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  1. If memory serves me correct then the three areas in the world where Bitcoin Cash is adopted the most were (this may have changed): Slovenia North Queensland Japan The above three countries have the most Bitcoin Cash merchants. In South America, Venezuela, is by far the country which is the biggest Bitcoin Cash adopter. London has around 21 companies which accepts Bitcoin Cash. This is all very small but it is a start and it will take many years for this to even have a chance of increasing to significant levels. The infrastructure will take several years to build. The journey is at the beginning stage. The one thing that Bitcoin Cash has is a strong community of early Bitcoin supporters, whether this will help going forwards is debatable. Right now price action is king. One must trade the price action and not worry about what may happen tomorrow, next week or next month. Stop losses will exit the trader or the trader can manually exit at any point when say the trend reverses. Sometimes traders can talk themselves out of a hugely profitable trade by overkill analysis and unnecessary complex technical analysis.
  2. Litecoin is one of the cheapest Cryptocurrencies to trade on IG's UK Spread Betting platform in terms of margin requirements right now. For me Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash have led the way since the start of 2019, though Bitcoin gets a lot of the media publicity and credit for the Crypto revival. It is Litecoin which has really excelled for me. There is around 70 days left before Litecoin's halving event and I am expecting a bullish summer for Litecoin. Yes there will be large corrections and declines along the way as this is a volatile asset in a very volatile asset class. The 'daily' is showing 'Higher Highs' and 'Higher Lows' being formed. In my opinion as long as Litecoin can stay above the psychological $100 level then it is a bullish. Any drop below this could present a bearish argument. I think Cryptocurrency Traders are ignoring Litecoin which has been one of the best performing Crypto's available on IG's platform.
  3. Some more encouraging news within this area. Standard Tokenization Protocol Raises $7 Million in Funding https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2019/05/147880-standard-tokenization-protocol-raises-7-million-in-funding/ CRE Equity Tokenization: A Path for Enhanced Liquidity https://www.cpexecutive.com/post/cre-equity-tokenization-a-path-for-enhanced-liquidity/
  4. Irish University to Offer Blockchain Master’s Degree Following New Partnership https://cointelegraph.com/news/irish-university-to-offer-blockchain-masters-degree-following-new-partnership Blockchain upskilling has already started around the world. These countries are not upskilling for the sake of it. There is a reason behind it!
  5. Coinsilium has released its final results at around 2:00 pm this afternoon. I include them below. There is a flooding warning as I predict that this thread will be flooded out pretty quickly so many of you will not get a chance to see it unless you trawl through the Cryptocurrency / Blockchain section. 😂 Coinsilium Group Limited Final Results to 31 December 2018 and Notice of AGM https://www.investegate.co.uk/coinsilium-group-limited--coin-/eqs/final-results-to-31-december-2018-and-notice-of-agm/20190531140601EPBWF/
  6. No doubt as soon as I post this it will be flooded out so that many of you cannot see but one can only hope! KR1 PLC released its final results via RNS this lunchtime. KR1 plc Final Results https://www.investegate.co.uk/kr1-plc--kr1-/prn/final-results/20190531120000P590A/ Now of course this will not take into account the substantial increase in the valuation of Cosmos which KR1 PLC has invested in. @JamesIG, I noticed that even the IG Analyst on the main page stating Bitcoin has gone up over 100% is mentioning during the recent correction that affected altcoins, Cosmos increased in price. I know the answer but if only IG could offer Cosmos to trade. I include below an interesting article which may be of interest to some of you should you get the chance to actually view this thread due to severe flooding 😂. I mean the only other way you would find this thread is to trawl through the Cryptocurrency / Blockchain section. KR1 PLC predicts we've seen the Bitcoin bottom with significant growth ahead https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/stocktube/13531/kr1-plc-predicts-we-ve-seen-the-bitcoin-bottom-with-significant-growth-ahead-13531.html One must remember that the results for KR1 PLC will not include the resurrection of Cryptocurrency prices from 1st January 2019 to date and the uplift of some the token projects it has invested in.
  7. @Kodiak, Yes trading and TA are two different things. TA can be used to help the decision making process that is all. It does not guarantee success or being able to accurately predict future price movements. There are occasions when past historical patterns repeat themselves so one must be aware of them.
  8. @Foxy, Ok, that is fair enough. Crypto’s are extremely high risk and volatile. They are more for ultra aggressive and higher risk taking traders. I still think one can trade Crypto’s based on price action and basic technicals but would never encourage one to do so if they did it feel comfortable. I do a lot of reading and research daily on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Tokenisation so do have that fundamental knowledge from an investment perspective which also helps from a trading perspective. Whales and speculation drive Crypto’s as well as other things. I also trade Commodities as well.
  9. Bitcoin Cash is in 2nd place this morning in terms of gains behind Litecoin but ahead of Bitcoin. It is up over 3% and it is only 8:00 am!
  10. Litecoin is up nearly 6.5% and is leading the way and showing the 'light'!
  11. I read a report this morning suggesting that this Bitcoin rally is a 'Dead Cat Bounce'. I do not know whether it is or not but does it matter? For a Cryptocurrency trader it is important to take advantage of bullish price action in both 'Long' and 'Short' directions as that is important not labels such as this. I have absolutely no doubt that once this latest bullish rally is completed Bitcoin et al will see a few days of 'red waves' and price declines which will be sharp and quick. I think most experienced Cryptocurrencies will be expecting this. So what? Short term traders can short Bitcoin and those who do not want to short can merely wait on the sidelines for the selling to complete and once another rally commences go back long again. Others can just hold their positions even with the sharp declines and ride it out. So for example if someone bought Bitcoin around the $4k levels and it is now nearly $9k then it does not matter even if Bitcoin declines around 1000 points as long the longer term trend is still in tact. These declines will occur as Bitcoin continues climbing up. What strategy a Cryptocurrency trader adopts will be down to their risk tolerance and trading philosophy.
  12. It is amazing how Bitcoin performs throughout the night (UK time) when Asia is trading. Bitcoin hit $8961.40 overnight. It is currently trading $8726 area. Someone on another thread suggested they thought this was a bull trap. I am not so sure but Bitcoin will experience a large drop soon as that is Bitcoin. It will face many large drops along the way but it seems to be heading upwards.
  13. Litecoin hit $116.20 overnight and is already up 4.5% and is the leading performer at 5:00 am UK time.
  14. Bitcoin Cash hit $448.10 overnight. It is 5:00 am UK time and it is already up 3% and is the best performer along with Litecoin.
  15. @Foxy, You may be right I do not know but it would be a shame to miss the profit potential on such an opportunity. The higher the rise, the bigger the fall in my experience. Are you going to short Bitcoin then? The price action is allowing those who want to profit from the price movement an opportunity to do so.
  16. @davidbrister, I incur losses just like any other trader. I will make mistakes just like any other trader. What I have learnt (it is hard) is to accept losses, don't think about them too much and move on. Of course I will evaluate how I could have avoided the loss and what went wrong but I will move on. The other thing I have learnt to do is not go overboard or overkill on technical analysis. I use the basic indicators / signals that are relevant to my trading strategy and ignore / avoid the rest. I keep my trading as simple as I can and it has served me well. It may not be perfect but it has served me well. I am still here trading. Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. 👍
  17. I want to see how Gold's price behaves this coming week. If you had invested in Gold and Bitcoin at the same time at the start of 2019 then which would have preserved your capital better? With all of the geopolitics around the world, Bitcoin is really coming into its own when it comes to safe haven status. If reports are to be believed then capital is flowing into Bitcoin from China.
  18. So far Ripple and Stellar are not the best performing Cryptos in 2019. These have been Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash along with Grandad Bitcoin of course. Both Ripple and Stellar are up 5% and 6% respectively at around 9:30 pm.
  19. Ether is up over 6% on Sunday evening around 9:30 pm. I am interested to see if Ether can go for $300 on the next bullish rally. I think it may well touch $300 fairly shortly looking at the 'daily' chart.
  20. Litecoin is up nearly 7% on Sunday evening at around 9:30 pm. I know a lot of people interested in Litecoin may have missed my post above due to it getting flooded out as soon as I post. I am expecting this thread to get flooded out pretty quickly as soon as I post but there is little I can do to stop that.
  21. Sunday UK time 9:00 pm and Cryptocurrencies and all blue and all above 5%. For all those Cryptocurrency traders, ignore the weekend at your peril! Some of the best gains are over the weekend when one least expects. The returns on offer and profit potential is just simply staggering. Bubble or no bubble it is an extremely strong trending asset class. From a trading perspective and an investment perspective how can one ignore such profit potential? Yes the risk is very high but the reward is so great too. From a risk / reward perspective even if an investor or trader just allocated a very small amount of their investment or trading capital to this asset class then it is surely worth the risk.
  22. Bitcoin Cash has just hit $428 and is up over 5.56%. It is in a strong bullish phase and there is huge profit potential not just in Bitcoin but Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin et al.
  23. Bitcoin just hit $8796.10 and is up nearly 8% on Sunday evening at 9:22 pm. I have stated on many threads and posts that some of the best gains on Cryptocurrencies come over the weekend when it is in a strong bullish phase. The price action is time and again supporting my statements. Who would have thought around 9:00 pm on a Sunday evening UK time that Bitcoin would be flying high but it is a 24 hours and 7 days market and it literally never sleeps!
  24. @Foxy, Yes indeed. Learn the asset you are interested in trading. Monitor the price action like a hawk. Make sure you know why the asset's price is moving in a particular direction. Identify patterns and trends throughout the trading hours and establish how the price tends to react at certain times. For example I have previously commented about how Cryptocurrency prices tend to see big moves over the weekend when it is having its best 10 day period of the year. 👍
  25. @Kodiak, I think it depends on what assets you look at. One could argue that May has been an excellent month for Cryptocurrencies this year. Bonds have performed rather well too in May. I am not a big fan on any particular month and whether one should buy or sell in it. I think you just take each asset and the price action and decide whether to 'Short' or go 'Long. If there is any merit in this selling in May notion and people believe this then they would know what to do. Short those assets in May and profit, right?