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  1. Here comes the range Chris mentioned on his recent IG post.
  2. So Craig Wright is suggesting he is Satoshi according to a SEC filing. Bitcoin is approaching its first month since July 2018 where it could end in positive territory. Is this the end of the bear market in Cryptocurrencies? At this moment in time the long term trend in Cryptocurrencies offered on IG's platform is still downwards. These rallies in the past have been great in 'suckering' people in. I was one of them when some of my indicators were hit for Stellar and Ripple and I made losses on both of those trades. I have not gone long since from a trading perspective though I am still long on Bitcoin from an investment perspective since the $2000 levels which I executed over two years ago. Bitcoin needs to cross $4,000 first and foremost before any meaningful discussion or debate can take place in terms of future price behaviour for this asset. If it does not then there is always the possibility for further downside movement leading to another new low for Bitcoin et al.
  3. @Chris Beauchamp, You have stated the following in your latest posting on Gold today on IG's main home page: Gold returns to January peak The gold price has moved back to the $1326 highs seen three weeks ago. From here the price will break into the $1326-$1365 range from the first few months of 2018. Intraday pullbacks towards $1316 are likely to find support. You state 'WILL' break... I am not suggesting you are wrong and I actually agree that I think it is likely to hit such levels. However, may I ask if possible if you could provide more analysis and detail behind such strong convictions as otherwise there is very little value in what you state. 'Will' is a very strong word which infers it will definitely occur and I am sure many of us will agree that the markets do not always behave like one expects.
  4. If Gold continues its upward trajectory then I am expecting a sharp spike in Silver very soon. Silver has a lot of catching up to do!
  5. A lot of people have messaged me asking if I think they should initiate a long position now? I cannot answer this as my personal view is that the US indices will see some form of major correction which will be a great shorting opportunity. I am waiting for this on the side lines as on my previous shorting attempt my timing was out and I made a loss so it was a failed trade. My short started off very well but my timing meant that when this rather quick and large rally came my trade was caught up in it. What I have been doing is day trading on the 'long' side the US indices. The reason why I am day trading is so that I am consistently and regularly taking my profits and a few losses. Also I believe that the trend is showing signs of 'exhaustion' and 'weakness' so there could be a turning point soon but I do not know if this will happen or if it does then exactly when. Critical junctures are coming so the price action will tell us the future narrative. Therefore at this moment in time based on price action alone any short term trades would be in my personal opinion on the long side as my trading philosophy is not to go against the trend regardless of my personal emotions and beliefs. @Caseynotes posted something very interesting and useful showing how long bull markets last compared to bear markets for US and it means any major trend reversal if it happens will be sharp and quick in terms of timescales when compared against any bullish upward trends. I personally do not feel comfortable from a risk perspective to keep any new 'long' positions on US indices open for a longer period of time hence why I am day trading as if any of the trades go against me on a particular day then I have cut my losses quickly.
  6. It seems Gold has just broken its previous recent high. It still seems intent on making new higher lows and higher highs. Silver will have plenty to catch up on but Gold is certainly taking the lead and playing the tune in this rally rather than Silver. Historically this tends to be the case more often than not.
  7. If there is to be a positive announcement in relation to the US-China trade talks then until any confirmed announcement to this degree is released by the media the US indices could just continue to go up. 'Anticipation - Price Action' The trade here could be 'Buy the rumour - Sell the news' strategy. Right now the trade is 'long' on US indices and certainly not short.
  8. Gold seems poised to make a move on its next leg upwards and seems to be leading the way with Silver trying to play catch up. It seems Silver is following Gold's lead. Gold finished around $1321 and Silver $15.74.
  9. Apparently Italian Bonds (especially long dated over short dated) over value. Italy's Most Beaten-Up Bonds Are Place to Be for NatWest, HSBC https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-12/italy-s-longer-dated-debt-is-place-to-be-for-natwest-and-hsbc I personally am interested in Germany Bonds and potentially UK and US Bonds should they teeter on a recessionary phase. Also I have more confidence in Germany, UK and US Bonds over Italian Bonds. With Brexit and turmoil in the EU another Greece is just waiting to happen.
  10. @Caseynotes, yes it does. We are seeing this in dramatic fashion right now. If you look at Natural Gas, Orange Juice and Lumber charts over the past couple of years then you will see the long move upwards and the sharp and quick correction downwards.
  11. @Caseynotes, That was very interesting. As I am have stated in many posts strong upward trends can last a lot longer than one thinks. Generally downward trends last a lot less, are more quicker and sharper.
  12. @Dantro, By having a stop loss strategy you should know your exit before you enter the trade. Have a look at indicators such as volume (is it increasing along with the price action), momentum, RSI, moving averages, etc. Use all of these and others to help you make an informed decision. Why is the particular asset moving in the direction it is. Use Oscilators for potential entry points when you have identified a trend. What moving averages are you looking at from a time perspective? Even after applying all of the above you can still lose on a trade if your timing is wrong. Trading is supposed to be extremely difficult and anyone who suggests otherwise is wrong. It will require a large capital buffer, patience, discipline, effort, etc. The hardest thing to do as a trader is nothing. Sometimes merely waiting patiently for the right opportunity to trade based on trends is hard if you are 'trigger happy'.
  13. In my personal experience when I see yields on Bonds declining it means that Bond prices are rising. This activity over a prolonged period can sometimes be a signal of a potential recession around the corner. UK Bond prices will be very interesting over the coming weeks and months. If this is to play out like I think it will then the price behaviour on Bonds and Gilts can be added to my 'decision making basket' so that it can assist me along with many other indicators as to when the market may begin to decline in anticipation of a serious recession.
  14. Bank of England crimps investors’ rate expectations https://www.ft.com/content/4878173e-2ad9-11e9-a5ab-ff8ef2b976c7
  15. German Buxl up 115 points today at the time of writing. There were some really big and noticeable price rises today on the Bond market. The institutions will be shifting and allocating a proportion of capital from the super rich and wealthy investment portfolio's into Bonds. I think we are seeing that shift gather pace. It has been gradually happening slowly over the past 12 months but I think as Brexit and political turmoil around the world takes shape then it will be more obvious and apparent. I would expect the Precious Metals market to move in tandem and more specifically Gold but this is an assumption and I shall wait for the price behaviour to either confirm or reject such an assumption.
  16. If one looks at the German Bund chart then it looks very interesting indeed. The trend is upwards and the price action is supporting this over the past 12 months which could possibly mean there has been a shift in capital and strategy for some of the largest players in the bond market. The price is trading above its 20, 50, 100 and 200 day moving averages. The German Buxl is also showing encouraging price action over the past 12 months. The UK Long Gilt has spiked up over the past month and so too has the French OAT and German Bobl. If you then compare this with the 3 month Eurodollar price action then it begins to tell a narrative of what may be starting to happen with a shift in capital towards precious metals and bonds. Once Brexit and US-China trade talks are concluded then certain economies around the world may begin to unravel and head towards recession. If this were to happen then Bond and Gilt prices may be a key indicator in terms of how they behave and react.
  17. Gold and Silver have dropped below the levels I mentioned on Tuesday at 21:09.
  18. Not that I am aware of. It would be great though. 😀
  19. @rwolst, You could try contacting customer services either through chat, e-mail or phone.
  20. @elle, Yes agree. Trend is your friend until there is a bend.
  21. Paths can change. I am not suggesting they will but destinations can change due to bumpy roads or traffic. At the moment it does seem onwards and upwards. As the longer term trend was down I did not go long on the US indices as I did not want to go against the longer term trend in play. It looks like the major US indices are on course to test their 52 week high. It would be a brave trader to trade against this strength. Contrarian trades are extremely difficult but if timed right can be hugely profitable in a shorter time period than the upward trend that took place previously.
  22. There I was thinking the trend is weakening! Trends can last a lot longer than one thinks. The question is whether the US-China trade deal being done is priced into the markets. If it is then we could see a drop in prices once the deal is announced as the current price action could be anticipating the deal being done. It is clear that news being released by the US media (driven by the US Government) is dictating the price action of US indices right now and it is very wise to never go against the trend so opening a short right now is an absolute no.
  23. At the moment Gold seems to be holding above that $1306 level and Silver that $15.65 level. Â