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  1. @DKMY, You may possibly find it in the Commodities section of the forums. If not then you may want to create a WTI thread and post any questions that you may have like you have done here. I have just checked and there are several Oil threads within the commodity section. May I ask did you have any specific questions?
  2. You may want to include Stellar and have a look at the chart. Stellar is the one to watch right now. Its partnership with IBM and very interest and exciting.
  3. Litecoin is cheaper to trade than say Bitcoin so when Cryptos in general are trending up then on Spreadbetting platforms the margins required on Bitcoin are far greater than on the likes of Ripple, Litecoin and Stellar. This creates a 'market' for the smaller traders to trade Cryptos when they are trending strongly whether that be in the short term, medium term or longer term. The charts will have similarities for these but at the same time there will be differences. For example Bitcoin and Ether are different and Ether and Ripple are different. They may all be going in the same direction downwards and upwards during similar time periods but there distinct differences in the sharpness of certain moves like in Ripple right now for example compared to say Litecoin.
  4. Right now Cryptos are trending upwards. They are volatile and high risk. However it does not matter what the asset class is. If there are potential trends emerging then one must consider trading them as well as monitoring and following the price behaviour. It is important to establish how prices react to market sentiment and online media 'news'. From a trend following perspective it does not matter if your believe in cryptocurrencies or not. It does not even matter if you think Bitcoin is a fraud and going to zero. Right now if there is a trend to trade then one must simply consider it based solely on price action rather than own opinions. It is long term investment decisions where one may use their own opinions to make decisions on whether to invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term or not. From a trend following perspective: Never fight the trend Never trade against the trend Try not to use personal opinions or emotions to make trading decisions Try to use price action and volume as the main indicators when making trading decisions
  5. @SkyAndy19790607, yes quite right. @PandaFace, taking decisions well in advance does not eliminate greed and emotion. @Caseynotes, I agree that targets are there to be broken. Trend followers love to see new 52 week highs. This means previous high (price target) has been broken. Why would a trend follower want to sell at this point? @PandaFace, trend followers will not agree with your thoughts of better to close for a small profit than hold long and get burnt. Trend followers want to let their winners run and will try not to take profits until that trend changes / reverses. Simply put it is about letting your winners run and not selling too early. I appreciate your views but as someone earlier on and I think it was @Caseynotes suggested that the answer to such a question really does depend on what your trading strategy is, what assets you are trading, what your goals / plans are and how you intend to meet those goals. This is anything but a simple answer. The key to answering this question is what is your trading style? Is it trend following or does it fit into any of the below? Momentum trading Swing Trading Intraday trading Trading on news Scalping The timeframe will be extremely important in deciding your exits.
  6. @PandaFace, otherwise there ends up being more threads for the sake of more threads. I think it would be beneficial to have discussions on Ripple with different posters on the same thread and people can join in as and when to the discussion. New threads will segregate the arguments and posts.
  7. Apologies @JamesIG, but Ripple has just overtaken Ethereum by market cap and is now the second largest Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Therefore the title of the thread could also be: Ripple Overtakes Ethereum to Become the Second Largest Cryptocurrency After Bitcoin The article below highlights this nicely: Ripple Passes Ethereum to Claim Number Two Ranking on CoinMarketCap https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-passes-ethereum-to-claim-number-two-ranking-on-coinmarketcap
  8. @Mitchell2012 and @Caseynotes, @Caseynotes is right. It all depends on your trading style and minds perspective. Someone trading using a trend following strategy would allow their winners to run and not sell too early. Now one does not have a crystal ball so how does one know not to sell too early? Well identifying if the there is a trend reversal. Well if you had an asset making making a lower low followed by a lower high, or a lower high followed by another move lower. @rimmy2000, is right in that one should know their exit price before they enter. However with trend following when in profit one would initiate a trailing stop loss. Even a normal stop loss that you manually amend should be sufficient if you are watching the price action. The stop loss will ensure should you identify a possible trend reversal and then you exit.
  9. @JamesIG, is it possible to amend the title of this thread to something like: Ripple - Price Action
  10. I have posted a link (below) to an article which I found very positive towards Ripple. Of course one must take with a pinch of salt such articles but it does make some very interesting points on why Ripple may succeed. The price action is telling a story for those who like or wish to read such stories! Why Ripple is said to be the next Bitcoin https://thenextweb.com/contributors/2018/09/21/why-ripple-is-said-to-be-the-next-bitcoin/
  11. Ripple is literally on fire at the moment and travelling like a rocket. It is over 20% up at the time of writing. The article below may be sometime to do with it. It seems the speculators are positioning themselves early so that they can sell when the herd arrive. Ripple Plan to Use XRP Sends Cryptocurrency Soaring https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-20/ripple-rallies-on-optimism-the-cryptocurrency-finds-a-home The chart above that I posted is obsolete already! It has broken through the 100 day moving average. This means not only speculators but trend followers will be entering. As the price increases the trend followers will buy more thus driving the prices up at least until next month when any potential announcements are made.
  12. New York University Offers Major in Blockchain Technology https://cointelegraph.com/news/new-york-university-offers-major-in-blockchain-technology
  13. Educators Turn to Blockchain with New Programs & Record-Keeping https://blockonomi.com/educators-turn-to-blockchain/
  14. Ripple continues its breakout and is up over 12% at the time of writing. Its above its 20 and 50 day moving averages which is positive. Trend followers and traders may consider long positions. If it crosses it 100 day moving average then Ripple could get very interesting. Ripple has one unique characteristic. It is more of a centralised cryptocurrency than a decentralised cryptocurrency based on the blockchain. Now some may argue this is not in Ripple's favour and others will differ. Only time will tell. Once must keep an open mind when entering the 'unknown' here. Please see chart below.
  15. Some of you may be interested in this following company which is involved in supporting early stage blockchain companies. It is also supporting the digital token economy. 'Tokenomics' as they are now calling it. It is listed on the NEX Exchange. The link to their website is below. https://www.coinsilium.com
  16. I just found this article which is from the head of PwC. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is the next big thing says PwC Blockchain Head https://ambcrypto.com/cryptocurrencies-and-blockchain-technology-is-the-next-big-thing-says-pwc-blockchain-head/
  17. For those who are familiar with my threads and posts will know that I am fond of Blockchain. Now as I started this thread for trading Carbon Emissions, I have a very special treat. How about this. Bringing Carbon and Blockchain together. Yes, thats right. I want to bring the following article to your attention. Solving The Carbon Problem One Blockchain At A Time https://www.forbes.com/sites/jemmagreen/2018/09/19/solving-the-carbon-problem-one-blockchain-at-a-time/#63355bb95f5e
  18. I have just read this and thought it would be relevant to this thread. Blockchain startup Ripple signs up PNC as a customer for its payment tech https://www.reuters.com/article/us-blockchain-ripple/blockchain-startup-ripple-signs-up-pnc-as-a-customer-for-its-payment-tech-idUSKCN1LZ1W9
  19. @JamesIG, Thanks ? @PandaFace, it is but quite funny too. ? You may ask why funny? Funny because IG are reactive rather than proactive. The Carbon price action and big move lasted around 12 months and there was nothing from IG. When I got time I started a post to bring awareness to the IG Community. Now IG could respond and say as it was a big article and so it took them a long time. Had they posted this earlier then those that were not aware of the price trend could have traded Carbon Emissions. By the way the short is on right now and there may be a further uptrend (more upside) in the time ahead if what is reported is true and accurate. I ask why it took IG 12 months to post something on Carbon Emissions when clearly it was one of the best performing 12 month trends in Commodities? I would have been impressed if this article had been posted within a month or three of the trend starting. These are full time analysts that work for IG and get paid.
  20. @PandaFace, the ETF chat has been delayed until late September 2018. We are fast approaching this if not already more or less there. I would expect some news on this near the last day of September or start of October. Yes the higher lows should they continue would be very positive. The key is that these higher lows need to continue going forwards as one could argue the long term trend is still down and intact. Specific cryptos need to cross above the 200 day moving average and stay above it.
  21. Ripple today was up around 20% at one point. It is up around 18% at the time of writing. I know people will ask why? There will be media stories trying to explain the move. I don't know the precise reasons for the move but rumours and they are just rumours are circulating that Ripple is about to announce something big next month and this was buying in advance of the news. The one thing my researched has established is that Ripple has exciting partnerships as is shown by its website below: https://ripple.com News flow is ok and I know a few stories have been released by the online media over the past few days.
  22. @JamesIG, I thought you were going to cross post the IG Carbon article on here?
  23. Bullish on Blockchain: Georgia Universities to Offer Fintech Degree Programs https://www.ccn.com/bullish-on-blockchain-georgia-universities-to-offer-dlt-degree-programs/
  24. @Caseynotes, if a recession comes then it really will be nothing new. We will see a drop / correction in the markets. History has seen this umpteen times and there is absolutely nothing to worry out from an investment / trading perspective. Use any recession to invest wisely and trade ruthlessly. There was a lot of value and money to be made from the last 'financial crisis'. If there is one in the future then it will be no different. I will be interested to see if Gold does go up in any significant way. I will also be interested to see if Bitcoin goes up more than Gold. If it does then it may be the start of any evidence that Bitcoin is becoming the 'digital gold' and the new store of value.
  25. @cryptotrader, normally when the media starts reporting that a hurricane will be arriving shortly (within weeks) the speculative money starts flowing in (early). This is even before the hurricane has even hit its forecasted target. This was evidenced by the price action of Orange Juice futures when the media were reporting on Hurricane Irma. From my experience once the hurricane has hit its intended target and the devastation is known you may see further upside if the damage is worse than predicted. However, after this point the selling begins and profits are taken so there is always a healthy correction / drop. When the damage is not as bad as expected and the predictions are way out then the selling more or less starts as soon as this is known which is pretty quick nowadays.