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  1. It seems as Bitcoin is pausing for breath, traders are concentrating on 'Alt Coins' and Litecoin has been a beneficiary of this. It has hit an 11 month high and surpassed $100. It is trading around $96.00 at the time of writing this post. Litecoin is a very interesting 'Alt Coin'. It also has its mining reward halving in around less than 90 days so far soon than Bitcoin. This presents the potential and it only is potential where capital could allocate to Litecoin in advance of this halving event. Litecoin, in particular, could shine bright over the next few weeks, as the mining reward halving is now less than 90 days away. Litecoin has the potential to double from here but it all depend on what traders think of Litecoin and whether there is an appetite to really pump Litecoin through the roof. Do the speculators really have an ambition to drive up the Litecoin price, take their profits, and let is drop sharply again?
  2. Ether hit $280.70 and is currently trading around the $266 in this parabolic rally following on from Bitcoin's lead. I do wonder if capital has shifted from Bitcoin by taking profits and reallocating to Ether?
  3. Thank you @JamesIG. I think the way Bitcoin's price is behaving, $10,000 looks on the cards sooner rather than later.
  4. This is actually a nice balanced view from a seasoned investor like Mark Mobius. Bitcoin Will Be ‘Alive and Well,’ Says Renowned Emerging Markets Investor Mark Mobius https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-will-be-alive-and-well-says-renowned-emerging-markets-investor-mark-mobius
  5. Death, Taxes, Crypto: Fmr. $13 Billion Asset Chief Certain Every Investor Will Own Bitcoin https://www.ccn.com/every-investor-will-own-crypto-bitcoin-eventually This is a very interesting article. The title is very misleading but when you actually read the article you will begin to appreciate just how much Bitcoin could rise from even these high levels.
  6. Any technological revolution will begin in small steps. It will generally start from the largest at the top and filter its way down to the smallest at the bottom. World Bank, CommBank Team Up for ‘World First’ Blockchain Bond Transaction https://www.coindesk.com/world-bank-commbank-team-up-for-world-first-blockchain-bond-transaction
  7. Just 376 Individuals Hold 33% of All Ether Cryptocurrency: Chainalysis https://www.coindesk.com/just-376-individuals-hold-33-of-all-ether-cryptocurrency-chainalysis
  8. @andysinclair, You are right to challenge some of this. You do have a point as well. However, one must remember that to change the way we pay for goods and services around the world which has existed for many, many, many years requires a lot of time and effort. What we are seeing is a layered approach. This is merely a base layer which is trying to lay the foundations for an infrastructure involving Crypto, Blockchain, Tokens etc. to co-exist with Fiat currency. This will require a lot of time. It will not happen quickly or overnight. We are many years away from even getting close but all great and major change requires a starting point somewhere. This humungous project may fail but that does not mean they should simply give up. Eventually a consensus will emerge as to the most effective way to bring about this change of Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and Blockchain. I totally understand why you may not be so confident. I would be interested to see if you view could become more positive after reading some of the books I suggested earlier on in this thread? I posted the book list on Tuesday and it is on page 1 of this thread. I appreciate that you may have missed it with Caseynotes constantly posting to ensure only his posts are seen and the rest of our posts disappear from the 'Latest Forum Post' page. It does not matter how many posts or when I post, Caseynotes, seems to post pretty much quickly to ensure his posts are at the top. It may just be coincidence but it seems to be happening rather regularly for me to think it is a coincidence. Anyway I understand you may not have the time to read the books or simply may not wish to which is fine. I just think after reading the books you will acquire more knowledge and appreciation of the asset class. This will enable you to appreciate the time this is going to take and how it will happen in small steps along the very long path to the destination.
  9. Yes I would tend to agree with you Guest BTC view.
  10. @PandaFace, Both. On the IG Community you will have a facility to message anyone on the IG Community privately. There are some who do not want to post so that all can see on the IG Community. I get a mixture of messages but to answer your question, both. You should check your inbox as you may have got messages from others. I agree with your view on shorting Ether.
  11. This was released at around 6:20 pm yesterday evening so I missed it. Argo Blockchain PLC Director/PDMR Shareholding https://www.investegate.co.uk/argo-blockchain-plc--arb-/rns/director-pdmr-shareholding/201905151820451792Z/
  12. I have received another message asking what I reckon of an ETH/USD short around this level with a stop loss at 250. They state there seems to be a rejection from 248 level on 20th September 2018. All I would say is that people should not be trading based on my thoughts and suggestions or anyone else's for that matter. I could be totally wrong on my views on Crypto's and so one must conduct their own analysis and come to their own judgement. It is their hard earned money they are using to trade. Therefore the responsibility lies with them. I am merely sharing my personal views, opinions, thoughts with the IG Community.
  13. The one thing is for sure. A bottom in Bitcoin has been confirmed. If this was a false breakout and then it made a new lower bottom then I think it would totally shake the confidence of a lot of participants. As I have stated before there has got to be a sharp correction in Bitcoin coming very soon otherwise it is re-writing bull markets in Cryptocurrencies!
  14. Someone messaged me last night asking if they should be shorting Ether. I advised them that from a 'Trend Following' perspective you would be long and you would only short if there was a clear trend reversal. There will be lots of sharp corrections along the way but if those who follow trend following strategies try and short these most of them are going to get into a pickle in terms of getting back into the trade and so on. That must be left to the Swing Traders and Day Traders for the shorter term trading opportunities. Trend Followers must look at the bigger picture.
  15. @PandaFace, Yes I agree with your sentiment. Ether hit a staggering $274.50 overnight.
  16. I am a bit sceptical of AIM listed companies in general based on experience. Argo's RNS states in relation to the latest deal of up to £1m per month revenues. Now this could just as easily mean £100k or £500k. Up to £1m is very vague. It does not mean this company will def. generate £1m of revenues every month. AIM RNS's have a way of spinning the spiel into something which sounds fantastic. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow and Friday with the share price.
  17. This whole new technology and asset class is going to find a way of tokenising goods and services and this revolution has began. Tokenisation is coming to all goods and services near you.
  18. The mere fact that IG are offering Cryptocurrencies for its clients to trade tells me that they are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Whilst there is demand for traders to trade them, brokers, will have to take positions on them and this will create demand. It may not be real demand in terms of real use cases but it will keep the momentum going until the real use cases begin to mature.
  19. Blockchain education is now a reality. It is available in select Universities in the UK albeit only a handful right now but it is a start.
  20. Litecoin is still above $100 but I will be very interested to see if it still over this amount early tomorrow morning.
  21. Well Ripple has smashed through its 200 DMA as the chart below shows. Stellar on the other hand has just crossed it with less speed and less attack. It seems Ripple is more on the front foot and is more aggressive in its upward move than Stellar right now.
  22. It will be interesting to see what happens to Ether overnight and how Asia reacts to the current rally in Ether.
  23. Bitcoin Cash since my last post went above $400 but it just cannot stay above it for any length of time.It seems to be struggling to break that support level.
  24. Regulation is being adopted across the globe. Yes, it is slow and there are still some counties which have not embraced this yet. India is one of them who are missing out as other countries have an advantage over them in relation to creating a framework and environment for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.