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  1. @bagehotsway, The US stock needs a market cap of $100m or more for IG to offer it on its platform. It seems to have a market cap over $200m with revenues around the $44m area.
  2. Litecoin hit $129.60 and seems to be leading the way within Cryptocurrencies and is up around 10%. If you look at the price performance of Litecoin since middle of December 2018 then there are very few assets in the world that beat it in this very same time period. I trade to try and make as much profit as I can. One has to put their 'Ego', 'Emotions', 'Opinions' to one side and trade the price action in front of us. Just look at the price action from December 2018 till date and look at the momentum, strength of the trend and overall percentage returns. Now add leverage to the mix and once can see why Litecoin in my opinion is a WEALTH CREATING ASSET! If it crashes then fine just short it all the way down to zero. If it continues to go up then trade it on the 'Long' side. The aim of a successful and profitable trader must be to make as much profit as possible. Litecoin boosts a traders portfolio performance if one can both handle and manage the risk effectively.
  3. India will require more foreign direct investment. This is a given. With Brexit, the UK's eyes may be on India to negotiate trading deals with them. New roads are being built. This I have seen with my own eyes. It will take time though. Toilet facilities are being provided and of a better quality too throughout India. Again this is a mammoth project. One of the biggest things I have seen evidence of is 'Electrification' and Narendra Modi for me has delivered here. A lot of people point out negatives in relation to Narendra Modi. The reality is he has no credible opposition or has any substance. He is India's best bet for long term growth. It is being reported that in around 10 years it could be the third largest economy in the world just being the US and China. What an achieve this could be. If this does happen (I do not know that it will for sure) then just think of the stock market performance India could see over the next 10 years! GDP growth is around the 7% area which is very impressive. I believe inflation is below 5% but that is a tad too high for me. India Is Now Investing More in Solar Than Coal https://www.ecowatch.com/india-solar-power-investments-2638682086.html India is currently the fifth largest economy in the world and it is growing faster than any other of the G20 economies. I am a big fan of investing in 'Emerging Markets' and 'Frontier Markets'. For me, India is a gem in the Emerging Market Universe. As India grows I think we will see more and more companies going public which will lead to a boom in equities and the humongous middle class in India begin shifting from Cash, Bonds (Fixed Deposit accounts) and Gold and into Equities. When this happens the Indian Stock Market is going to be a lot higher.
  4. Rough Rice is trending nicely at the moment. Rice may not be the sexiest commodities to trade but the chart is looking good from a price action perspective.
  5. @johnt4917, It depends on the asset you are looking to trade and the margin requirements. For UK Spread Betting if you identify the asset and then go to buy it should tell you how much margin is required. If you then amend the £ per point then the margin requirement will change too at the bottom of the box. I don't know which country you are from so you may not be able to Spread Bet and also the margin requirements may differ too.
  6. @kaduspundi, Liquidity and IG’s ability to hedge could play a big part in this.
  7. Part 1: Some of you will be familiar with the term 'Megatrends' when it comes to investment themes. I personally think within the Technology sector Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IOT are going to be high up in any list if they are not already. These technology themes have the potential to be what could be classed as 'Disruptors' in their field of use. They could also end up disrupting other trends. AI is a form of 'Machine Learning'. IBM and other large corporations have been and are currently doing a lot of work in this area. They are beginning to invest a lot of capital in the development phase. Here 'Big Data' plays an integral part. One company I invested in a while back which made a lovely return for me was 'WANDisco'. It is listed on the AIM market. AI is basically built on algorithms that learn by analysing lots of data. I think that is the simplest way I can explain it for those who may not be too familiar with this emerging and exciting theme from an investment perspective. Rather than repeat myself on Blockchain, those who are interested may want to read my Blockchain threads - Blockchain Trilogy by TrendFollower. IOT is happening now. To put is as simply as I possibly can it is where connected devices talk to each other. This will produce big data. This is where in my view AI comes in. AI will be able to analyse this data, identify trends, model / predict potential outcomes from patterns that us mere humans would not be possible to do, especially in the speed required. So IOT would be the way to supply the data and AI would be the way to mine the data. IOT = 'Data Supplier' and AI = 'Data Miner'. Blockchain is basically a 'Distributed Ledger'. Blockchain will keep a ledger of how devices which connect with each other communicate and when. There will be an audit trail which will be tamper proof (or least likely to be tampered with). It will keep a record of how devices interact with each other. It will be like a form of glue which can bring AI and IOT together and bind it with the ability to record and date stamp important events. Blockchain will be vital where there are any interactions and transactions. It is when tokens / digital payments / cryptocurrencies may possibly be used. 'Smart Contracts' could be used where there is an exchange of goods and services. Here is will be able to improve the compliance, improve the cost efficiency and I think will be crucial in the management, tracking and auditing of supply chains across the globe. From the reading and research I have carried out, IBM, is doing a lot of work in this area. They are one of the largest technology companies in the world. They will have hired some of the finest minds in the world for this area. To be continued... (Part II - Coming Soon)
  8. @Bell, I can see why traders look to support and resistance zones. I have noticed a lot here on the IG Community pay a lot of attention to them and I can see why. The only thing I would suggest is be aware of the volatility of the asset you are trading and the timeframe you are looking at. Timeframe volatility seems to be ignored sometimes at the expense of focussing on support and resistance. I agree with you on the indicator overload but I think it depends on what your trading strategy is and what timeframe you tend to use. Price action is king for me but I find I must look at the volume to see if it is supporting the price action. I then use moving averages, momentum, RSI, Parabolic SAR and a few others but not too many. It does depend on what your trading style is. There are times when two indicators are not enough but I think something like 8-10 would be too many, but I agree with your point.
  9. For many years I have been investing in JP Morgan Indian Investment Trust and Fidelity India Focus Fund. My returns over the past 15 years or so in these investments are phenomenal. I have been adding to them on a monthly basis over this time period to take advantage of 'Pound Cost Averaging' and I made further lump sum investments during the financial crisis and the subsequent recovery period. However around Christmas time (2018) I began looking at the India 50 from a trading perspective. It just recently made a new high. Basic Fundamental Analysis: Now Narendra Modi has just won his second election by a far larger majority than his first election. I visit India regularly and some of the projects are very exciting. The demographics are positive for India as they have a large population under 30. If Narendra Modi can ensure that the educated youth have a job which suits their skills set then India has great potential. Another thing he must ensure is that capital is invested in infrastructure. The quality of the roads is a must. I recently went on the Baroda Express Highway and it is as good as any freeway in the US or motorway in the UK if not better so India are improving in this area. GIFT City in Gandhinagar is exceptional. I recently had a meeting there and they took me on a tour around the site. It has mind-blowing potential. I include the website below. http://www.giftgujarat.in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gujarat_International_Finance_Tec-City One must remember that India has a very large population of around 1.4 billion where as the UK has a population of around 66 million. It is being reported that if the current growth for India and UK continues in terms of GDP then India will overtake the UK around 2022 - 2023 to become the 4th largest economy in the world. If this does happen then investing in India and trading India must seriously be considered. I include the 'daily' chart for India 50 below for you to see how it has performed over the past couple of years. In my personal judgement, India, over the next five years has the potential under Narendra Modi to experience serious positive growth. It is a market that really excites me. There are some excellent investment funds and investment trusts out there for India but also those who trade indices may want to seriously look India 50 which IG offers. I do accept that margin requirements are a lot higher than the US, UK and EU indices so this will put a lot of people off unless they are professional client for IG which then makes it a lot cheaper to trade.
  10. UK Government Considers Adopting Blockchain Tech https://digit.fyi/blockchain-government-tech/
  11. I urge those who are sceptical on Blockchain and this area in general to read this report. Blockchain in UK BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRY LANDSCAPE OVERVIEW 2018 http://analytics.dkv.global/data/pdf/Blockchain-in-UK-Executive-Summary.pdf
  12. Policy paper AI Sector Deal https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/artificial-intelligence-sector-deal/ai-sector-deal
  13. Well just four hours later and Bitcoin Cash has not been able to hold the $380 price level. I think now around $360 is a serious price target which could be hit.
  14. When you look at a traders overall portfolio performance for the year if they have profits from the likes of Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin et all then it really supercharges the performance and results of the portfolio. I have said this before but for me it is all about trading the strongest trending assets whatever that may be. It is about allocating my capital to those trends (efficient allocation of capital for profit maximisation). You could have a trader who has mastered technical analysis, who is extremely knowledgeable about markets and trading. However, they do not trade the strongest trending assets. Their performance can be blown to pieces by someone who adopts a simple strategy and yes will be wrong on many occasions with their trades but can outperform them. I would expect everyone to conduct a risk assessment of trading Cryptocurrencies as they are in my personal opinion one of the riskiest if not the riskiest assets to trade. One must look at the RISK / REWARD for trading Cryptocurrencies and make an assessment based on their own risk tolerance and risk management strategies. I would expect competent traders to apply strict risk management rules on trading Cryptocurrencies and then it really is no different to trading a volatile Commodity or a volatile and high risk nano, micro or small cap share. When one applies strict trading rules and applies trading discipline then it really does not matter if Cryptocurrencies are junk, garbage or rubbish! Just trade the price action and trends based on strict rules and apply discipline and risk management and enjoy the ride. What makes a great trader is trading the strongest and best opportunities to make profits. When a trader cannot identify such opportunities and take advantage or refuses to based on ego, emotion, personal views and opinions then even if they have mastered technical analysis and have an immense amount of trading knowledge they just simply cannot be great traders. The most important figure is your profit / loss figure for your trading portfolio at the end of the financial year. With great risk comes reward. One must learn to embrace the risk, manage the risk, control the risk and then try and enjoy the reward. To offer a balanced view on my own comments above, one must ensure they preserve their trading capital at all costs. It is not about trading the riskiest assets incorrectly and then losing your capital. Capital preservation is one of the most crucial parts to trading successfully. If you lose your capital then you lose, it is as simple as that. Which is why traders should really have a strong risk management strategy which they apply to their trading. I cannot stress the importance of this.
  15. Litecoin on 9th June is still at $116 and is holding up rather well as this was the price during my previous post last week. Any dip below $100 for Litecoin is a fantastic opportunity to enter 'Long' or add to your position if you are already 'Long'. Litecoin since December 2018 has been a fantastic trend to trade on the 'Long' side. Of course the trend is not 'text book' perfect and there has been a lot of volatility but the price performance, the points (using leverage) and opportunity that Litecoin has given is nothing short of fantastic.
  16. I want to see if Bitcoin Cash holds at around $380 price point. There may support there. Otherwise it could go down to around the $360 level. When you look at the Pivot Points on the 'daily' then $370 is the price point to watch. If Bitcoin Cash can hold above $380 then that will be a very bullish indicator. It could allow new traders to enter the trade on the 'Long' side and also existing traders to add to their positions. Anything around the $360 to $370 would be a very attractive price point to add to your position or enter the trade. I do not think the current consolidation / correction will be deep. I think the next six months is going to see some explosive price action on the upside for all the main Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash will benefit from the general momentum. The above are only my personal thoughts. I am not suggesting I am right. Everyone should conduct their own analysis and make their own decisions. I am merely sharing my views at this point in time on Bitcoin Cash.
  17. @dmedin, Your last post about MA curves (slopes) is something I pay a lot of interest in for my trading strategy. I pay a lot of attention to the MA curves and how they slope when trying to identify the strongest trending assets. I want to see those MA curves sloping upwards for a 'Long' trade or sloping downwards for a 'Short' trade. I tend to stay away from trades when they are sloping sideways. It is just one of several indicators / signals I use in my 'decision making basket' when trying to make an informed trading decision. This does not guarantee a successful or profitable trade on its own. It needs to be combined with other indicators / signals. What is does is adds another factor which can puts the odds and probability a little bit more in your favour as you are trading in the direction of the MA sloping curves and not against them.
  18. @Ludwik Chodzko-Zajko IG, Thank you.
  19. @JamesIG, Wow, 32.51%. Oh my goodness. It is a substantial cost in the underlying market which means IG is not the broker to use if one wants to make preparations to short Beyond Meat at some point in the future. Right now it is continuing its upward trajectory and rallying pretty hard so it is not an issue right now. If anything changes then please let us know. Thanks again
  20. @JamesIG, Thank you for your quick response. I am not looking at shorting right now as the trend is upwards and this may continue for the time being. I would only short once there is a confirmation of a trend reversal. Then I think this is going to be a great shorting opportunity. If anything changes then please can you post on this thread so that we are all updated? Just out of interest how large are the short interest costs likely to be? Are you able to give any idea? While any equity bull run is in tact then the likes of Beyond Meat may continue to go upwards so I would not short it right now and the price action does not support a short right now. However on any trend reversal I would like to get in as early as possible. This is my 'anticipation' stage. I am making an 'assumption' which will be tested in the coming weeks and months by the price behaviour.
  21. This is an interesting article from Deloitte's on Tokenisation of assets and how it is disrupting the financial industry. https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/lu/Documents/financial-services/lu-tokenization-of-assets-disrupting-financial-industry.pdf I appreciate there is a lot of scientism on tokenisation but I shall let you decide if you perceive this as a credible source or not rather than a company or website with an article that not many have ever heard of. The Bank of France is closely looking at the tokenisation of assets as explained in the article below: French Central Bank Governor: The Bank of France is Observing Tokenized Securities, other Digital Assets “With Great Interest” https://thetokenist.io/french-central-bank-governor-the-bank-of-france-is-observing-tokenized-securities-other-digital-assets-with-great-interest/ For some of you who do not fully understand or appreciate this area then I would urge you to start at the beginning of this thread and go through the information and obtain the necessary knowledge and understanding before jumping to a strong opinion or view either way.
  22. As you will see in this thread that I have previously stated that the valuation is absurd. I am predicting the price to experience a severe price correction which will present a great shorting opportunity. The fundamentals and revenue / lack of profit figures just do not justify the valuation in my personal opinion. I came across this article today which I have to agree with. Cattle Prod This Unicorn: Beyond Meat’s Stock Will Kill Your Portfolio https://www.ccn.com/beyond-meat-stock-kill-portfolio @JamesIG, based on your previous post last month on this thread, are there any changes for IG Clients to be able to short this should the opportunity present itself in the future? I appreciate we can call IG to find out but are there any developments to allow IG's clients
  23. @Jsred7, W8-BEN https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/share-dealing-and-isas/what-is-a-w8ben-form-and-why-do-i-need-one
  24. @TheGuru12, Having an unpopular opinion is fine as long as one discusses and conducts debate amicably and professionally without any rudeness or belittling. You are entitled to your view and I am entitled to mine. It is whether either of us can present information, evidence or debate that can challenge the other which leads to a change of view? IG offers Cryptocurrencies / Tokens to trade and has been for over a couple of years now. I like many I am sure trade them both 'Long' or 'Short'. Lots of other platforms / brokers who operate in the UK offer them. It is an asset class which is now available to trade on many different platforms with many different brokers. IG would be a laughing stock if it did not offer such Tokens / Cryptocurrencies to trade for its clients when their competitors do. I agree and accept and a very large percentage of Cryptocurrencies / Tokens are junk and garbage. I am not disputing that. However, little knowledge and understanding of the asset class and market is dangerous. Do not paint all of them with the same brush. Not every single Cryptocurrency / Token is a pump and dump / scam. Most of them are and I accept that point. You are using Slashdot links. How credible are these links and Slashdot? Also the links are not saying anywhere that Cosmos or any token / Crypto that IG offers are exit scams or pump and dump. It is discussing them generally. This is a Cosmos - Atom thread. If you can present any evidence that Cosmos - Atom is in this category then please do share it here as I certainly would be very interested in the reasons why. The general blockchain and token negativity that is stated in the online media is very generic and paints all of them in the same brush without the author necessarily understanding them. I will repeat I do not disagree with both links. They both make valid points. It is just that they are very generic points being made without specifying which specific tokens / blockchain projects / Cryptocurrencies they have serious concerns about. If you do not appreciate Tokenisation / Tokenomics / Token Economy then either you can ignore this thread and not waste your time posting or if you want to be involved in this thread then present some credible evidence from credible sources which support your view / opinion as that is all it is at the moment without any real substance. @JamesIG, Are the IG Analysts able to post on the main webpage any research / analysis on Tokenisation / Tokenomics / Token Economy to help some of the people understand better and appreciate the work being done through projects currently.
  25. Another example of large financial institutions taking Blockchain and Digital Payment solutions seriously. Japan’s LINE Pay and Visa Partner on New Blockchain, Digital Payments Solutions https://cointelegraph.com/news/japans-line-pay-and-visa-partner-on-new-blockchain-digital-payments-solutions They do not come much bigger than Visa, MasterCard and American Express and all of them seem to be partnering with Blockchain and working on Digital Payment solutions. Once they adopt this into there business then it will naturally trickle down to merchant terminals across the globe. It will take time and money to set up the infrastructure so patience will be required. I am sure mistakes and errors will be made and major changes will be required which will be very difficult. There will be different layers required and this will be a step by step process to create the infrastructure required.