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  1. When looking at the Gold chart (daily) then I wonder if there has been a slight 'reset' since the large drop. Is Gold making new higher highs and new higher lows during the recent upturn since the drop?
  2. I would like to share the following below with the IG Community. Bitcoin Price Charts Echo Pattern Seen Before 2015 Bull Market https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-price-charts-echo-pattern-seen-before-bull-reversal-of-2015 Of course this article fails to mention any potential of a new low being a possibility before any bull market in Bitcoin.
  3. @andysinclair, When I have tried that back in the past then it will work on say one of the browsers but not on the other. I experienced confliction issues and the IG platform may be more compatible and work better on some than others. James IG is suggesting using two browsers based on Chrome which is different to using say Edge and Chrome. Did it work for you? It may just be me I don’t know.
  4. How artificial intelligence could disrupt your investments https://www.yourmoney.com.au/wealth/investment/how-artificial-intelligence-could-disrupt-your-investments/
  5. Bonds have started another day in the blue and this time they are being supported by both Gold and Silver. I am wondering if there is likely to be seizmic shift in capital from higher risk (equities) to lower risk (Gold and Bonds)? If one compared the price of Gold and Bonds against equities over the same period then it may help to indicate if this could be occurring. The Brexit uncertainty and US-China trade deal risks still remain and whilst they still do I personally think it provides a positive platform for both Bonds and Gold. Now this may not translate into the price action as markets do not always behave as per textbook theory or in line with fundamentals or news. However it is worth keeping a close eye on Bond prices as if they begin rising significantly then this could be a strong indicator for the future.
  6. Gold and Silver have both started very positively and aggressively. The problem I have personally with Gold and Silver right now on the 'daily' chart is that the 'slopes' for the moving averages curves are all over the place for Silver. What concerns me in Gold is that the 20 DMA is sloping downwards. Now this may be due to the 20 DMA catching up with the current price move as it is a lagging indicator. Gold's moving averages seem to have more direction than Silver's at the moment.
  7. At this moment the Dow Jones has its price trading below its 20 DMA. This is what aggressive trend followers look for initiating a short trade. However, this would be an extremely high risk trade. Others will wait for the 50 DMA to be breached before initiating a short trade. Of course some will do so during any period in between the 20 and 50 DMA. It is all down to a traders risk tolerance and urge for more speculative trades. Now the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 have not yet gone below its 20 DMA so these are lagging behind the Dow Jones if there is to be any significant move downwards. This is the part which is unclear. All three US indices have attempted such moves down before, for only to come back up again.
  8. The Bitcoin price is above $4000 both on the buy side and sell side. The key now is whether it can remain above this level. Bitcoin is now trading above its 20, 50 and 100 DMA's. Price of around $4755 will take it above its 200 DMA so this is a very interesting time for Bitcoin. Are we seeing a false rally which will possibly lead to another leg downwards or has Bitcoin bottomed and are we seeing a consolidation period?
  9. The question people seem to be asking me is whether I think Bitcoin has bottomed? My answer is that I really do not know. I think this would depend on whether there is any more bad news to come out in relation to Bitcoin. If not then what we may be witnessing is Bitcoin consolidating before the commencement of a potential bull run. This bull run may only occur in my opinion if there is plenty of positive and good news to be released in relation to Bitcoin. It seems to be heading towards $4000 but it really needs to stay above this level and continue pushing upwards to build momentum and attract further capital towards it.
  10. The question I am asking myself is whether the drop has commenced? From the daily chart perspective it does not look like it has yet for the Nasdaq 100 but is looking interesting for the S&P 500. The Dow Jones seems to be leading the way in price decline. This could just be a small correction before any upward leg resumes as it may take a few hours / few days for the US indices to react to the US Federal Reserve news of not raising interest rates in 2019.
  11. I was wondering why Gold and Silver were not going up today with Bonds and Gilts performing rather well and major indices such as US declining. The US Federal Reserve released the 'not raising interest rates in 2019 news' and this pushed both Gold and Silver prices upwards.
  12. UK, US and German bonds still performing well in the blue. German Buxl was up over 100 points a few minutes ago. Gold and Silver both still in the red and not showing the same strength. The US Dollar may have something to do with this but it seems risk off at the moment. Major indices down but Bonds up more than normal so far today.
  13. @D600, May be two screens? Dual monitors? Sometimes even three monitors can make it easier.
  14. The Robocap Fund may be of interest to some of you are following and monitoring this particular investment theme. http://www.robocapfund.com/
  15. German, UK and US Bonds in general seem to be in the blue this lunchtime. Gold and Silver are both in the red but are not far and seem to be making a slow and steady rise upwards since the large correction last week around Thursday time.
  16. Litecoin is trying another attempt to surpass 60.00 and stay above it. This article is interesting highlighting why Litecoin prices may have doubled. One must bear in mind that these are the views of the author and we all may have different views on whether we agree with the author or not. Why Litecoin Prices Have Doubled This Year https://www.forbes.com/sites/cbovaird/2019/03/19/why-litecoin-prices-have-doubled-this-year/#7571367c1d22
  17. As I am from the UK, this article which I came across today but was released yesterday is rather interesting. It is also encouraging that the UK Parliament are taking looking into Blockchain applications seriously. UK Parliament Presented Showcase of Real-World Blockchain Applications https://www.coindesk.com/uk-parliament-presented-showcase-of-real-world-blockchain-applications
  18. @JamesIG, Thank you very much for your prompt response and I agree with your sentiments. Also arguing on the internet is not professional and it does not help either one of us. It affects both our credibility. There is no positive outcome. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  19. @JamesIG, Please can you assist here as I do not want to respond to Caseynotes. Or can anyone from IG help to resolve the matter and put a stop to this. I have watched the video since and the answers to my questions are not obvious to me but I don’t care anymore and just want Caseynotes to stop. I am happy to avoid any communication with him if that helps and maybe he could do the same. That way this matter is concluded. In hindsight if I had known my questions would have led to this experience then I would never have asked them. My error of judgement. I thought I may get a different perspective from Caseynotes but obviously I was wrong.
  20. @Caseynotes, Why do you keep abusing me? You have totally misunderstood me or maybe I have not articulated very well but I have no intention of inferring you do not know about your subject matter. I actually held you in high regard prior to this. @JamesIG, please can you have a look at Caseynotes thread TA - Technical Analysis and both of our posts. Then have a look at both of our posts on this thread and help to resolve this issue. I have tried to remain professional and not resort to abuse, belittling or trying to make the other person uncomfortable but Caseynotes is not stopping and therefore I ask for you from a neutral perspective to look at his TA Techncial Analysis thread and this thread more recently. If I have behaved unprofessionally or not as per IG’s guidelines then please do tell me. Also please do the same for Caseynotes and help to resolve this issue. I have asked Caseynotes to stop and pleaded and begged for him to stop but this has not worked. I have apologised not sure I needed to but this has not worked. I have surrendered and this has not worked. @JamesIG, please may I request that you help me in stopping this as it is causing me discomfort and stress and that is not why I actively participate in IG. Your help would be very much appreciated.
  21. I have just noticed this ETF available on IG's platform. As you can see the price performance was excellent from 2016 to 2018.
  22. @Caseynotes, I do have to work for a living so I cannot simply spend the time that you can. Also this is getting very personal and unprofessional. Yes you are right the material is old. Just like some of the books we all read. Some of the classic trading books are very, very old. This article will not be relevant to those who do not agree with the article so if you do not find it relevant then I have no issues with that. I find it interesting and some others may in the IG Community. If they do not then that is fine too. In terms of how I can justify using old material, I personally sometimes think that some of the older material is actually quite good but if you don't then that is your view and I respect that. I am not sure why it matters whether it is 5 days old or 5 years old but maybe that is me and my lack of understanding. I thought you were better than this. I really did. Regardless of what others may view me as I try and be as honest as I can and keep it professional. I really did think you were more professional. You do not need to behave like this. You may have all day but I am afraid I do not. I have to work and earn a living. There is a sinister tone to what you are doing, please stop. In my opinion I was merely asking you questions that I thought were valid. If I have asked you questions which you do not think are valid then I can only apologise for that or I can only apologise for not articulating well enough. No, I do not think it is fun. In fact it is quite upsetting so please could you stop. I shall try and avoid having any discussions with you as this is getting a bit too much for me. I apologise for asking questions to you that were not in relation to your video link and for not initially watching your video clip. I shall try and avoid discussing with you which is a shame as I regarded you as someone better. This will be a big loss to the IG Community as we both have different views and it would have been healthy to question, critique and challenge in a positive way but this is turning too much personal and I am feeling uncomfortable so again please stop. 🙏 In terms of e-bullying or an e-fight or what ever you want to call it - you win. I surrender. You win. Did you read that you win so please stop.
  23. @Caseynotes, You do not always have to have the last word. I watched the video last night but I really want to end this discussion between us because I do not want it to get unprofessional or personal. I have asked some questions that is all without watching your video. Is it really that much of a big deal or crime. Some of us are very busy and do not have the level of time you do on IG Community. I have seen you spend lots of time with others and I have seen you provide lots of answers so I don't quite understand the issue here. I am not undermining anything. I am merely asking some questions. I have just asked some questions in my opinion very politely and professionally. I wanted your perspective but you have really taken it, I am guessing personally. I am not trying to derail any thread. You have seeked an argument with me rather than spend time discussing my questions which is your choice. Had you offered your personal perspective on my questions then you would not have participated in derailing your own thread. You have chosen to participate in wasting your own time so please do not accuse me of doing so. You last line is just plain rude and offensive. There is no need for that type of statement. May I please offer a hand shake and move on from this. 🤝 Remember you can choose not to respond to this or accept my gesture of a e-handshake and end this. You do not have to respond provocatively or respond in a way which belittles someone. That is your personal choice. I hope you can put an end to this. Being of Indian Origin - Om Shanti Shanti Shanti