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  1. This sharp drop below $10k in Bitcoin triggering stop losses is exactly why I like the XBT Provider Bitcoin products. It means you can invest, hold and leave until you are ready to sell. It is like investing in a company by buying shares online. There are no overnight charges for holding, just an initial charge of around £11.95 to buy and £11.95 to sell and that is it. Of course there is 'Currency Risk' as you are investing either in SEK or EUR and when this is converted back into GBP then it can work for you or against you depending on currency movements and fluctuations against Crypto.
  2. When traders trading a longer trend use tight stop losses on the likes of Bitcoin et al then they can get themselves into a bit of a pickle. Tight stop losses when using trend following principles on Cryptocurrencies does not seem to be effective in my personal opinion. The stop losses need to be wider but this means potential losses or decline in profits could temporarily be larger. However, this is not to be feared if you have called the 'DIRECTION' right and are trading with the 'TREND' and not against it.
  3. Bitcoin has dropped sharply today (Saturday) and gone well below $10k which will certainly trigger a lot of stop losses. I am used to seeing this and to be honest does not surprise me as this has constantly occurred over the last few years.
  4. I am starting to see the share price begin to appreciate in KR1 PLC which is great. I am anticipating far more upward movement in the coming weeks and months. Technology 2020 Look Ahead From KR1 Plc https://www.globalbankingandfinance.com/technology-2020-look-ahead-from-kr1-plc/ Some of you will find the above article rather interesting.
  5. I am expecting the share price of Coinsilium to start gathering some pace and momentum if (I state if) the Bitcoin price and Cryptocurrency prices in general continue rising upwards. IOV Labs Invests $325,000 to Push Bitcoin Smart Contract Platform RSK in Asia https://www.coinspeaker.com/iov-labs-bitcoin-smart-contract-rsk/ I think this company has illiquid shares and is listed on the NEX Exchange which is not ideal to attract new investors. However, it is very well positioned in this area and has great potential. I am expecting the share price to begin motoring upwards shortly in line with the movements we have seen in Cryptocurrencies. It will be a 'red flag' for me if I do not see this.
  6. This article is interesting from 'Value the Markets': Argo Blockchain poised to boom as Bitcoin breaks $10,000 (ARB) https://www.valuethemarkets.com/2020/02/12/argo-blockchain-poised-to-boom-as-bitcoin-breaks-10000-arb/
  7. Vela Technologies Update re. Secured Bonds 2020 and Company Update https://www.investegate.co.uk/vela-technologies--vela-/rns/update-re--secured-bonds-2020-and-company-update/202002141051230656D/ So the life support machine has given a six month assurance! For me who would give a substantial investment? Personally I cannot see this from any UK source so if offshore money wants to come into the UK then it maybe a foreign investment corporation. In terms of acquisition and reverse takeover vehicle then to me this seems the most likely. I guess we will find out by August 2020.
  8. This is the new website for Coinshares which some of you may find useful. They have revamped it a bit. https://coinsharesgroup.com/etps/xbt-provider
  9. @SAMMYDAVID, Crypto's are a very high risk asset to trade. They are also extremely volatile. I use trend following principles to trade Crypto's and I certainly do not use short term trading strategies as in my opinion that is for full time professional traders who are experienced and technically excellent. The only time I have conducted short term trading on Bitcoin et all was during the run up from $2k to $20k a couple of years ago. I was day trading Bitcoin and it worked a treat but apart from that the trends in Crypto have been longer term. So 'shorting' Bitcoin et all would have been very profitable just like having a long position with looser stop losses. In my experience the stop losses cannot be too tight but of course it depends on what specially is your trading strategy for Crypto's. If you have the wrong strategy on volatile assets then tight stop losses will make it extremely difficult for you.
  10. @Chuckfk, I don't trade FX myself but my understanding is that a market order would to be to buy at the best available price. You also have a limit entry order which is either buy above the market price or sell above the market price. There is also a stop entry order where you would buy above the market price or sell below the market price. I assume you are familiar with stop loss orders? Have a look at the below which you may find helpful. Stop vs limit orders: what are the types of orders in trading? https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-strategies/stop-vs-limit-orders-what-are-the-types-of-orders-in-trading-190509 I think your assumption seems correct about the current or better order and it is just a different way to articulate it. Maybe someone who trades FX can just 100% confirm this.
  11. Ripple was up around 10% earlier on and is really playing catch up with the other 'alt coins' right now.
  12. @bill52, I am not quite sure, are you looking for a response to your post or was it merely a statement! May I suggest reading books and using the internet to obtain information to increase your knowledge and understanding.
  13. @SAMMYDAVID, I am not sure if you want to invest in Bitcoin long term or merely just want to trade the price movement shorter term. I do not know what your trading strategy is in regards to Crypto but all I would say is that the XBT Provider derivatives are excellent ways to gain exposure to Bitcoin in relation to a longer term investment. I accept it is not for everyone and I accept that the FCA could announce a ban for retail clients anytime soon but I have been using these derivatives for a while now and I think they are brilliant for UK investors. I use the UK broker Hargreaves Lansdown to gain access to both the Bitcoin and Ether Exchange Traded Notes (ETN's) but if it not for you or just too much risk then fine but def. worth looking at.
  14. @d3v, May I suggest you take advice from an accountant, financial adviser or maybe even a tax advisor. I suggest this as when it comes to matters like these you want to be 100% sure that you complete everything correctly and how will you assure that any advice given to you in response will be 100% correct as you obviously are not sure yourself. I am not sure how you will satisfy yourself that any response given is in fact 100% correct. Have you checked for information online using the internet to see if there is anything about this on a credible website?
  15. @SAMMYDAVID, Bitcoin Cash's halving event is one month prior to Bitcoin's. So Bitcoin Cash is April 2020 and Bitcoin is May 2020. The one thing I am uncertain of is whether we will see a large correction after the halving events like we saw in Litecoin?
  16. For those who want exposure to Bitcoin but do not want to use Spread Betting or CFD's then there is another option which I have been using for several years now which is XBT Provider One. I have a thread on this for those that are interested. All I will say is that these are high risk derivatives (Exchange Traded Notes) that are more for institutional or professional investors. They are similar to an ETF and the FCA are looking into banning them for retail clients. I personally think they are brilliant investment products for Bitcoin and Ether. I have been using them and it is a nice clean and easy way to add exposure to this asset class in your investment portfolio without having to trade the asset or physically acquire it. From an investment perspective it meets my requirements.
  17. @SAMMYDAVID, Thanks for your message and below may be of assistance to you. https://www.ig.com/uk/bitcoin-btc/bitcoin-halving BSV and BCH Are Surging With Their Halvings a Month Before Bitcoin https://cointelegraph.com/news/bsv-and-bch-are-surging-with-their-halvings-a-month-before-bitcoin Just bear in mind that with Litecoin it went up in price prior to the halving event but then declined significantly after it. This could happen to Bitcoin Cash when it goes through its halving event. It may not follow Bitcoin's historical rule book!
  18. @SAMMYDAVID, Once your positions are in profit then consider switching to a trailing stop. Of course the percentage amount you use for the trailing stop is down to you but definitely worth considering.
  19. XBT PROVIDER AB BITCOIN TRACKER ONE (BIT-XBT) https://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/x/xbt-provider-ab-bitcoin-tracker-one XBT PROVIDER AB BITCOIN TRACKER EUR (BIT-XBTE) https://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/x/xbt-provider-ab-bitcoin-tracker-eur XBT PROVIDER AB ETHEREUM TRACKER ONE (ETH.XBT) https://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/x/xbt-provider-ethereum-tracker-one XBT PROVIDER AB ETHEREUM TRACKER EUR (ETH.XBTE) https://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/x/xbt-provider-ab-ethereum-tracker-eur
  20. I was reading today where so called Crypto experts (beware of the bias) are predicting the real price rise in Bitcoin to begin next in 2021 or after the halving event in May 2020.
  21. Momentum vs. Trend Following in Crypto Assets https://hackernoon.com/momentum-vs-trend-following-in-crypto-assets-je2237p5?source=rss
  22. Ripple and Stellar could both double from here if Bitcoin goes on a parabolic rise and decides to make new all time highs. If that happens then I can see both Ripple and Stellar doubling from here.
  23. I have no doubt that Litecoin is going to have a real good go at $100 price area. It seems it will face some resistance in the 90's but I think $100 looks like it is on the cards now.
  24. Ether is up over 11% at the time of writing and hit $268.00 and the chart is looking extremely bullish. Looking at the 'daily' it is going to encounter some resistance prior to $300.00 but that has to be the next price target.