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  1. @elle, This is more like it. Thank you. You make a very interesting and important point here. I was speaking to someone (cannot disclose name) but is a more experienced investor / trader than me and he was emphasising to me the significance of out of hours trading. It is not something I am involved in but you make a very valid and in my view an important observation here. It will be interesting to see if going forwards this out of hours price behaviour repeats itself or any other patterns emerge.
  2. @elle, It may just be me but I find your posts at times difficult to follow as it is not always clear to me. However, it may just be me and others may be following them just fine. If you had just stated the above in the post then it would just make more sense rather than others merely assuming and at times coming to the incorrect assumptions. Just a thought so see what you think. It may just be me! @elle, I try and follow as many posts as I can and I am getting a lot of personal messages and people contacting me plus posts on my threads so it is like a full time job! I am doing the best I can but there are times when I simply cannot dedicate the time (though I would like to) on the IG Community. I try not to ignore any posts to me but equally there may be some or even many that slip through the net as I am sure you can appreciate. As I have stated I do not find your posts very clear and do not want to make assumptions that could be simply wrong so I find it difficult to respond to your posts but that is just me. This live trade and also my live trades with Gold and Silver are just something I am merely sharing with the IG Community. I am not obliged to and nor do I get any incentive to do so. There are not many others who are openly sharing their live trades with the IG Community and nor should they be expected or required to do so. This is my personal choice so I accept I will get positive and negative comments. I hope many appreciate it. Equally I have many other trades which I am not sharing with the IG Community. One final note, the points up or down updates are just that. They are not actual profits or losses until actually taken. The latest position on this specific trade is as follows: Short opened on 20/12/2018 at 13:30 is up around 25 points at time of posting. Short opened on 27/12/2018 at 07:57 is down around 25 points at time of posting. Overall with both positions combined I am around break even but this is fluctuating both on the profit side and loss side constantly due to the volatility. Now obviously at a time when I was up I think 140 points from just the first short opened it is a turn around but this is the extreme volatility in play at the moment.
  3. @Demoni1 and Guest humbleTrader, Yes the VWAP indicator is not on the main IG platform itself. It would be useful to explain to how you intend to use it and how it would benefit your trades to the IG Community if possible. This would then present a more meaningful case to IG to try and include it. One assumes they have a reason for not including it or do they?
  4. @MFG, Welcome to the IG Community and congratulations for the taking the time and effort is submitting your first post. I would have liked to have shorted Oil but did not but it was in my opinion a great short trade so well done for actually shorting. However, I think the bulk of the move has occurred so opening a short now would represent a larger risk in my opinion. Also the risk/reward is less favourable now than it was a few months ago. I am trying to ignore all the 'market noise' in terms of news channels, media publications, investment channels and online websites and just trade based on trends, price action, volume, etc. Price action alone will determine whether this trade is profitable for me or not.
  5. @elle, A comment like, "haha" is meaningless and adds very little value. My live trade whether successful or not is a live trade to share with the IG Community. The next post a clip of Kenny Rogers song. Again add some comment, thoughts or opinions into the post as otherwise it adds very little value.
  6. @Stewart, My trade was going great until the large rally the other day. What I did not factor in was the magnitude and size of the rally. To be honest due to the sharpness and quickness of the drop I should have expected such a large rally. I think the longer term trend is downwards. Yes there may be a few days until we hit 2019 where there will be lots of profit taking, short covering and even possibly new longs entering the market. This will cause the price to appreciate which is expected. The bigger and sharper the downward trend then bigger the relief rallies are going to be. It will require 'nerves of steel', patience and a clear strategy with discipline to navigate through such extreme volatility. Yes, I agree with you that it may be painful to continue to hold but I intend to hold until the trend clearly reverses. If this was to happen then I will accept that I got the trade wrong and move on. I will let the price action determine my actions and we are not at trend reversal stage yet. It could be that my trade is correct but my timing is wrong. You can have two traders trading the same asset and both have different positions and be right. Anyone long just before the huge increase would be correct in a short term or day trade. I think the volatility is extreme at the moment and the price swings are becoming more frequent in this volatile period. Would it have been better to wait until after the New Year and then enter? Possibly, but I saw a good entry point which it was until the large 1000 point upward Dow move took place! I am living and breathing the price action at the moment on this trade as it is my biggest risk trade but also the greatest reward trade. From a risk/reward perspective the profit potential per point using leverage is very attractive.
  7. There are few points I would like to make regarding this short trade: The 'Volume' on down days is higher than volume on up days The 'Parabolic SAR' is supporting a short trade The price is below the 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA. The 20, 50 and 100 are all moving downwards and the 200 seems to be approaching that type of directional movement Momentum is supporting a short trade However the current risk on this short trade is that the rally is so big that it triggers my stop loss before the next leg down. Normally from my experience all major downtrends in major markets will look for a 'double bottom' and price confirmation which has not happened yet. I would be surprised if the recent low is not at least tested and could well be breached. The one thing I am weary of is not to listen to the media as they do have a 'bias' and I must ensure I ignore the 'market noise' and ignore what the 'so called' experts are predicting and allow the price action to dictate any decision making going forwards.
  8. Silver is now trading above its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA. The 20 DMA is moving upwards, the 50 and 100 DMA are moving sideways though 50 DMA seems as if it wants to creep upwards. The 200 DMA which has just been hit moving downwards. What I would like to see to add further strength into this trade is all four of 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA all moving upwards. So though the price is above all four of these moving average timeframes, the trend will be strong if they were all moving upwards in direction which they are not in this moment. Gold is different. Its price is also above the 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA and it got there before Silver. The difference is that Gold's 20, 50 and 100 DMA are all now moving upwards which is extremely positive. Its 200 DMA is moving downwards but if this begins to move upwards the strength of the trend will be beautiful for Gold. It really will begin to shine. So we are not quite there yet on both Gold and Silver but certainly heading in the right direction. Now some may ask why not wait for the above before entering the trade. Yes that would be a valid entry point but I wanted to get into the trade as early as I could and it met my personal entry point indicators. The above for me will be trend and trade confirmation at its best.
  9. Latest update is as follows: My Gold trade is up 26 points so the same as yesterday. However, it is my Silver trade which has played catch up as predicted and is now up 53 points.
  10. Some extreme volatility at the moment. Some of the most I have seen over the past few days on the S&P 500. I think this Christmas period will be very volatile with less volume. This seems like it is a massive short covering rally which is likely to be bigger than normal due to sharp and large recent drop downwards.
  11. @PandaFace, No problem. You can follow some of my live trades that I am sharing with the IG Community, not all of course! You can follow my 'Short S&P 500' trade and 'Long Gold and Silver' trades on the various threads. These are live trades so you may find them of interest.
  12. I mentioned back in September 2018 about going long on both Live Cattle and Feeder Cattle. Here is today's chart on Live Cattle. Here is the chart for Feeder Cattle. Looking at the charts the more effective trade would be to go 'Long Live Cattle' and 'Short Feeder Cattle' or just simply 'Long Live Cattle' only. Live Cattle may not be one of the 'sexy' Commodities to trade or the one reported in the media or the news channels like Bloomberg and CNBC which is why it is the more effective trade as it is away from most of the 'market noise' out there.
  13. @cryptotrader, I would only be net neutral if the amount I was long from an investment perspective was the same as the amount I was short on the trading perspective. Even then due to leverage on the short trade I would still not be net neutral. I will be exiting my short trade on Bitcoin when there is a clear bottom and trend reversal. So I have an exit plan which is more shorter term than the investment plan which is to hold the Bitcoin long position unless my stop loss kicks in at just above break even level which gives me a small profit after covering all costs. If Cryptocurrencies were going to fail which I do not think they will but if they were then the last one to fail would be Bitcoin. It would be the 'Last Coin Standing'. However, I am positive on Cryptocurrencies going forward and think that once it bottoms around the $1k - $2k levels then a lot more capital is going to enter and invest in these lower levels taking it up a lot higher.
  14. @cryptotrader, I have openly said that I am not a fan of Gold either. However, on this occasion there has been a scenario where the 'Fundamentals' have been supported by the 'Technicals' and we are in a bullish trend in both Gold and Silver where Gold is making new 'Higher Highs'. I am trading it from a price action and trend perspective. I have a live trade on another thread called 'Potential Long Gold Trade' so feel free to keep up to date with how I am doing.
  15. @cryptotrader, No it was not an event that I managed to trade over. However, Venezuela, has been an interesting point of reference within the Cryptocurrency circles as it highlights the weaknesses of the 'Fiat Currency' system and ineffective monetary policy in relation to economic policies. Bitcoin is worth more in Venezuela than the Venezuelan Bolivar!
  16. After what I personally think was a 'short covering rally' of gigantic proporations yesterday I have taken the opportunity to add to my short position. I see 'Lower Lows' being formed which is extremely important when trading a strong trend with a heavy downward bias. Also, I like to see 'Lower Lows' to confirm the short trade I am executing. I added another position to my short trade at 2456.77. So my two short positions on the S&P 500 are at the following prices: 2506.91 2456.77 I will add to positions as the price moves in my favour 'pyramiding' upwards/downwards depending on whether I am long/short and building up positions to maximise my profits. There is nothing quite like the IG Community following a live trade from an IG Community Member. I hope the IG Community take advantage of this which is being offered to them for 'free' at no cost to them. I will now see if we have any similar large 'short covering rallies' going forwards as they may provide opportune moments to add to my position.
  17. Right now I have think the trends on the Cryptocurrencies that IG offer on its platform are downwards. There still remains a strong downward bias and the recent rally has not changed my view on that. I think what we have just witnessed is most likely a 'short covering rally'. I think we will continue to see downwards pressure and movement with the odd rally here and there. I think there will be another major leg downwards and I see Bitcoin hitting between $1k to $2k and this should be in my opinion the bottom of this huge retracement from the high. This move will 'weed out the rubbish' and then we should see the asset class really improve and kick on going forwards. I think this was necessary as there were too many companies built on 'hype' and 'thin air' set up and these needed to be removed from the eco-system.
  18. @Goldenbull, Though I do not really trade FX markets I will occasionally do so on the odd occasion here and there depending on any strong prevalent trend. I do follow the GBR/INR and USD/INR as well as GBP/USD and GBP/EUR. Now unfortunately 'Slippage' is something one has to factor in when trading on platforms like IG. Unfortunately it comes with the package so one must include this in their trading plan / trading strategy. For those readers on IG Community that do not understand 'Slippage' it is when a trader places an order but it is executed by IG at a less favourable rate. I have experienced this when using 'Stop Losses' with IG. 'Slippage' tends to occur more in my experience when markets are volatile and is not just confined to FX trading. The two key ingredients in 'Slippage' are Volatility and Execution Speeds. Sometimes when you need to get out of an order then it may be favourable to pay 'Slippage' but it is something one must seriously consider when putting together and testing their trading system.
  19. My Gold trade is up 26 points at time of posting. My Silver trade is up 32 points at time of posting.
  20. As you can see from my post above, I could see $15.00 coming. I stated as much on Monday and it is now Wednesday and Silver delivers above $15.00. Gold will now go for $1280. It will then go for $1290. If it hits $1300 then the new longs will enter, speculators will jump in and trend followers will add to their positions taking Gold even higher. Whilst the US Government shutdown continues the outlook will remain positive for Gold and Silver.
  21. @Exhale_Trading, yes Google Finance used to offer this but do not anymore. @igungho, You may want to consider the following (cannot guarantee that they will still work) for the US stock market. Yahoo Finance Alpha Vantage IEX Finam Stooq You may also want to consider the following for the US markets: NetFonds Duckascopy The above are all free options which I assumed you were asking about. You may also wish to consider the following: http://eoddata.com/Projects/Intraday.aspx http://www.kibot.com https://www.quantstart.com/articles/Downloading-Historical-Intraday-US-Equities-From-DTN-IQFeed-with-Python https://www.tickdata.com/equity-data/
  22. @mahaharx, I am pretty sure you cannot on IG UK. It is the normal Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Visa and Mastercard on both Debit Cards and Credit Cards. Also bank transfer. Now you state you are from the Philippines but are you looking to open an account in the UK? Or are you looking at opening an account in the Philippines? @JamesIG, yet another example where my idea of having the country the trader has opened account from showing on the IG Community. Different questions will arise from different traders based in different jurisdictions around the world. Unless some of us ask the question it is not clear and therefore the chances increase of providing incorrect answers. For example it is possible that someone answers in relation to IG UK where as the question may have been for IG Philippines. I am starting to see this more and more.