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  1. @Caseynotes, I do have to work for a living so I cannot simply spend the time that you can. Also this is getting very personal and unprofessional. Yes you are right the material is old. Just like some of the books we all read. Some of the classic trading books are very, very old. This article will not be relevant to those who do not agree with the article so if you do not find it relevant then I have no issues with that. I find it interesting and some others may in the IG Community. If they do not then that is fine too. In terms of how I can justify using old material, I personally sometimes think that some of the older material is actually quite good but if you don't then that is your view and I respect that. I am not sure why it matters whether it is 5 days old or 5 years old but maybe that is me and my lack of understanding. I thought you were better than this. I really did. Regardless of what others may view me as I try and be as honest as I can and keep it professional. I really did think you were more professional. You do not need to behave like this. You may have all day but I am afraid I do not. I have to work and earn a living. There is a sinister tone to what you are doing, please stop. In my opinion I was merely asking you questions that I thought were valid. If I have asked you questions which you do not think are valid then I can only apologise for that or I can only apologise for not articulating well enough. No, I do not think it is fun. In fact it is quite upsetting so please could you stop. I shall try and avoid having any discussions with you as this is getting a bit too much for me. I apologise for asking questions to you that were not in relation to your video link and for not initially watching your video clip. I shall try and avoid discussing with you which is a shame as I regarded you as someone better. This will be a big loss to the IG Community as we both have different views and it would have been healthy to question, critique and challenge in a positive way but this is turning too much personal and I am feeling uncomfortable so again please stop. 🙏 In terms of e-bullying or an e-fight or what ever you want to call it - you win. I surrender. You win. Did you read that you win so please stop.
  2. @Caseynotes, You do not always have to have the last word. I watched the video last night but I really want to end this discussion between us because I do not want it to get unprofessional or personal. I have asked some questions that is all without watching your video. Is it really that much of a big deal or crime. Some of us are very busy and do not have the level of time you do on IG Community. I have seen you spend lots of time with others and I have seen you provide lots of answers so I don't quite understand the issue here. I am not undermining anything. I am merely asking some questions. I have just asked some questions in my opinion very politely and professionally. I wanted your perspective but you have really taken it, I am guessing personally. I am not trying to derail any thread. You have seeked an argument with me rather than spend time discussing my questions which is your choice. Had you offered your personal perspective on my questions then you would not have participated in derailing your own thread. You have chosen to participate in wasting your own time so please do not accuse me of doing so. You last line is just plain rude and offensive. There is no need for that type of statement. May I please offer a hand shake and move on from this. 🤝 Remember you can choose not to respond to this or accept my gesture of a e-handshake and end this. You do not have to respond provocatively or respond in a way which belittles someone. That is your personal choice. I hope you can put an end to this. Being of Indian Origin - Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
  3. @crow, I recall IG stating recently that they are in the process of working on this so hopefully it should be soon.
  4. @Caseynotes, For hopefully the last time. I tried desperately hard to finish this discussion on the last post as you can see how I ended it. Let it go as they sing in Frozen. 😀 Relax and take a chill pill. Do not get too serious. I am not trying to hijack anything so please refrain from making any such accusations. Let us end this discussion and leave on a positive note. Life is too short and there simply is not enough time. Be happy and do not take things seriously or personally. It really is ok to have differing views. If your views are right and mine are wrong then that is fine. I shall accept that. This should be music to your auribus. One can all but hope this is the 'ultimum spes' on this matter. Have a good evening. 👍 No hard feelings. One needs to be challenged as otherwise the IG Community will just be the Caseynotes show and the majority of posts will contain Caseynotes views. There will be no alternative for others in the IG Community. I provide an alternative which is totally different to you. This is extremely healthy for the IG Community. If I am wrong then fine. Let the results of potential trades determine that rather than words, links, videos, etc.
  5. @Caseynotes, You are right, I have not viewed the video. I accept that point. I have never stated that I have viewed the video. I think I made it perfectly clear that I was not asking in relation to that video but never mind. I get it. You do not want to answer any of my questions which is perfectly fine. No problem. Let us leave it at that and not waste any further time.
  6. A lot of you will be aware that I am both very interested in the Blockchain sector and I also invest in it. I though this survey from PwC may be of interest to some of you who also have the same appreciation of the technology as I do. However, I think it may also be interesting to those who have serious reservations and doubts about the technology. Blockchain is here. What’s your next move? https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/issues/blockchain/blockchain-in-business.html
  7. For those that know me, I put my money where my mouth is. 🤑 I invest in investment funds in relation to robotics, automation and artificial intelligence and the returns have been very good even after the recent correction. This is one example of where I have tried to get in as early as possible on this long term trend which I think will become part of the younger generation investors' portfolios. It will be like how Biotech funds were a few years back or healthcare funds have been recently. I wanted to share some news released this week which I think is phenomenal. SAS announces $1 Billion investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sas-announces-1-billion-investment-in-artificial-intelligence-ai-300813597.html
  8. If you have a look at the US Ultra Treasury Bond at the start of March and now then you will see that there has been a gradual increase. The UK Long Gilt is showing a similar trend. The German Bund chart on a 4 hour view shows a very interesting narrative. If the big institutions want to reduce their exposure to risk assets and they think there is going to be large drawdowns on equities, re-balancing in portfolios can occur thus increasing capital allocation in Bonds and Gilts. I find looking at the price activity on Bonds and Gilts a good indicator to the risk appetite out there for the big institutions.
  9. I wanted to share this with the IG Community which I thought was rather interesting. The Art of Keeping it Simple https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/education/trading_tips/daily_trading_lesson/2014/08/04/The-art-of-keeping-it-simple.html
  10. @JamesIG, I must admit I do not use IG's news service. InvestEgate offers RNS's across all UK markets including AIM and NEX which is for micro and nano caps. This is what I use on a daily basis and it is completely free. Do IG offer a similar service?
  11. @Caseynotes, First of all, why does my post specifically have to relate to your video? I have asked you questions like many others have during the few years I have been on IG Community. If you do not wish to answer them or cannot answer them then that is fine. Just say so. That is no problem at all. You are focussing on the video and I am not. From past posts you seem to have a positive view on supply and demand and support and resistance. Possibly rightly so. I am not doubting that or even disputing that. I am merely asking some questions challenging it in a constructive way. I see you have still side stepped any of the questions which is fine. I am quoting myself below. I have merely challenged something you posted. I am not suggesting you are wrong. I am not even indicating you are wrong. I have seen you help and advise many people minute after minute, hour after hour and day after day. I accept most of them possibly do not challenge anything you post so maybe it is a case of you just advising those with less experience, knowledge or understanding than you. You must remember that you post so often and so much that someone like me who comes across a lot of your material will pick up on things like your views on supply and demand / support and resistance. It just so happens that your post triggered my thoughts. It was not the video clip which you are putting too much emphasis on. I am asking you questions which I think would be really helpful not just for me to understand but the IG Community in general. Anyway I can clearly see that you are not going to attempt to answer any of my questions which is fine. Let us leave it at that. There is no need to continue to drag this on unless you are going to articulate my points in blue. You seem very knowledgable but I do not know you or your background so cannot comment or assume just like you should not of me. You do not know my background or experience so one must refrain from making assumptions about the other party. Why do I have a need to pretend to debate? I mean I am at a loss for words!
  12. For the record, I am not refuting supply and demand or support and resistance. I clearly state in my posts that I am presenting a different view and balanced argument. I accept the uses for them. I am not denying this point. I clearly state that I am not stating anyone is wrong and that I could be wrong.
  13. @Caseynotes, I have asked some really valid questions in my previous post. I don’t expect you to answer them as you may take the view that it is not your responsibilty to do so. Or you simply may not be able to answer or do not know the answer. That is fine. If you feel confident then please do enlighten not just me but the IG Community who may follow our threads and posts with answers from your viewpoint and perspective. I am more than happy to accept if I am wrong and I have absolutely no shame in admitting if I don’t understand something or find it complex. It would be really helpful if you could have a go at answering the questions I raise from paragraph 2 and 3 in my previous post. The IG Community would find it more beneficial than just links or videos, especially for new and inexperienced traders.
  14. @Caseynotes, First of all I am not relating my post to your video clips. You post plenty of links and clips. You post plenty of videos and post plenty full stop. Your post triggered me to post about support and resistance and my personal views. I could be wrong but this is fine. At least I am being honest. There is nothing wrong in having a view different from you. If I am wrong then I am wrong. There is a professional and polite way of discussing different trading and investing views. My views could be wrong and I am not suggesting I am right but it is ok and fine to have different views. Are you ever wrong? Why should you always be right? It is not about right or wrong. I am merely sharing my views. How do you copy institutional investors? Institutional investors can lose money and make wrong decisions. If by copying institutional investors by how much would it increase your performance by? Research which was credible would need to be conducted and supported by evidence as otherwise pretty meaningless. Also if one copies institutions then that means institutional capital is already in the trade before you. If you invest after them then what happens when they leave before you? Loss! Who moves the market prices, institutional or retail investors? Of course institutional investors do. Institutional investors have to sell to make a profit for their funds, trusts, clients, etc. You do make an important point but there is more to it. This discussion is for another day as it is both an important and interesting subject area and has a lot to do with a trading edge.
  15. @Caseynotes, I am not suggesting that your views and opinions on supply and demand / support and resistance are wrong or incorrect. I am merely going to offer a different side to the argument and try and offer a balanced view. Price is king in my personal opinion. How it reacts, how it behaves and how it is going to move in the future is of paramount importance. One needs to follow the price action rather than just assume that a previous price level will provide you with a trading opportunity just because it was historically support or resistance. I only want to look at what the price is telling me right now as what the price was telling me in the past is no longer relevant. It is historical and in the past. Once a support or resistance level has been broken then it really is no longer valid. If the majority of the traders are using supply and demand / support and resistance which I think they do on the retail side then if you emulate / copy these traders then your results will be similar. A lot of traders on the retail side make losses. This is of course unless you have an edge. Traders must do something different to the majority of the traders which gives them an edge otherwise their results and performance will be like other traders. If 81% of retail clients for IG make losses using CFD's and Spread Betting then one must do something different to those 81%. The question is are those 81% using supply and demand / support and resistance?
  16. @Nelsy-Boy & @Caseynotes, I agree with the self fulfilling prophesy part. At times traders can conduct over analysis and try and be too clever and technical. If those traders who conducts lots of technical analysis cannot demonstrate a superior level of profit performance over someone who does not conduct as much technical analysis over the same period of time then what is the point? Excellent traders are those who consistently make more profits over a year than losses. The bigger the gap between the profits they make and their losses the better. Every trader will make losses. One must learn to embrace them and keep them as low as possible and to a minimum but we all will make them. It is not about having more successful trades than losing trades. What is the point of being successful on 80% of your trades if the losses are greater than your profits because of the 20% of the losing trades where the losses were so big they were greater than your profits on the 80% of the trades.
  17. Stellar seeing some positive price action now. With the Coinbase Pro news traders are now looking at building positions on Stellar. There are several tokens that have gone onto make stellar gains after listing on Coinbase. Of course no guarantees that Stellar will do the same but it has nearly doubled in price from its recent 52 week low.
  18. @RedSwift, Market makers can create scenarios which can be perceived by traders as demand for a share and they can move the price (bid/ask) to make it look like a price gain but in realty it is not. I see this on the U.K. AIM and NEX markets a lot. A lot of shares on these markets are illiquid and the market markets try and look to create price movements which look like there is demand for the shares. In reality there are liquidity issues which are being camouflaged.
  19. @Caseynotes, Thank you and nicely put. Price will not merely adhere to Elliot Wave Theory or play by the rules of support and resistance. The price will move and it is up to traders to try and select the correct direction of the price movement. I accept this is very simplistic but it is about trading in the same direction the price is. This is one of the reasons why I favour trend following over very complex and theoretical technical analysis with lines, charts, jargon, more lines and charts, etc. The more complex you make trading then the more difficult it becomes to make trading decisions. You then just merely end up doing hours and days of analysis without actually trading. This is where a trading system is so important. Sometimes over kill on technical analysis can convince you not to trade something that you should trade. For me the most important indicator is the price action. That is what I use the most and spend the most time analysing. A lot of traders can hide behind complex technical analysis and end up doing very little trading. If you identify the strongest trends then technical analysis should support your trading decision on whether to trade or not at that specific moment in time. Trend identification is key. Technical analysis can then be used to aid decision making.
  20. Stellar is starting to create some very interesting price action. Look at the volume (no. of green bars) supporting the price rise. Now look at how the (green) curve for the 20 DMA is sloping upwards. This is a short term bullish indicator. However it is short term and a lot of them can reverse rather quickly. The key is to see the same sloping upwards for the 50 and 100 DMA's which are sloping sideways. They are not sloping downwards which again is a more positive sign for Stellar. Now look at the Parabolic SAR and how it supports both the price action, volume and moving averages. This is Crypto and Stellar can easily come crashing down so this is an extremely high risk trade.
  21. Lumber is starting to get very interesting.
  22. Orange Juice is continuing its move upwards. Sometimes the best trends can be those that are entered early, once certain parameters are met. It is those that the media have not commented or reported upon. Usually once the media start getting involved then the bulk of the trend has already passed! 😀
  23. I have been keeping close tabs on Sugar and it seems to be enjoying a brief upward turn. There are no real fundamental reasons why Sugar should go above and stay above $360 apart from 'Speculation'. There is a supply glut in Asia. The one thing in favour of positive Sugar prices is that countries are trying to force the price upwards. This may see some upward price movement beyond $360 but I really do not know if that will happen. I am still at monitoring the price action stage at this moment. I shall keep those who are interested within the IG Community updated via this thread.
  24. @RichB-Trader, The different things a trader looks at depends on their personal trading style and methodology. What one trader looks at may not be relevant to another trader. I think you need a defined trading plan. Your trading plan will tell you what you need to look at and more specifically why. Do you have a trading plan? As failing to plan is a plan to fail! If you do not then I would suggest stopping all live trading until you have come up with a trading plan. You will also need a trading strategy. You must have a trading strategy as otherwise you really are speculating / gambling. You must also have a trading system. Until you have these three things I would not conduct any live trades. That is just my personal opinion but it is your decision to make.