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  1. Well Bonds are all up and in the blue this morning. The Bond prices are telling a story / narrative to us about the future. It can be used as a warning indicator / risk barometer. Just how far in the future I do not know as it could be six months or more. The 'daily' for the German Bund paints a picture that we can interpret in many ways. One way is that there is economic and political uncertainty ahead which is being priced into the Bond market.
  2. @JamesIG, Thank you for your response. It is very much appreciated.
  3. The latest RNS released by the company this morning: Argo Blockchain PLC Trading Statement https://www.investegate.co.uk/argo-blockchain-plc--arb-/rns/trading-statement/201906030700078473A/ I just checked the share price and it is up over 20%. For those who do not want to invest in Bitcoin or even trade it, this could allow those to participate in any Bitcoin bull run without having to actually invest or trade it. As I have stated on past occasions, it is about identifying any breakouts and potential trends manifesting themselves as early as possible. This could be a 'potential'. I say 'potential' as it is the AIM Market after all!
  4. @syoung2, My understanding is that when a company or person is buying or selling shares in which they have a holding of 3% of more in an AIM listed company, it must be disclosed via RNS. Now these RNS's can provide us with vital information showing us if any company or person is looking to build an equity stake in the company or the opposite and are offloading their interest. In my experience it can provide information about a potential takeover scenario.
  5. One could argue that you do the opposite of what MoneyWeek and the likes of Dominic Frisby recommends / suggests or / tips!
  6. @dmedin, Without checking I do not know if there are any jobs going at IG but I would not be surprised if you looked on the internet job searches then there may well be vacancies they are trying to fill. Also you may want to check on LinkedIn. I do not think you are losing out by refusing to use Twitter. I am not on any social media myself. The IG Community is the closest I come to social media!
  7. Those who invested in Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence several years ago will be sitting on very healthy profits and gains. There has been a correction which has been needed and was expected. Once this is completed the next wave (leg up should commence) as more and more people and investors realise the potential returns and performance of this particular niche sector. I just looked at the ETF's for this sector and compared them to investments trusts / funds and it seems that certain funds who have a fund manager that has stock picked rather wisely and allocated the funds capital efficiently have outperformed ETF's. Not all but to investors should look at the performance of say Smith and Williamson's fund against a typical ETF in this sector to see the point I am making. Below is an article which some of you may find of interest: COMPETITIVE EDGE FROM INVESTING IN AI https://www.businessleader.co.uk/competitive-edge-from-investing-in-ai/66131/
  8. Some of you who are new to this concept of 'Tokenisation' will find this link rather informative. Tokenization, Explained https://cointelegraph.com/explained/tokenization-explained This next article is interesting when you start digging deeper into the tokenisation and how it can be used and applied by a business. Irina Heaver: Tokenising a football club https://www.coinrivet.com/irina-heaver-tokenising-a-football-club/
  9. When you begin to start looking at the circulating supply of the Cryptocurrencies then it becomes very interesting from a 'Supply and Demand' perspective. https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/
  10. Litecoin trading at around $116 at the time of this post. The question is how much more upside is possible till the end of this year? Can it double from here and make new 52 week highs? The 'daily' is suggesting a potential breakout to the upside. It may find it tricky to navigate past $145 but let's see.
  11. Bitcoin Cash trading at $449 at the time of this post. Sunday morning UK time and all the cryptos are in (blue) and positive territory. Asia seem to love Crypto and in particular Japan who seem to appreciate Bitcoin Cash more than other Asian countries.
  12. @backwardation, I don't think I would either in the present state. LOL 😂 However, right now some of us active members on the IG Community are doing free work for IG. We are encouraging discussion, debate, potential trading ideas, etc. We are encouraging either directly or indirectly trading of certain assets or instruments. So IG are winning as they get all the extra traction through their platform and they ultimately benefit by people trading more. We all give our valuable time, energy and effort on the IG Community and get little reward in return apart from the joy of helping others. This help is an indirect form of customer service meaning IG potentially have to employ less IG Customer Service Representatives, or hire them for less hours meaning a cost saving to them. The IG Community are answering a lot of queries and questions and only where they cannot assist are IG Staff getting involved. This saves their time also hence IG staff benefit in all this too. I like the idea of IG being proactive and rewarding its members with the IG Coin which could be a tokenised asset. It can only be redeemed for equivalent FIAT currency to be used only on IG's platform for trading purposes. Lots of trading platforms offer £50.00 or whatever when a new customer opens an account. IG would need to set the exchange rate so that it is clear what the worth in FIAT currency is for x1 IG Coin. The IG Coin could only be rewarded by IG Staff to ensure it is fair, impartial and not just based on likes from others on the IG Community or based on quantity of posts. Right now if someone writes three words, someone else can come in and give them a like which makes the whole 'likes' thing pretty much meaningless. If I have 100 likes it does not mean I have posted 100 quality posts. What is the value of the likes? IG would argue that people who have found posts helpful and informative have given likes. Yes that may be true on many occasions. However, I have seen numerous times, likes being given for ridiculous things which really decreases the value in my personal opinion.
  13. People dream and some had a vision of being a passenger in a driverless car, travelling to the moon for a vacation or something which seemed unimaginable only 20 years ago. Therefore can there not be a vision of paying for goods and services using either 'Digital Currencies' or 'Cryptocurrencies'? I believe this vision will be executed in one form or another in the coming 20 years. It will take time and the infrastructure is being built and foundations being set as we speak. This is an enormous project that requires global participation and global regulation. It will be revolutionary and it will come and we will begin to see see real traction and momentum in the coming 10 years as winners emerge from this the Crypto universe. I believe there will be several as each of the major winners will specialise in speed, efficiency, security, etc.
  14. I remember the times when Bitcoin Cash hit $4000. It is around the $440 area at the times of this post. The momentum is strong, the trend is strong, a bullish scenario is being painted via the price action narrative. I would be astounded if Bitcoin Cash did not surpass $500 - $600 by the end of the year. I mean it could easily double from here to $800 by the end of the year if this same level of strength and momentum continues.
  15. It is 10:50 pm on Saturday 1st June 2019 (UK Time) and all the Cryptocurrencies available on IG's platform are up and in the blue. I think Asian trading over the weekend plays a significant role for UK Cryptocurrency traders. It will be interesting to see how this plays out overnight and what Sunday morning brings for UK Cryptocurrency traders.
  16. @PandaFace, Not many, in fact none. Now dear friend (as you called me Pal), I have been a very active contributor on the IG Community for at least two years plus now. It takes up a lot of time. I accept it is my choice and no one if forcing me. Over time many have visited my profile, a few have began to follow me and many have sent me private messages via the IG platform. Responding takes time. I work for a living and am an investor. Trading is something I do on the side. I do share latest news that I think is relevant to the threads I have created via links. I remember other traders on the IG Community asking me to post links and share links so that they could see where I was getting my information from. I am more than happy to share as I appreciate some may not be aware or have the time to find and research certain things. However, if you look back over a two year period then I have identified and shared strong trending assets, potential trading ideas, given my input and time on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, etc. I have written many detailed posts which I am sure @JamesIG will agree. I played a part in suggesting setting up a Blockchain / Cryptocurrency section so that the threads and posts could be separated. If you do not ask then you do not get. There is absolutely no harm in asking. If the answer from IG is no then that is fine. I can then make a decision on whether I wish to continue dedicating any further time on IG Community or not. I have many other things which I could do (opportunity cost) with the time spent on IG Community. Let us see what answer IG comes back with and the reasoning they provide. For your information there are other platforms which do actually monetise content but it is not appropriate for me to state them here. I am sure if you research on the internet hard enough you will find out who they are and how they offer (methodology) monetisation for content. There are strict criteria of course.
  17. @JamesIG, Any updates on this? @Ludwik Chodzko-Zajko IG, Are you able to take this forward?
  18. A lot of Cryptocurrency traders have their eyes set on the $10k level. This is going to be a significant level which could attract a lot of capital back into this asset class. I think it is not a case of if but when this level will be breached. There are going to be some very strong dips along the way. This is why I have invested in Bitcoin and just held via the XBT Provider One product for the past few years now. There is another thread for that which I have created a while back so please feel to have a look at that.
  19. This is the second potential shorting opportunity for not just the S&P 500 but for the Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 since I started this thread. Many of you will have already initiated short positions and be adding to your shorts as the price corrects upwards. I have absolutely no idea how far down the prices will go down to for the three US indices but one must stay in the trade and only exit on a trend reversal. One must let their winners run. Timing is key. I found that out when I started this thread. The potential is there for the $2341 level to form a double bottom on the S&P 500. However, this could not play out that way and simply continue its resumption of the long term upward trend. So stop losses and trialing stops will be crucial. A profitable exit must be the goal from all three of the trades in relation to US indices for any short trade.
  20. @gautamhait, It is not for me to give you Gold trading tips. The only tip I can give you from a 'Trend Following' perspective is to follow the price action and trade with the trend and not against it. So what is the 'daily' looking like for Gold right now? Gold is trading above its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA so this is bullish. It is currently above the psychological $1300 level as well which again is a bullish indicator. I am not too happy about the slopes for the moving averages curves so the long term trend and MA curve for the 200 DMA is positive. The question I would ask if whether there are any other assets which are trending stronger than Gold right now? If so then they should be considered for trading. If not then you must decide whether you want to initiate a long trade and at around which price point you would like to enter. From looking at the 'daily' Gold seems to have support between the $1270 and $1285 range at the moment. Any drop to this level could provide a nice entry point to any potential long Gold trade. For me I think my capital can be allocated elsewhere and achieve more profit maximising potential. However, if things change then I have no issues coming back into Gold and Silver. Silver for me is not looking great at all from the 'daily' chart perspective. Gold is looking slightly better but for me it is not a trade I am looking to enter right now.
  21. Hargreaves Lansdown offers this investment vehicle for Bitcoin in both EUR and SEK (Swedish Krona). It also offers the same for Ether. The Litecoin and XRP options are not available yet on Hargreaves Lansdown.
  22. Yes, I think Bitcoin will go into the history books and become one of the many greatest trends. You only need to look back over the past 10 years and see that it has smashed pretty much every other asset class in terms of performance and returns.
  23. I was looking back and it seems I posted this back in 2017 so two years ago. This pattern still exists now! Bitcoin et all seem to offer great profit potential opportunities during the weekend.
  24. Bitcoin et all are the strongest trending assets since the start of 2019. Those who did not trade due to 'ego', 'personal views', 'emotions', etc. have missed the greatest profit potential so far in this year. A trader must put emotion and personal views to one side when making effective and efficient trading decisions. I try to make decisions based on price action and try and use leverage to maximise the profit performance. You can have an intelligent trader (1) with lots of experience who can conduct the most complex of technical analysis. They are also consistently profitable but they do not trade the strongest trending assets whether that be Cryptocurrencies or Commodities. Commodities have some of the best shorting opportunities and they can trend very strongly on the short side too. These traders can be outperformed by a trader (2) who is less intelligent, has less experience, who conducts only basic or very simple technical analysis but allocates their capital to the strongest trending assets (trading with the trend rather than against it). They let the trend and price action do the work for them and can achieve higher profits and returns in the year. So it is possible that trader (2) can end up with a bigger profit than trader (1). The above is just a mere example for illustration purposes to make a point on the significance of trading the strongest trending assets and how important it can be to a traders portfolio performance. It is the traders portfolio performance and the amount of profit it is generating and achieving which is the key metric to judge a traders success on. Not how complex their technical analysis is or how intelligent or how wealthy they are. I know both wealthy and intelligence people who could not trade to save their lives. The traders that use more complex technical analysis or conduct overkill technical analysis may not achieve greater profits than a trader who does not. When one begins to understand the 'Odds and Probability' and trading with the trend and not against it along with trading the strongest trending assets then it will become clear that these factors are key to enhancing the performance in a positive way to a traders portfolio.
  25. One of the things that is interesting about Bitcoin is that it has no negative yield unlike Government Bonds. In fact at 0%, Bitcoin has higher yield than Government Bonds in 18 top counties around the world. Bitcoin is also the best performing asset class since the start of 2019. It has outperformed Crude Oil, US Stocks, US Real Estate, Global Stocks, Global Real Estate, Tech Stocks and Gold in 2019. I have stated in many different threads and posts that one must try and trade the strongest trending assets. This is what makes the biggest different in a traders portfolio in terms of profit performance.