
  20. TrendFollower


    The trend is strong! If you look at the 20, 50 and 100 day 'moving averages'.
  21. Ripple is at a very interesting point. From one perspective you must remember that it has had extremely large gains throughout 2017 and especially near the end. Reported returns are around 38,000% which is insane. If anyone was good enough then they would have traded this with lots of leverage and made a fortune. With leverage the returns could have been far more than the reported 38,000%. From a different perspective, this could mean ongoing corrections as the valuation had raced far too ahead to insane levels. This may mean that there is the potential to short Ripple. The problem is that the 'Crypto Universe' is so mad that you have to put logic and historical chart patterns to one side. Ripple could easily try and go for its all time high of around $3.36 levels. All it would take is some positive news and traders could experience 20% and 30% per day increases here and there. IG were far too late to the party as usual. I am witnessing exactly the same mistake on Stellar which is 'ridiculous'. I would love to spread bet with leverage Stellar via IG's platform but I am unable to do so. When a new crypto becomes available on IG that means it is time to short! Litecoin and Ripple are good examples of this. Stellar has some real momentum which is great for those who want to trade it.
  22. I have a feeling that another move upwards is coming in the short term at least based on current price action. It could be the move that attempts $1.67 level. Anything below $1.13 and it could try and attempt the recent low.
  23. At the time of writing, I would be looking for Ripple to break the $1.67 area. If it did then a long position could be considered. I am watching carefully!
  24. I am no fan of Gold but I cannot ignore price action and trends. This is why!