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  1. I just tested it for myself and Ripple appearing is a you cannot buy this market to open statement. This is very frustrating but James (IG Community Manager) has explained the reasons behind it. It looks like you could go short as in sell. At time of writing Ripple is up 10%+ so this is typical of IG.
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    Situation, I agree with your sentiments. I think Bitcoin will try and have another go at $20,000. My target for Bitcoin is $1 trillion market cap which means a price of around $48,000. Yes, there will be plenty of large corrections and drops along the way but that is my price target for Bitcoin. I am basing this on the attempt that Bitcoin is trying to become a digital store of value, safe haven asset like Gold. The virtual currency act has accepted that Bitcoin is an asset. I am basing it on limited supply of 21 million Bitcoins ever. As long as there is demand to physically acquire Bitcoin then the price will continue to increase as long as the long term holders do not start selling. The futures market is a bit of a red herring in my opinion and I am not sure how much of an influence it really has on the Bitcoin price. I am basing it on ETF's around the corner giving more people access to investing in Bitcoin. I am basing it on large amounts of institutional money still to come into Bitcoin. Ether is trying to consolidate around the $1,000 mark which is extremely encouraging. I think if the right news is announced during 2018 then Ether could double from here and look towards $2000. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance will play an important role and the quality of companies looking at using the Ethereum platform leads me to anticipate such a price.
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    Ripple Effect - After around 24 hours

    James (IG Community Manager) has responded to this matter on another post. In a nut shell, there are a few things that need to be signed off from the dealing desks in Singapore and other countries which means a slight delay in Ripple being available for them to trade.
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    Trading halt for crypto?

    Yes that is right. From Friday 10:00 pm to Saturday 8:00 am there is a 'freeze' or stop on all cryptocurrency trading. I accept this is frustrating as there could be a really big move in that period or a very important piece of news is released, etc. I think if there was enough demand to trade during these periods then IG would have to reconsider as it is actually a 24 hour market, 7 days week. IG have most probably noticed in the UK that trading is scarce is extremely limited during these hours and cannot justify offering the service to its clients during this period.
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    Online availability of AIM shares

    AIM listed shares are available on IG's spread betting platform. Whether all of them are I don't know but I would imagine the AIM shares most traded in terms of liquidity will most certainly be. It may be that illiquid shares are not. I don't know as there are around 1,000 companies listed on the AIM market.
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    Ripple Effect - After around 24 hours

    Yes Ripple is available on IG under the Cryptocurrency section where Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash are.
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    Stellar Lumens - Stellar returns for 2018

    James, thank you for your quick response. It is a shame. The battle between Ripple and Stellar is very intriguing. One is centralised and the other decentralised. One is targeting transactions between companies where as the other between individuals. Stellar originated from Ripple. Ripple just posted 38000% in 2017 and to trade it currently looks risky based on the current price action. However Stellar may have a lot of catching up to do in 2018 which is why I would like to think it will outperform Ripple. Stellar has interesting partnerships including the mighty IBM. Also SatoshiPay has teamed up with Stellar to use its platform ahead of IOTA and Bitcoin for its nano payments.
  8. I would like to urge IG to offer Stellar a.s.a.p. so that IG clients have a chance to participate in any big move that may materialise in 2018. It would be nice to actually profit with leverage from big returns like 38000% on Ripple (without leverage) on Stellar before such a massive move actually occurs. It would be a shame if Stellar was one of the best performing Cryptocurrencies of 2018 and then IG offer it to its clients in January 2019!
  9. I currently am invested in XBT Provider AB Bitcoin and Ether both in SEK and EUR. This is via Hargreaves Lansdown. I have looked for these products on the IG platform and cannot find them. They are Exchange Traded Notes (ETN's). I have noticed that you do offer both ETF's and ETN's for other products on your IG platform. Am I correct in assuming that they are not available? If so then may I ask that you seriously consider making them available for those who do not want to trade Cryptocurrencies but want to invest in them and hold over a longer period of time. It is challenging and giving Bitcoin Investment Trust (Grayscale) a run for its money. https://xbtprovider.com http://bitcoinist.com/unprecedented-new-bitcoin-account-opening-expected-launch-futures-contracts/ https://www.investopedia.com/news/bitcoin-etfs-are-next-line-after-futures/
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    SGD/USD pair

    I do not trade FX and nor do I have any experience in the SGD / USD pair but may I ask the reason why you are looking at trading SGD/USD pair? What specific reason has led you to this decision? When I looked at the USD / Singapore Dollar chart the only trade on is short but be careful that you have missed the majority of the move. I was looking at the 4 hour chart and there is no long trade on at the moment. I think understanding why this is happening will help you understand what sort of timeframe you could be looking at as there may be further to go downwards. Keep a tight stop loss as you are entering the trade late and looking at the monthly chart there may a possibility of a trend reversal coming.
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    Ripple - coming soon

    I assume IG SG is IG in Singapore. It could be that Ripple is only available for IG UK. Ripple is showing under 'Cryptocurrency' on the IG UK spread betting platform. Only James can clarify whether IG will be allowing non UK IG customers to trade Ripple in other countries.
  12. Please could IG consider adding Stellar Lumens (Cryptocurrency) to the platform?
  13. TrendFollower

    Cryptocurrency Mega Thread

    I have been calling for IG to offer Ripple for a while now and am screaming for IG to offer Stellar as it could see 'stellar' gains in 2018 and it would be nice if we could participate before the gains are made like in Ripple.
  14. Thank you James for your quick response. You provide an excellent level of service which is very much appreciated. I am afraid the alternative is the Bitcoin Investment Trust (Grayscale). However this trades to a premium against the NAV and I feel XBT offers a much better alternative with the options of EUR and SEK rather than BIT in USD. I am not aware of any other alternatives on the exchanges you suggest and I am certainly not aware of any on a UK exchange. I appreciate your last comment and would expect as much. I wonder if you can offer shares such as Coinsillium and Kryptonite 1 PLC both listed on UK NEX Exchange? I am invested in both and enjoying amazing returns on both but it would be far more with leverage via IG spread betting. Are you able to offer these?
  15. TrendFollower

    Ripple - coming soon

    Excellent James. About time. This is fantastic. It is a shame we all missed out on 38000% plus 'LEVERAGE' on top which makes me dizzy just thinking about the potential returns we have missed out on. 'STELLAR LUMENS' next please!
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    For me Bitcoin need to cross and stay above the $16142 level. This will be bullish for Bitcoin. Anything else and there could be a very super slow downtrend in play which is extremely unusual for Bitcoin as the media expects a big crash for Bitcoin. It would not surprise me if Bitcoin was to crash that it does so very slowly which would be the opposite of what the media is suggesting. However I am still positive for Bitcoin in 2018 but lets see.
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    I think both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are looking tired. I still think the long term trend is firmly on track for Bitcoin and I fully expect on positive news for Bitcoin to re-attempt $20,000.00. However, for now the smart money is being moved into Ripple, Ether and Stellar. I wish I could have spread bet with with leverage via IG's platform Ripple, Stellar and IOTA over the past few weeks, now and tomorrow onwards.
  18. Ripple and Litecoin are most welcome, especially Ripple. What annoys me is that IG are reactive rather than proactive. Ripple is the best performing Crypto is not asset in the whole of 2017 returning over 38000%. That is right over 38000% and this is not a typo. However IG clients were not able to participate in this ridiculous wealth creation. How about IG offering Stellar and IOTA, preferably before they too perform astonishingly well in 2018 and it would be nice to participate in such 'stellar' wealth creation!
  19. Right now Gold and Silver are looking very interesting. Precious metals in general are with Platinum and Palladium. The price action started turning positive mid December 2017. I think the long trade is on for precious metals.
  20. TrendFollower

    Gold, Silver and Precious Metals look interesting

    What is interesting about the current Gold price is that it is still below what the price was back in the first week or so in September 2017. I would want Gold to move above this price and then go above the mid July 2016 price before getting too exciting about Gold.
  21. TrendFollower

    Cotton - Strong Trend

    Cotton is approaching $80.00. There are fundamental reasons behind the move as I have touched upon before such as Hurricane in Florida amongst other things. Some have suggested 'Buy the Dip' strategy. As there has been a dip in the price action of Cotton and now it is hinting at a move upwards then it may be an opportunity for anyone to test such a strategy on Cotton. The risk is that the trend has been in play since middle of November 2017 and we have seen plenty of upside so we do not know how long the upward move is still to run. However, experience has taught me that trends last longer than we all think and it is important not to exit too early. We want to maximise out profit and minimise our losses. It is the falls that are quicker and more ruthless. The rise in a trend can last many weeks, months and years.
  22. Lumber is looking interesting at the moment. There seems to be support around the $41428 area. It finished with a buy price of ($45310) and sell price of (45250). Florida has certainly paid a part to the build up but I think that Canada will play a part in how this plays out going forward. https://www.woodbusiness.ca/industry-news/markets/2018-lumber-outlook-4684 I am thinking of a price target around the magical $50000. I would strongly recommend a stop loss of around $42685 or thereabouts. I am only presenting a potential trading idea for anyone who does not already have a position in Lumber. If Lumber continues to go up and towards $50000 then think about a trailing stop but if the trend reverses and then make sure you are out by your stop loss being executed. Until Lumber crosses $46000, this is still tricky but if it does then I would suggest it is a good opportunity to go long.
  23. James, I think if we all together can help build a strong IG Community, share ideas, thoughts and really help bring awareness to each other on trading / investing ideas and themes then this is time well spent. I think the most important thing is that everyone is polite to each other, not offensive, respect that we all will have different opinions and that based on the amount of experience some will have accumulated knowledge over time that can sometimes assist us above any media article (market noise) and even charts (showing what has happened - historical) but not necessarily show us what will happen next and in the future. I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2018. TrendFollower
  24. Ether is closely approaching the $1,000.00 price target that I had set earlier. It has just hit $933.10! I think it will hit $1,000.00 very quickly now in days if not within 24 hours. The money will attract to Ether like a magnet to ensure it hits this figure. I do expect a correction back to $800.00 - $900.00 range before trying again above $1,000.00 and then staying above it. However, this could just as easily go to $1,200.00 as is the madness in the Cryptocurrency arena.
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    Ripple - coming soon

    James, First of all thank you bringing Ripple to the IG Cryptocurrency platform. However, it is extremely frustrating seeing the 'coming soon' bit. I think many of us would much rather IG just show Ripple once it is ready for its clients to trade as having it show but not being able to trade it is both annoying and pointless. I do hope that Crypto's like Stellar, IOTA, Dash, etc. are all coming soon too. I think if IG can have at least the top five if not top ten by market cap available to trade on its platform then it will be extremely good to attract new clients and keep existing clients. All the best TrendFollower