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  1. Another example of large financial institutions taking Blockchain and Digital Payment solutions seriously. Japan’s LINE Pay and Visa Partner on New Blockchain, Digital Payments Solutions https://cointelegraph.com/news/japans-line-pay-and-visa-partner-on-new-blockchain-digital-payments-solutions They do not come much bigger than Visa, MasterCard and American Express and all of them seem to be partnering with Blockchain and working on Digital Payment solutions. Once they adopt this into there business then it will naturally trickle down to merchant terminals across the globe. It will take time and money to set up the infrastructure so patience will be required. I am sure mistakes and errors will be made and major changes will be required which will be very difficult. There will be different layers required and this will be a step by step process to create the infrastructure required.
  2. @JamesIG, Thanks for this. It is very much appreciated. I appreciate you moving this to the Feedback and Suggestions section but may I suggest keeping it in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain section as I intend to add to this thread with the latest news and information for this token. It is one that I am very interested about and the potential is staggering. Hopefully if IG offer this to trade very soon then some real meaningful discussion can take place in terms of potential trading ideas, etc.
  3. @JamesIG, Thank you very much. It is very much appreciated. It would be nice if IG could at the very least offer at least the top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market cap and taking into account liquidity (of course) to its clients. This would offer real choice and offer potentially more rewarding trading opportunities within the Cryptocurrency asset class. This could then be reviewed every year and those Cryptocurrencies for which there simply is no demand for trading could be removed and replaced with another which there is a greater demand for. This is just a thought. I think if IG could do this then it could be regarded as a top Cryptocurrency Trading broker. It does not seem to have that reputation at the moment when searching through the internet. Others offer far more choice. I accept they may be taking on more risk but if IG are a big broker and they should be able to flex their muscles and offer at least the same level of choice as its competitors if not more.
  4. @dmedin, I can see why you are struggling. If you do not know something or do not understand something then no amount of examples after the event or explanations will assist unless you can see how you would have made a certain trading decision at the time (real time). I think the most useful assistance to you would be actually seeing a live trade. You are more than welcome to look at the beginning of my posts 'Potential Long Gold Trade' and 'Potential Shorting Opportunity - US500' posts and see how I executed those trades in real time which I shared live with the IG Community. Please remember they were just simple and basic trades that I wanted to share live with the IG Community so I kept it simple deliberately as I knew the audience I was targeting. My 'Long' Gold and Silver trades ended in a profit and my 'Short' S&P 500 ended in a loss. Yes there were errors where I could have exited earlier on the S&P500 'Short' trade but I think I entered the trade too late anyway. It is all about timing. Anyway the success or failure of the trade was not important on this occasion to me. It was all about sharing a real live trade with the IG Community and that was the important part. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and sharing after the event does not seem to be assisting you too much from what I can see in this thread and your comments. Why don't you pick an asset of you choice that you think would offer you the best trading opportunity and see if anyone can talk you through a live trade and your entry and exit points. You must ensure your trading plan is both realistic and achievable as otherwise your trading strategy and trading system could end up being skewed.
  5. @JamesIG, Cosmos has the potential for great things within the Blockchain Universe. It is being reported that its potential could challenge Ethereum. Their website is below for those who want more information. https://cosmos.network It is the internet of blockchains. The interoperable potential is very exciting. It is basically an eco-system of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. Now Cosmos is traded via the ATOM token. It currently is 16th in the market cap list and already has achieved a $1.1 billion market cap valuation in very quick time. This is mainly down to the realisation of the immense potential this has on the whole Blockchain universe. I am including the link below to highlight this. https://coinmarketcap.com This is one of the most exciting Cryptocurrencies at the moment and the price action is staggering yet IG Clients continue to miss out whilst IG insists on offering the likes of NEO which is 18th on the list and has a current market cap of around $820m. I appreciate the the market cap valuations can fluctuate which is perfectly normal. However, it is clear to see that the momentum and traction is greater with Cosmos - Atom than NEO.
  6. @JamesIG, I think the time has come for IG to really be proactive and offer its clients the ability to trade the token / Crypto - IOTA. Below is the link to its website which will give you more information: https://www.iota.org/ Below is the link highlighting its current market cap. https://coinmarketcap.com It has has a market cap of $1.2 billion and is in the top 15. If you go back a year or two then I suggested offering this Crypto to trade but IG always seems to be behind the game on this. NEO which IG does offer is at number 18 currently with a market cap of $819 million. Now I appreciate that these market cap valuations can fluctuate due to price movements and this is only normal but surely IG needs to seriously consider offering not only those with the best liquidity but those who have the most potential and offer exciting trading prospects and possibilities for its clients. IOTA seems to fare better than NEO on both of these accounts.
  7. @TheGuru12, It means nothing to you yet you are well aware of it, then what is it you actually hate? Unless you understand how goods and services are being tokenised and how assets are being tokenised then you really cannot appreciate this thread. I have set up a Tokenisation / Tokenomics / Token Economy thread. I would urge you to have a look at that thread and read some of the material on it. If you still do not appreciate what is happening in this field then that is fine. No problem. If you could at least spend the time to read the thread first otherwise it will mean nothing to you at all so then how can you form an unbiased opinion? How credible is slashdot which is your first link? Is it a credible source? Your second link is just the same old rubbish that is presented on the online media Let me ask you, name a better performing asset than say Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash since the start of 2019 to date even after this current price cracking yet again! I have seen more Bitcoin price crashes over the past 2-3 years than I care to imagine. It is old media noise. These price drops naturally will occur in new and volatile assets. Even more name me a better performing asset than Bitcoin since 2009 and its inception, can you name any? Bitcoin had an 80%+ drop last year and it still trounces most other assets around the world. Bitcoin has witnessed many large corrections of 80%+ since its inception and it still outperforms majority of assets around the globe since its inception. This is fact based on evidence. Can you provide any evidence based on fact to disprove this?
  8. @dmedin, Why don't you try a longer term strategy and see if that works better for you. It will certainly be easier for you and give you plenty of time to think about things and make decisions if necessary. Not every one is suited to day trading or even trading using 5 min charts. If it is not for you then then there is nothing wrong in that. Maybe you need to look at different timeframes? I mainly use the 'daily' and trade longer trends. My positions can last days, weeks or even months depending on the strength of the trend and the asset involved. What if you could make more profits over a longer period which would either equate to or be greater than the amount you would have made if you were day trading the same asset? Why don't you try this on the demo and see what your results are? Does it matter if you do not make a daily income but make a weekly or monthly income?
  9. @JamesIG, Thanks for this. You beat me to it. This is particularly useful in highly volatile assets like Cryptocurrencies where you may have an underlying 'Long' position but are fully aware of large drops / corrections and want to take advantage of it by profiting on such opportunities by going 'Short' on such occasions.
  10. @TheGuru12, I think this business has a lot of potential and is in a market that I am very interested in. KR1 PLC is another company operating in this same sphere that I am excited about. It is about building up meaningful stakes over a period of time as when the time comes the current level of prices will be a thing of the past. They both are listed on the NEX exchange and are illiquid stocks so there are risks and are more long term investments. I would not recommend anyone consider them for trading. Before making comments and judgements you should read up about tokenisation and blockchain and where this market is currently and where it could be in the future before making such assumptions.
  11. These are some recent article which have been published: Coinsilium to advise blockchain-based business data marketplace on initial exchange offering https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/221448/coinsilium-to-advise-blockchain-based-business-data-marketplace-on-initial-exchange-offering-221448.html Coinsilium surpasses £1mln in revenues for the first time https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/221318/coinsilium-surpasses-1mln-in-revenues-for-the-first-time-221318.html If you look at where Coinsilium was last year or even two years ago and compare it now then you will see it is travelling in the right direction albeit slowly but moving in the right direction.
  12. I forgot to share this yesterday. Coinsilium Group Limited Coinsilium New Advisory Client https://www.investegate.co.uk/coinsilium-group-limited--coin-/eqs/coinsilium-new-advisory-client/20190604070022EMSHK/
  13. @Syed308, It is not that I am trying to be unhelpful when I state this but you really should research on the Internet before asking such a question. Only if you cannot find any answers or do not understand them should you ask on here. How will you verify any answer that someone posts here? I can only assume you have access to the internet as otherwise you would not have been able to post the question. There are times when you have to conduct the research yourself and put the hard work and time in yourself. If you have to ask such a question then trading is far more challenging and difficult, how will you cope and survive? These are my personal thoughts on why Crude is falling. From a fundamental perspective the trade disputes we are witnessing are not helping. This US-China trade war has been going on and on Now last month US oil production was very high so supply and demand issues here as it led to increased oil inventories. The US-Mexico situation does not assist either. You also have the 'Risk On / Risk Off' situation. When you look at the price of Bonds and Gold recently then this tells me that investors / traders are switching their capital allocation from riskier assets like Oil to Gold and Bonds. We have seen a decline in Equities around the world too. From a technical perspective, Oil, has seen some good upside and price gains for well over 12 months so a large correction was due. This could be profit taking and new shorts being executed leading to stop losses being triggered. This all amplified the move downwards. There may be other reasons but they are just my personal thoughts at 5:00 am in the morning UK time. The question I have is how you are going to assess if my personal thoughts are credible, accurate or in fact even true?
  14. Bitcoin is correcting very aggressively and sharply. Now I have seen this so many times that it really does not bother or phase me any more. When this happens it presents a fantastic shorting opportunity. Bitcoin's uptrend is still in tact. The question I am asking is whether the $7000 level will hold and offer support or will it correct deeper to say the $6.5k level? I think this correction once finished of course will present a better entry point to go 'Long' for those who have still not dipped their toe in but for now the short term traders will be shorting this pretty hard.
  15. Some of you will have noticed and be taking full advantage of the breakout seen in Corn. I have stated on many occasions that some of the strongest trending assets tend to be Commodities. This is why a lot of 'Trend Following' traders would trade Commodities as these trends would be strong, would last a long time and they could ride the trend and achieve more profit using leverage than another asset during the same time period. I am going to share an article which explains the price action. Midwest flooding is drowning corn and soy crops. Is climate change to blame? https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/06/midwest-rain-climate-change-wrecking-corn-soy-crops/ Now some of you will know that I like to make assumptions and then test them via my trading. Now for me there are serious production risks as a result of the weather and harvest conditions and this for me provides the potential for further upside. So there is a strong upward bias in the price action for Corn. For me successful trend trading is all about trading with the trend and not against it. It is about increase your odds and probability of a successful and profitable trade. Those who are 'Long' Corn will appreciate that this trend may still have a way to go and one must keep hold of their winners and let them run and not exit too early. Now this is from a trend following perspective. I appreciate other traders will just think a profit is a profit and one should take their profits and exit. That is fine and there is nothing wrong with that. For those who follow 'Trend Following' principles it takes a lot of practice and experience not to take profits too early and to let their winners run until the trend change is confirmed.
  16. Lean Hogs still presents a shorting opportunity if you are not already short. The Parabolic SAR is indicating a bearish trend potentially manifesting itself as shown below. Identifying trends and breakouts both to the 'Long' or 'Short' side is key to maximising any potential profits.
  17. Since my last post, Live Cattle, has continued its downtrend and its price is lower than it was when I last posted on this thread. I include the chart below to highlight this.
  18. So what is Rough Rice doing at the moment? It hit $11765.90 today which was its highest price point since the start of this year (2019). Now it is being reported that Sri Lanka is expecting a bumper harvest. However to balance this Bangladesh are having to deal with export issues such as government subsidies. There has been flooding near Arkansas river which has left a field of flooded rice. Rice may not be the sexiest asset to trade but sometimes the best trades are those you least expect. It is about identifying the trends and breakouts in the first place at the earliest opportunity and trading them to your advantage in the direction of the trend rather than against it.
  19. I am sure some of you have identified the breakout in Coffee - New York (Arabica). The current price action has led to it trading above its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA. This is bullish and it is a strong breakout. If one looks at the Parabolic SAR then one will see a bullish trend being indicated. Now look at the momentum chart and one will begin to see a potential strong and bullish trend emerge. This can reverse pretty quickly or experience a sharp correction so one must be careful. So what I am going to do is connect the 'Technicals' with 'Fundamentals' so we can better understand the reason for this price move. Some of you will be aware but if not then Brazil's real has been rallying recently and it actually hit a six week high against the US Dollar recently. Now this meant that producers were not selling as a result. Last month in May saw one if its best percentage returns in nearly two years. Yes that is right nearly two years. I have stated many times that it does not matter what the asset is. It is the price action and the trend we are interested in. The stronger and bigger the trend the better. End of. If one can understand the reason for the move then even better but it is not the end of the world if one cannot. Also from a fundamental perspective and looking at 'Suppy & Demand' fundamentals then heavy rain in most of the coffee areas in Brazil could cause issues in terms of harvest. The weather predictions also suggest a prolonged dry period may occur. Now at the moment the frost season has started in Brazil and we all know that weather can play havoc on Commodity prices at the best of times so traders must be aware of this. Now if you look at the chart 'daily' then this is still in a long term downtrend so one must be very careful and understand their exit plan if they are long. Hopefully by looking at both the 'Fundamentals and Technicals' it can assist in any decision making process. Some traders may look at this and see potential shorting opportunity. Others may just ride this current short term trend upwards until it changes or reverses. Each trader will have a different strategy to play this price action. From a 'Trend Following' perspective I would suggest holding on to any long positions until there is a clear indication of a trend change.
  20. Disclaimer: I do not wish to get into any heated discussions or unnecessary arguments. I have a 'Positive Bias' towards Bitcoin and certain other Cryptocurrencies. I stress only certain some and not all. This is based on fundamental analysis, reading, research and daily following of news in this area. Also I follow the price action more of less daily and throughout the day and use certain technical indicators (not all) and all this combined forms my 'Positive Bias' towards Bitcoin et al. I also follow Blockchain, Tokenisation, and start ups in this exciting area. I am involved in Blockchain and Tokenisation from an investment perspective too. Now if someone has a 'Negative Bias' towards Bitcoin et all then I have no problem with that. However, if they have a 'Negative Bias' without conducting the fundamental analysis, reading and necessary research on the subject area then it is not a bias but an opinion which could be right or wrong and only time will tell. If someone strongly feels that Bitcoin is going to end up crashing and will get annihilated then I would strongly urge them to short it and profit from this by making lots of money. From a trading perspective any positive bias is more likely to lead to bullish views and potentially more long trades than short. One would expect any negative bias to lead to more bearish views and potentially more short trades than long on the asset. Now I have articulated why I am positive on Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Tokenisation on several different threads and posts. I may end up being wrong but that is fine but I have articulated my arguments and personal thoughts / opinions. I think it is important for those who are negative on the above to do the same so that a balanced discussion with arguments from both sides can be presented in a professional, polite and nice manner so that the IG Community benefits as a whole. Each can then make up their own minds and decide for themselves by weighing up both sides of the argument. I highlighted my overall 'Road Map' several times on several threads about this asset class and I have seen nothing to date to change my view. However, I am more than happy to change my view should I acquire any knowledge or information which enables me to do so. If any evidence is presented by the form of price action which suggests Bitcoin is going to zero then I am more than happy to change my view. I try not to get emotionally attached to any asset which I trade and Cryptocurrencies are no exception. Why is Bitcoin going to zero and what evidence, information or data is there to support this right now? If one conducts Fundamental Analysis on Bitcoin then what information / evidence is there to suggest that Bitcoin's price will crash and it is just a mania? Once this is presented then I am more than happy to review my 'Road Map' for Bitcoin. For now I think yes there will be a drop (this would happen in another other asset class after such a parabolic rally) and then there is more chance of Bitcoin hitting $10,000 than making a new low from the current position. Of course I may be wrong but I can only form an opinion based on current fundamentals and technicals available.
  21. One of the strong dips which I mentioned in my previous post has arrived. They will be quick and sharp but they will come from time to time during this bull run. The $9k rejection was a clue. Also another clue was the attempt on £8.7k twice and declining from this point demonstrating to me a weakness in the trend and a likely correction imminent in Bitcoin. When following the price action one could see the wavering at this price point. I have highlighted the x2 price points at which the price began to decline and if you look back at how Cryptocurrencies tend to react to such price behaviour then it is normally followed by a drop. Now of course historical performance does not necessarily lead to the same future performance.
  22. Looking very bearish. Gold and Bonds going up. The odds of a 'No Deal' Brexit are increasing. The US is no closer to a satisfactory conclusion with trade talks between them and China. These factors are all acting as the driver for the appreciation of Gold prices. The S&P 500 is trading below its 20, 50 and 100 DMA and is a whisker away from trading below its 200 DMA. This is very bearish for me. The other telling indicator when using moving averages is by looking at how they are sloping. A lot of traders merely ignore this vital point in my opinion. Both the 20 and 50 DMA's are sloping downwards on the 'daily/ which means if this price action continues then the 100 and 200 DMA should begin to slope downwards too. One must remember that when using and looking at moving averages that they are 'time lagging' indicators that change after the price has already reacted. When one looks at the 'Parabolic SAR' then one can see that it is indicating bearishness. This price action has represented an excellent shorting opportunity to those who have taken it. It is about anticipating. Now some of you will ask how can you anticipate something which has not yet happened. I tend to look at the price of Bonds and Gold to help me get a feel of whether there is a 'Risk On or Risk Off' environment for equities. 'Anticipation' can lead to some fantastic 'Trend Identifications' earlier than one would otherwise.
  23. Gold has experienced a very sharp breakout. It is trading at $1325 at the time of this post and had hit earlier on $1328. I think Gold will face strong resistance at the $1350's but that is just my personal assessment and I could be wrong. One cannot doubt that Gold is trending strongly right now so my view has altered from my previous post on Saturday based on the current price action, strength of the breakout, momentum and the volume supporting this upward move. If you look at the Parabolic SAR for Gold (below) then it is a very bullish indicator. Now the current Gold price is trading above its 'Pivot Points' as the chart I attach below demonstrates. Now if the price of Gold is going up and is above the calculated 'Pivot Point' (this indicator is available on IG) from the day before then one could infer this as a bullish sign. This indicator can assist to help us understand the strength and weakness of the Gold market in general. For those who are not familiar, the pivot point is the point in which the market sentiment changes from bearish to bullish and vice versa. From a fundamental analysis perspective, it seems that the odds seem to be increasing that the UK could leave the EU in a 'No Deal' scenario. The US-China trade talks do not seem any closer to a satisfactory conclusion. These two combined are providing the 'Geopolitical' backdrop and acting as a driver for Gold prices to appreciate right now.
  24. Here I would like to share an example of a real company, using blockchain (real life example) with a benefit and increase of sales demonstrated. Supply chain tracking and auditing seems like an area where Blockchain technology can really assist and improve certain functions. Carrefour says blockchain tracking boosting sales of some products https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-carrefour-blockchain/carrefour-says-blockchain-tracking-boosting-sales-of-some-products-idUKKCN1T42A5 The source is Reuters so I will allow you all to make your own judgements in relation to the credibility of the source.
  25. @JamesIG, IG may find this of interest and so may you. https://pelicantrading.io/broker This page is of particular interest. https://pelicantrading.io/mentor