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  1. Why change your name from Oilfxpro to EA-trader? As they say in Dragons Den, "I am out", and I shall not be responding or discussing anything with you. Best of luck in your discussions. This is my last communication with you. All the best.
  2. Thank you @JamesIG. I think we can all have a discussion about different strategies we may use to trade. We can even discuss different types of trend following and how we make decisions based on price indicators. We can discuss trading strategies, etc. I think one must be very careful in offering IG Community free trading systems, etc. It is a very grey area. That is dark grey!
  3. @JamesIG, thanks for this. Much appreciated and an excellent opportunity for IG Community to help influence IG on its next crypto offering. ?
  4. Yes, @JamesIG, is correct. Below is a link for tax on dividends held outside an ISA. https://www.gov.uk/tax-on-dividends Dividends held within an ISA is outside of the dividend allowance. It is also tax free so that is the beauty for income investors using ISA's.
  5. I really do hope that we see the likes of Stellar and IOTA soon on IG's cryptocurrency platform. This is a good idea. Asking the IG Community to advise IG which crypto asset they are most interested in. It makes sense as they are the foundation of the company as without them IG would not make money or profit. One of my biggest issues with IG was that if offered Ripple only after the mammoth, gigantic, crazy move upwards had more or less finished. Now that is fine as there was money to be on the short side. One could also use leverage on a spread bet and really maximise the fall in Ripple. If you see one of my previous posts then you will see that I had use another platform that offered Ripple. If IG want to be market leading then it is to act first before the competition and be proactive and lead the way. IG need to have a offering where it offers the top 10 by market cap and then in the future maybe even the top 20. Now I know this is a long way away but crypto trading is really gaining some momentum. With the likes of RobinHood and Revolut offering cryptos, it is only a matter of time before this is being seen more and more. Well done to IG for offering its clients the chance to influence which cryptos IG may offer on its platform next. It is very much appreciation and a shrewd but sensible move.
  6. Orange Juice has hit $17092 so getting very close the level which I mentioned in my previous post. From a technical perspective it looks as if there could be a breakout. Orange Juice is looking very 'sweet' right now with lots of potential but that is what it is right now. The price action needs to confirm any assumptions that one may make. If there is a breakout then the strength of the trend will be of importance.
  7. @JamesIG, the link below may be of interest to you and others. Universities Racing to Provide Lectures on Crypto: Opportunities and Pitfalls https://cointelegraph.com/news/universities-racing-to-provide-lectures-on-crypto-opportunities-and-pitfalls
  8. If Lumber drops below $51400 price area then for me the only move is being short. Over the past couple of years Lumber has shown an extremely strong upward trend. In fact it has been one of the strongest trends around the world. When looking at moving averages, I think for Lumber, one needs to look are more long term moving averages due to the length of time of the trend which has been a couple of years. Now this could be a mere large correction before the trend resumes upwards. At this stage one simply does not know. So one trading idea could be to go short and if the trend reverses back to its long term move upwards then one can always go long again. Another trading idea would be to exit any long position, take profits, and sit on the sidelines to establish if it is a large correction and if so and Lumber resumes its move back upwards then to re-enter. This way profits have been taken.
  9. I shall be keeping an eye on Orange Juice this week. If it breaks the $17100 area then it could well get very interesting.
  10. Someone has selected 'thought provoking' on my previous post, in what way?
  11. Lol. ? You assume I have no system in place? Are you Oilfxpro in your previous life?
  12. Apologies for my ignorance but if you have the knowledge of what the banks do then have you ever thought of setting up a new start up venture? Maybe you could start a new bank! Don't worry about other traders being misled. Certainly don't feel sick and tired. Look after your health as that is the most important investment you will make. If you are feeling tired and sick then you cannot effectively trade the markets as your mind cannot be 100% focussed. ? If you have truly identified free trading systems that are profitable more times than not then make lots of profits and I wish you all the best.
  13. @Caseynotes, I agree. Every exceptional trader will have made losses and will continue to make losses. I remember trading Natural Gas many years ago and the volatility beat me. Yes, I made profitable trades on Natural Gas but I also made losing trades. Ultimately my losses were bigger than my profits hence why I stopped trading Natural Gas. Now this was many years ago and with time comes knowledge, experience and awareness / adoption of new strategies.
  14. @PandaFace, thank you for your kinds words. Much appreciated. If I come across any more interesting blockchain related material then I shall post here.
  15. If this system is so good and professional then why is it free? Why are the top investment banks and hedge funds using this specific system? I am seeing a trend in your posts! ?
  16. These free downloads worry me! Any successful trade whether it be FX, Commodities or just a stock needs some research and hard work to establish the reason for any move. A lot of people trade trends without even understanding the underlying reason why that trend is in play. Without this understanding how can one plan for any timeframe that their capital will be tied up in such a trade. How do they know how long their trade is likely to last? For example, it may be that a small stock has gone up due to speculators and day traders piling into it to make a quick profit. One must understand that as when they exit the price will drop considerably. There may be instances where some insane weather conditions lead to a strong trend in a particular commodity. Such trends can last a long time so it is important one understands the time frame and patience required when trading such trends. Is there a free system that can help with above? LOL. ?
  17. How credible is this 'PIPFINITE' trading system? Who is the company or individual behind such a system? How credible are they? None of the links work or they may have been removed by IG, not sure which. Is this post not an informal way of marketing a product to the IG Community which may not be suitable?
  18. @PandaFace, there are lots of different strategies you can apply here. For example you could wait for a breakout to a new 52 week high. This could used as a buying signal to initiate a long position. You could look at moving averages on a 20 day, 50 day, 100 day or even 200 day time horizon and use that information to assist you in making a decision on whether to go long or short. I personally would never go against the trend. I would let the price action determine whether I enter a long position or short position depending on the strength of the trend. There are indicators for this such as ADX. This is the strength trend indicator. It stands for Average Directional Index. Using this does not in any way guarantee a successful and profitable trade. It is merely a took that one can use to assist them in their decision making. If Orange Juice makes a new 52 week high then a long position could be executed. However, this does not guarantee success as there could be some 'fundamental' news that is released that means the move goes against you. Therefore your stop loss will be crucial ensure any potential losses are minimised (risk management). Remember, it is ok to get trades wrong. One must not worry about making wrong decisions. The key is to make more profit overall. So for example if you enter 10 trades and only succeed in 3 of them then on paper you would have a 70% failure rate. However, if the profits on the 3 successful trades are far greater than the losses on the 7 losing trades then that is what really matters. Accepting losses, embracing them and then learning from them any errors is very important.
  19. Is Orange Juice resuming its uptrend? From a technical perspective the signs look encouraging. Prices are at an important juncture right now and the next couple of weeks will be very interesting.
  20. I do not like the look of Gold at the moment from purely a technical / charting perspective. What is of more concern is that IG Client Sentiment shows traders are net long Gold - the ratio stands at +8.23 so (89.2% of traders are long) which presents a strong bearish reading. I would not be surprised to see Gold flirting with $1220 - $1230 levels soon unless there is some major buyers step in.
  21. @PandaFace, IG offers spread betting on cryptocurrencies which is a form of gambling. Having said that I see the point you are trying to make. Your points are what IG would have to consider should it wish to venture down this road. I have made a suggestion which I think would incentivise quality content and encourage discussion on the IG Community. For the time spent reading other posts, writing responses or creating new posts, this is all time consuming. I accept it does not take long to post a chart, post a link, a brief reply, etc. However, deep, meaningful content requires ones time. There used to be a poster that @Caseynotes will know who I am referring to who kept on posting the same old information time and time again like an online salesperson. Only IG can police such spammers by having some sort of assurance or quality control programme in relation to postings.
  22. Anything new and at times complex can provide challenges which is what we are seeing. Different countries around the world are adopting different views on the regulations they wish to use against cryptocurrencies. There are complex questions around whether they are currencies or commodities? Maybe some country will be bold enough to say with they are neither and create a new framework for which cryptocurrencies come under. I don't know the answers but I think patience is required. Once a country has clear guidelines, framework and regulations in place then it will be far more easier for institutional traders / investors to get into the space.
  23. I just checked the Argo Mining website. Its services are still all sold out. This is either fictional or we are about to see a major rise in the share price once IPO is completed. https://www.argomining.co If this 'SOLD OUT' is not true then we could see an initial move upwards to entice new investors and then BOOM! Down it will go.
  24. An insight into the future of blockchain data technology https://www.governmenteuropa.eu/future-blockchain-data-technology/89402/
  25. I am merely sharing this news. I am not advocating anyone invest in this. When the pitch launched it started with £100m valuation. Due to numerous prospective investors complaining about the obscene valuation they reduced it by a staggering 50% to £50m. Wow, just shows if prospective investors had not challenged this valuation then a lot of people would have invested into the original valuation. http://www.cityam.com/289106/uk-blockchain-startup-launches-equity-crowdfunding-round