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  1. Regulation is being adopted across the globe. Yes, it is slow and there are still some counties which have not embraced this yet. India is one of them who are missing out as other countries have an advantage over them in relation to creating a framework and environment for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
  2. A better store of value than both Gold and Bitcoin in terms of capital protection is a savings product with National Savings and Investments (NS&I) as it is 100% backed by HM Treasury. Therefore your capital cannot go down where as it can with both Gold and even more so with Bitcoin as both move up and down and Bitcoin is far more volatile at this moment in time. However, knowing what I know about Bitcoin's extreme volatility, if someone gave me for example £1000 and asked me where I would invest it, Gold or Bitcoin, then right now I would pick Bitcoin every time. I think this time next year Bitcoin will have provided a better return on my capital than Gold even after a potential 80% drop at some point in 2020 for Bitcoin.
  3. Free Markets and the Future of Blockchain https://www.coindesk.com/christopher-giancarlo-cftc-future-of-blockchain A very good article which is well balanced too.
  4. Bitcoin is ‘Digital Gold’, A Fact Now Echoing Across the Financial Investment Industry https://coingape.com/bitcoin-digital-gold-echoing-financial-investment-industry/
  5. Stellar is up over 18% and seems to be taking over from Ripple's lead yesterday. Stellar could try and go for $16.00. I think Ripple will try and go for the $57.00 area. Price Action is KING
  6. I posted yesterday asking if the rally had enough legs to really aggressively fo for $241 and the answer is an emphatic yes. Ether hit $244 today and the chart is looking wonderful from a 'Trend Following' perspective as are all the Cryptocurrency charts available on IG's Spread Betting platform. I include the chart below: I told you it was a nice chart! It is up 17% at the time of writing this post.
  7. Japan to Provide G20 With Solution for Crypto Regulation https://news.bitcoin.com/japan-g20-cryptocurrency-regulation/ France Adopts New Crypto Regulation https://news.bitcoin.com/france-cryptocurrency-regulation/ This next bit is crucial to understanding where countries are in the adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin. Legality of bitcoin by country or territory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_bitcoin_by_country_or_territory
  8. This article highlights why Bitcoin is so important and why Central Governments are so scared of Bitcoin that they want to ban it. What they fail to understand is that by Governments trying to ban Bitcoin is the very reason why it will get stronger and stronger (supporting decentralisation argument). Bitcoin Threatens To 'Take Power' From The U.S. Federal Reserve https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2019/05/15/a-u-s-congressman-is-so-scared-of-bitcoin-and-crypto-he-wants-it-banned/
  9. Here goes Bitcoin Cash. It has decided to join Litecoin upwards. It is now up over 7% in a matter of minutes of my post above.
  10. Litecoin will face resistance along the way but I would really like to see it reach and cross the $175 level. This would be really exciting if it happened. Litecoin has been very volatile today and has been up and down like a yo-yo and then finally it just snapped and the price shot up to over 15% in the blue.
  11. I have literally just seen Litecoin with a rocket below its price. It shot up out of no where within the last 5 minutes. I wonder if Bitcoin Cash will follow suit as they both have been rising together in this latest journey.
  12. This is a rather interesting article: How the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain influenced higher education in the USA https://www.techbullion.com/how-the-development-of-cryptocurrency-and-blockchain-influenced-higher-education-in-the-usa/ This article offers the potential of Blockchain in an area which I had not really considered: How blockchain could disrupt employee training https://www.trainingjournal.com/articles/features/how-blockchain-could-disrupt-employee-training Once governments start offering the platform and opportunities for its younger generation to acquire the education, knowledge, understanding and application of this technology, countries around the world will really begin to see the benefits.
  13. Here are some really interesting developments that some of you may be interested in. Enterprise BaaS Kaleido unveils upgrade and tokenization tools https://www.ledgerinsights.com/enterprise-baas-kaleido-unveils-upgrade-and-tokenization-tools/ Resolute.Fund to Launch Tokenized Real Estate Fund through Swarm https://www.securities.io/resolute-fund-to-launch-tokenized-real-estate-fund-through-swarm/ The reason why I am sharing these articles is for those on the IG Community who are interested to see some of the developments taking shape in this area.
  14. You can now pay with cryptocurrency at Whole Foods https://www.technologyreview.com/f/613532/you-can-now-pay-with-cryptocurrency-at-whole-foods/ @PandaFace and @andysinclair this article and the previous post above may be of interest to you both.
  15. The World’s Fifth-Largest Electrical Company Is Using an Ethereum Dapp https://www.coindesk.com/the-worlds-fifth-largest-electrical-company-is-using-an-ethereum-dapp
  16. Bitcoin Cash seems to be struggling at the moment. It is trading around the $385 area and cannot seem to stay above $400 where it has met with 'resistance'. Now it may be that Bitcoin Cash on this occasion will react later on but it seems to behind the other alt coins as only up 2%.
  17. @Amateur, I agree with @dmedin that it may be more effective to trade using the leverage available via Spread Betting and CFD's rather than just trade shares outright, especially which broker dealing charges on shares. I also agree that you must do a lot of reading and understanding followed by testing. I would also suggest you devise a trading plan with clear aims and objectives. This needs to be followed up with a trading strategy. Once you have done these two things then you should create a trading system which involves rigorous testing both backwards and forwards.
  18. Argo is still going upwards. They released this RNS this morning: Argo Blockchain PLC Board Changes and Adjournment of General Meeting https://www.investegate.co.uk/argo-blockchain-plc--arb-/rns/board-changes-and-adjournment-of-general-meeting/201905150700170390Z/ It went up another 26% today and is now trading at around 6p. I include the latest chart 'daily' below with the volume. As you can clearly see that volume has increased significantly over the past few days. The price has gone above its 20, 50 and 100 DMA but the 200 DMA is no where to be seen on the 'daily'! Disclaimer: I do not hold shares in Argo Blockchain PLC. I am invested in Vela Technologies PLC which has an equity stake in Argo Blockchain PLC.
  19. Bitcoin is still remarkably holding above $8k level. It seems that capital is shifting within the different Cryptocurrencies and you can begin to see different Crypto's shoot up at different times. So Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin were rampant previously. Bitcoin before that but Ether now. Stellar and Ripple (especially Ripple) seem to be shooting up now and some of these tend to move in tandem. They seem to like moving in pairs.
  20. German Bund is up another 50 points today and is hitting new highs as we speak. German Buxl is up 181 points. All Bonds are up and in the blue apart from the Italian Bonds. When you now look at the major indices then you can clearly see that Bonds tend to move up more often than not when world stock markets are declining. When one understands the relationship that Bonds have with Equities then one can appreciate the trading opportunities that this asset class offers.
  21. @786Trader, Rather than repeating myself here, you may wish to consider looking at some of my threads on the Cryptocurrencies / Blockchain forum. For example my Blockchain Trilogy thread, Bitcoin Digital Gold thread, etc. You may gather some really interesting snippets of information which may help you to appreciate and better understand the Cryptocurrency Asset Class.
  22. Thank you @JamesIG. @Amateur, I think a good idea would be to investigate potential assets which would be the most effective for you to swing trade. So for example you may consider Commodities which offers lots of volatility. You may consider Cryptocurrencies. You may even consider FX, Indices or individual shares and if so which shares? What about FTSE 250 or small cap shares? What about US shares? I think you need to spend some time and effort researching and investigating to which assets you could best apply swing trading.
  23. @andysinclair, No problem. I agree this is a very interesting discussion so thank you for participating. I agree with your point in the first paragraph. One could argue that Gold is far less risker than the two. So from a risk management perspective your point is very valid. I take your following points too. We are still at a very early stage in this area. The infrastructure, processes and systems need to be developed and tested in real businesses within real markets. You make good points but must remember that if this asset class is to succeed then it will require patience and time. The asset class is still only 10 years old and there is a lot of junk and rubbish which needs to fail and disappear. Ten years ago we would not be discussing this. So just think how far we have come in this time where the possibility of digital currencies exists potentially in the coming future. There are states in the US which now allow you to pay US taxes in Bitcoin. Companies operating in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sphere pay some of their employees in Crypto. I accept this is not happening outside of this spectrum. This in my opinion is many, many years away if at all in my lifetime. I would not hold your breath about your parents using it. The chances are more that your children or grandchildren will start using it.
  24. @Amateur, Yes it is possible to 'Swing Trade' FTSE shares profitably. Likewise you could day trade FTSE shares profitably as well. Ideally you want to identify potential shares taking volatility into account.