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  1. @dmedin, I agree but from my personal experience of using IG over the past few years when such sharp moves come IG's platform and system seems to struggle for whatever reason.
  2. @Seyyub, Your question is what makes an index move? My answer is not small investors and traders like the majority here on IG and other platforms. Small retail traders do not make an index move. It is the large 'institutional' investors / traders which make an index move in my personal opinion.
  3. @Andreb8, When there are 'sharp' and 'quick' moves upwards or downwards then IG's system and structure should be able to handle it and it should not affect the traders experience. However, IG is a company who will want to ensure its risk management is robust and that they keep any of their losses to a minimum in this current bloodbath. There have been quite a few posts over the past few days about IG's system not working efficiently and though what we are experiencing is rare it does occur from year to year and it is a critical period of investing/trading and if the system does not work efficiently for the trader/investor then I worry about the overall risk for the consumer.
  4. I thought during this period of panic in world markets that risk assets would have dropped the most significantly. There are not many more riskier assets than Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. Now though Bitcoin has dropped what is interesting is that it has gone down significantly more less than US indices and other major indices around the world. This could be Bitcoin playing catch up and is about to tank or it could be that it is witnessing stronger save haven attributes than previously which are coming into play. If Bitcoin declines less than other major assets then it will be a positive and healthy sign for me. I am very intrigued in how Bitcoin's price behaves in a period of 'Risk Off'.
  5. @trade247, Yes it is indeed. Investors will be flocking at the exit and traders will be initiating new 'short' trades. Stop losses will be triggered and all the panic will be amplifying theme downwards. Dow experienced its largest single day drop ever!
  6. Right now with the way markets are performing one must keep an eye on Bonds and their yields. I have a feeling that we are about to see $1700 Gold very shortly and the Bond prices may give us a clue as to when this may occur as I anticipate them moving in tandem.
  7. What we are witnessing is a 'Fantastic Shorting Opportunity'. If we could this with the price action for Gold and Bonds and you can see the types of trades one could have executed to maximise their profit potential .
  8. When you look at Gold on the 'Monthly' and 'Weekly' then it seems like it is well on the way into a longer term bull run after a healthy consolidation. Gold's move will be a lot slower than other more racy Commodities so patience will be required but we are witnessing a move potentially towards $1700. This has to be the price target which Gold must hit at some point in the coming weeks and months.
  9. If you have a look at my post in this thread on 31 January then you will see what I was thinking.
  10. The US 500, US 100 and Wall Street along with all other major indices have dropped significantly over the past few trading days. The narrative being used is Coronavirus as being the trigger to exhaust the upward trend. We have had a fantastic shorting opportunity over the last couple of days from a trading perspective but as an investor once this latest correction is complete, it could present a fantastic opportunity from an investing perspective. I am expecting 3020's on the US 500 so let's see if the price action confirms my assumption.
  11. I like the 'Directional Movement' indicator. It is useful when looking at the direction the price is moving in and the strength in which it is moving in. For me trading in the direction of the trend can reduce risk and increase the 'odds and probabilities' of a successful and profitable trade. Of course there are no guarantees but it is all about increasing your chances in a trade.
  12. @dmedin, You make a valid point and it is certainly possible. Current fundamentals for Natural Gas are a glut in supply. This has been the case for many years now. So it certainly is bearish but it has been for many years now. I think looking at the fundamentals for the commodity you are trading can really help you understand the narrative behind the price moves. It can support or not support your trade and you can use it with the technicals to help you make more effective trading decisions. Some the key fundamentals for commodities are 'Demand', 'Supply' and 'Weather Conditions'. Also the US Dollar can play a part too. If you can see a strong narrative behind the price behaviour then it can reinforce the direction of the trade you look to execute.
  13. @dmedin, It is currently around 1850 but it is not acting right now like a strong trending downward asset. Nor is it screaming an excellent short based on more recent and current price action/behaviour. I think the majority of the downside is priced in. Of course it may go down but I am intrigued now to see what it does. From a fundamental perspective the cheaper Natural Gas gets the greater the demand potential becomes as it becomes cheaper than other energy alternatives.
  14. @dmedin, Let us see exactly how much gas is left in the tank. Just be careful as Natural Gas can be extremely volatile and turn when you least expect. It is a very difficult asset to trade.
  15. @nachonachoman, Hey have a look at my Artificial Intelligence threads. You may find them of interest. AI funds have been spectacular in my investment portfolio. They really have delivered in the last few years and helped to turbo charge my portfolio performance.
  16. @dmedin, Natural Gas was a good short from November 2019 onwards. The bulk of the move has come and gone. Of course there may be more to come but I think the majority of drop has occurred.
  17. @dmedin, When you zoom out and look at Oil on a 'Monthly' and 'Weekly' timeframe then it seems like it is trying to consolidate. Whether it does not or time will be determined by the price action.
  18. @dmedin, I can see short term Natural Gas going down to around the 1820 price level.
  19. @Senzo, Ah apologies. I see you meant charts. I see that now. 😃
  20. @bapu1, There are two words which any serious trader must not rely on and they are 'Luck' and 'Hope'. Those two words can help a gambler but a trader requires a plan, a strategy, a system, experience, knowledge, skills, etc.
  21. @Senzo, Do you mean is there a thread in relation to Fibonacci Retracement on IG Community forum? It is certainly mentioned on many different threads and you can set up one up if you wish. I have searched under 'Fibonacci' and there are a few threads if that is what you are referring to. If you use the 'Search box with the magnifying glass' on the top right of the screen then some of these will come up. Apologies if you are referring to something else and I have misunderstood.
  22. @TipTop, I am too. Trading in the right direction is crucial to my trading strategy based on trend following principles. You make an interesting point. I must admit I at the moment apply it to those assets I am monitoring the price action on. Some of them I will be trading and others waiting for certain signals/indicators to hit my criteria. I am not sure how you would be able to apply it to whole markets before entering the charts but I can see why you are asking the question. I too would be interested if this is possible but I don't think it is, certainly not on IG's UK Spread Betting platform.
  23. @cajeiwunze, If you have already seen this then please accept my apologies. Options trading https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading What are options and how do you trade them? https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading/what-are-options-how-do-you-trade-them
  24. It seems my 'blue rectangle' trade is still on course. If I have called this right in terms of 'directional trade' then it will be very profitable and if I have called it wrong then your stop loss should get you out. This has the potential to be a very profitable 'shorting' opportunity.