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  1. @Xtian, Unfortunately the DRIP option is not available on IG. I accept this is disappointing for those who really want this option. This question keeps on constantly appearing. There are other threads on this very question where you will find more detail. If you type 'DRIP' or 'Dividend Reinvestment' in the search box and press enter then you should find other threads with this very question.
  2. @tombarrow, I answered some of the points from your post on the other thread.
  3. @tombarrow, On IG's UK Spread Betting platform there are quite a few Commodities that have both the 'Spot' and 'Futures' option available trade. There are some where just 'Spot' is available and others where 'Futures' is just available. You will have to go through them to ascertain which they are. If you look at Precious Metals then they all have a 'Spot' and 'Futures' option. I suppose there is more liquidity from a markets / trading perspective which could possibly be the reason for this. Yes there is overnight funding for 'Spot'. You are right 'Futures' do not have overnight funding but the spreads are less attractive. No overnight funding will not be displayed on the trade. IG will inform you of the charges by sending you a daily statement which includes them. You can alternatively go to the charges / cost section and try and work out the charges yourself.
  4. Are we going to see and experience 'Mean Reversion'? What do people on the IG Community think? I will include the 'Daily' chart zoomed out as much as possible below.
  5. Data is going to be the new Gold going forwards. Data will be Key and Data will be king. Storing data more securely and more efficiently will be critical. I appreciate Cloud storage is the 'in thing' right now but storing data using Blockchain is starting to be discussed. It could make it far more cost effective. Some of the key concepts for storing data using Blockchain is that this data can be stored forever and cannot be altered or tampered with. It is tamper proof. For audit purposes this is very important. I think the following article will explain my points above nicely. How data storage will shift to blockchain https://www.networkworld.com/article/3390722/how-data-storage-will-shift-to-blockchain.html
  6. All the Cryptocurrencies are declining in price today pretty strongly as we are all accustomed to. However Bitcoin is proving to be more defensive and resilient as is only 2.5% down against others which are 8% and 11% down. Bitcoin is the strongest and main 'Infinity Stone' of the Crypto Universe. If it can stay above $5000 level then it will be extremely healthy and positive for Bitcoin going forwards.
  7. I am getting a lot of messages asking which markets I think are trending. Well all three of the major US indices are trending upwards - Dow Jones, S&P and Nasdaq. Bitcoin is trending upwards. Lumber and Orange Juice are trending downwards. I could go on and on. This is where you must conduct your own research, dedicate some serious time to identify trends and put some effort in. There is no easy or magic solution to making profits. When assets within specific markets are trending strongly then they can provide the best returns whether that be going 'Long' or going 'Short'. Rather than respond to many messages I have received recently, I find it easier to post a generic message here which saves me a lot of time as I know that many of you are following this and my other threads. Now people are asking me should they go 'Long' on the S&P 500. Well if it is making new higher highs then why not? Yes it would be risky but at least you would be trading with the trend rather than against it. You could patiently wait for the next drop before entering. The S&P could continue just to go higher and higher making new highs, though I do not know this will in fact happen. In terms of Bitcoin all I would say to those who have messaged me is to look at the price action, look at the trend, look back at this thread and some of the trend following principles included and use it amongst other things such as your own research, trading plan, own thinking, etc. to make an informed trading decision. What I will not do is tell anyone on the IG Community what to trade and when. I do not have a crystal ball and nor can I tell the future. Yes, I will have ideas, gut feelings / instincts, thoughts but I will not advise anyone else what to trade, how to trade and when to trade. I will merely share potential trading ideas or my own trades and others will have to make up their own minds. Trend Following as been around for many years. It has died many times. It has re-emerged many times. I have no doubt that it will die and reappear again going forwards. Trading with the trend rather than against it makes sense to me. It is as simple as we want to make it.
  8. @dmedin, Thank you for sharing this. A very interesting article. Wow, it is a lot of Gold!
  9. @dmedin, It sure has. The trend has been strong during the past quarter. I tried to short the S&P 500 before Christmas but got my timing very wrong and certainly did not anticipate the type of uptrend we have witnessed. I made a loss on that trade which is no surprise but I did have a winning position that was getting stronger. The reason why I set this thread up was to share a live trade with the IG Community. If you go back to the beginning you will see my rationale behind the trade and the motive of sharing will come across. I wanted to share a live trade with the IG Community and I shared this and also a long trade on Gold which is on a different thread. A lot of people post comments, links to websites or articles, charts, charts with lots of lines, but I wanted to actually share live trades with the IG Community. It was not important whether it was a successful trade or not. In my case my long Gold trade was successful and my short S&P trade was not. The key was the mechanism via the IG Community to be able to share live real time trades.
  10. One important thing to remember is that upwards trends can last a lot longer than one envisages.
  11. Some of you may find this infographic particularly useful:
  12. Both Gold and Silver are giving away most of the price increases they delivered over the recent weeks and months. In my personal opinion this indicates two things. The first is that the reasons why Gold and Silver were going up have now changed or the timescales have changed. The second is that the speculative capital involved in both has made its money and is now taking profits and shifting to other assets which it is targeting.
  13. Gold needs negative news. Gold needs bearish news. Otherwise the price action is telling the narrative of what is likely to continue happening going forwards in the short term.
  14. @hollysb, This question has arisen time and time again on the IG Community. You are right IG does not offer DRIP. No, you would not be able to contact the company itself and set up a DRIP. If only! You would have to use another broker / platform that did offer DRIP facilities to take advantage of this.
  15. @Markokucic, Have a look at this. https://www.ig.com/uk/marketing-partnership https://www.ig.com/uk/marketing-partnership/marketing-partnership-compensation-plan So to answer your question, yes they do.
  16. Bitcoin Cash is really struggling to stay above $300 level at the moment. It has had two big goes recently and failed. If it could crack the $300 level then I can see it having the potential to go all the way up to $400 without much resistance.
  17. It is reported in the online media that Charlie Lee has announced that his team are working on a solution which is going to make Litecoin more fungible by adding confidential transactions and collaborating with Bean for Mimblewimble implementation. The article below will help explain this far better than I can. Litecoin and the fungibility problem of ‘tainted’ crypto https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/litecoin-and-the-fungibility-problem-of-tainted-crypto
  18. Following on from my previous post I wanted to share the following (yes it is old but makes the point nicely): Perception, Probability, and Skill https://www.turtletrader.com/pdfs/perception.pdf
  19. Keeping to the theme of providing credible sources on an international level I though it would be good to share the following from the International Monetary Fund (IMF): World Economic Outlook, April 2019 - Growth Slowdown, Precarious Recovery https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WEO/Issues/2019/03/28/world-economic-outlook-april-2019
  20. Carbon Emissions is still trying to show strength whilst Natural Gas is plummeting due to bloating!
  21. @Caseynotes, Thanks for this. Yes, I did miss it so thanks for sharing.
  22. I wanted to take this opportunity to share this chart which shows how a 'Short' trade on Lumber would have been profitable for those traders who had taken such an opportunity over the last 12 months.
  23. Is there anyone on the IG Community that is either 'Long' Sugar or 'Short' Sugar? It can be either New York or London.
  24. What we have just witnessed is what is called a 'Golden Crossover' for Bitcoin. This is when the 50 DMA and 200 DMA cross during an upward move. From reports I have read this is the first time this has happened since October 2015 which I did not realise. Apparently analysts consider this indicator as an advanced warning on stronger price gains in the long term. I would want to see any data or evidence on why the analyst think this. So I will take that with a pinch of salt. No doubt for those following this thread you may be wondering what does this mean for Bitcoin? Well this crossover represents a trend change from bearish too bullish. So from a 'Trend Following' perspective this is a very important signal. Now I am an advocate of moving averages and I use them a lot. However, one must always remember that moving averages are backward looking. So for example the 50 DMA would represent one and a half months in the past and the 200 DMA would represent price action which is six months old. Yes that is right, six months old. Bitcoin is making higher highs and higher lows. I personally would want to see a pullback which would show strength in this latest rally rather than it simply rocket to ridiculous levels which are unsustainable. Now another thing to bear in mind is that Bitcoin is showing overbought levels and I appreciate different traders will use this in different ways when making trading decisions.
  25. Well just after 22 hours from my previous post it seems the S&P 500 has followed suit. The Nasdaq 100 is making new higher highs. The Dow should in theory catch up and make a new high shortly. After that it is anyone's guess what happens next.