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  1. Germany’s No.2 Stock Exchange Enables Investors to Buy Litecoin, XRP https://www.ccn.com/investors-buy-litecoin-xrp-germanys-2nd-largest-stock-market This is very interesting. XBT Provider seem to be the market leader in offering Exchange Traded Products (ETP's) in Cryptocurrencies in the whole of Europe if not the world.
  2. This is huge news which has been released. Huge! Amazon-Owned Whole Foods Buoys Crypto by Accepting Bitcoin https://www.ccn.com/amazon-whole-foods-accepting-bitcoin
  3. This is phenomenal news with a large corporation such as Microsoft endorsing both Bitcoin and Blockchain in the same development. Microsoft Launches Decentralized Identity Tool on Bitcoin Blockchain https://www.coindesk.com/microsoft-launches-decentralized-identity-tool-on-bitcoin-blockchain
  4. Vela Technologies PLC announced the Argo Blockchain news today via RNS. The share price has been diabolical and there has been plenty of dilution which is one of the biggest risks trading in AIM. Companies list on AIM to raise capital and the downside of this is large shareholder dilution. Vela Technologies Update re. Argo Blockchain's strategic partnership https://www.investegate.co.uk/vela-technologies--vela-/rns/update-re--argo-blockchain-s-strategic-partnership/201905131322428479Y/
  5. Lean Hogs to me is yet another Commodity showing the potential for a shorting opportunity right now. It seems Commodities are being battered right now as there are more shorting opportunities than there are going long right now for assets in this specific asset class. I include the chart below to illustrate the potential shorting opportunity for Lean Hogs. This one is slightly more higher risk to short as it could be a correction before another resumption to the upside. Right now the price has gone below its 20 and 50 DMA but the price still remains above its 100 and 200 DMA suggesting the longer term upward trend is in tact for now. How long no one knows but the chart below highlights this point.
  6. Cotton is another fantastic shorting opportunity presenting itself in the world of Commodities. This is the beauty of Commodities. They have clear trending opportunities to trade both 'Long' and 'Short'. The chart below speaks volumes!
  7. If you look at my three previous posts in March 2019 then you will see that I called this 'Short' trade based on my experience in trading Commodities both 'Long' and 'Short' over the years. Of course there are times when I am wrong and the market can go against any of my 'Trade Assumptions' but that is fine. I am going to include the chart to show what a fantastic trading opportunity on the short side this is and well done for those who are trading this on the 'short' side.
  8. I stated on Saturday that fear could push prices up for both Gold and Silver and Trump has delivered via US-China trade talks. Gold has hit $1301.48 today. Silver is still looking rather bearish to me but it does tend to play catch up with its bigger brother. Gold has gone above its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA and therefore there is now an opportunity for a potential 'Long' Gold trade for those who wish to partake. This does come with great risks though. If US-China trade talks were to reverse into positivity then US indices could begin climbing upwards and Gold could resume and continue its downward path again. I include the chart below to illustrate the above.
  9. We are now witnessing 'Round 2' of the potential shorting opportunity not just for the US 500 but for Wall Street and the US 100. In other words, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100. The Dow Jones's price has gone below its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA which is a strong indicator and signal in itself. I attach the 'daily' chart below to illustrate this. The 'Parabolic SAR' is supporting a possible shorting opportunity for the S&P 500 as the current price is below the dots showing a bearish reaction and also the potential of a trend reversal (at least for now anyway). I include the chart below to support this point. Now just look at the red bars support the bearish price action for the Nasdaq 100 in the chart I attach below to demonstrate this point. There is not just a potential shorting opportunity in the three major US indices but also indices such as the FTSE and those in Germany, Japan, France, Hong Kong and basically all the major indices around the world. The key is to exit the short position on the trend reversal back upwards and to take the profits. You can always re-enter again and again and apply the 'rinse and repeat' cycle should volatility make these trades extremely choppy and difficult to hold. Also the volatility could trigger stop losses which means one must think carefully about how they apply their stop loss management to the 'short' trades.
  10. The German Bund hit 16827 today. The chart below is showing the narrative of how effective a 'long' trade this was and still is. The price does not lie and the chart does tell the truth. With so much political and economic uncertainty around the world, Bond prices are telling us a story which they are predicting about the future.
  11. I was very sceptical of Argo Blockchain. However with Bitcoin prices rising significantly and I mean significantly and this announcement along with the recent share price reaction then it is certainly an interesting one. I am invested in Vela Technologies PLC which has around 1% stake in this. However Vela's share price is shockingly bad. It may catch up but who knows and that is for another thread. I include below the announcement made via RNS today by Argo Blockchain PLC. Argo Blockchain PLC Strategic Partnership and Share Swap https://www.investegate.co.uk/argo-blockchain-plc--arb-/rns/strategic-partnership-and-share-swap/201905130715057462Y/ I also include the latest chart including the latest breakout. It finished up by 35% but it was higher than this and I recall seeing 40% and possibly even higher if memory serves me correct.
  12. Ripple and Stellar seem to be leading the race this morning with Ripple up 2.94% and Stellar 1.21% at the time of this post. They both are still far behind the others but whilst the others are seeing 'red' they both are seeing 'blue' for now at least.
  13. I found this article rather fascinating as it relates to two areas which I take great interest in from an investment perspective rather than trading. The Significant Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Blockchain https://thefintechtimes.com/the-significant-potential-of-artificial-intelligence-in-blockchain/
  14. I found this article rather fascinating as it relates to two areas which I take great interest in from an investment perspective rather than trading. The Significant Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Blockchain https://thefintechtimes.com/the-significant-potential-of-artificial-intelligence-in-blockchain/
  15. When looking at the 'daily' one can see a potential 'cup and handle' pattern. Any major breakout now should target $112 area. It could even go all the way up to $144 area depending on the momentum. The moving averages have completed a bullish crossover and the RSI in positive. This to me seems very bullish indeed. If you look on the 'daily' then not only will you see the price above its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA but a crossover between the 20 DMA and 50 DMA. There is a previous crossover between 100 DMA and 200 DMA. So from a chartist perspective, Litecoin, looks very bullish.
  16. Looking at the chart 'daily' for me the next stop for Bitcoin Cash is between the $400 - $600 range as I have previously stated. I think if it breaks the $420 mark then the potential is there for up to the $637 area.
  17. It is around 5:00 am UK time and Bitcoin has held above $7k which shows some short term resilience. It is reported that the $7.5k it hit yesterday was the highest since August 2018. That seemed way overbought and it is currently trading around the $7k level. This to me seems like we are in a bull market unless it is a false breakout of monumental proportions. It is also being reported that the volume over the weekend and especially over the past 24-28 hours was a record high.
  18. Bitcoin Price Will Hit $500,000 Cause it Beats Gold: Hedge Fund Chief https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-price-500000-beats-gold-mark-yusko
  19. Litecoin has joined the other Crypto's available on IG downwards but it will be interesting to see what happens overnight and particularly with Asia. There could be a surge up to $100 dollars or a large further decline. Tomorrow morning shall be very interesting.
  20. For some reason Bitcoin Cash is the only Crypto available on IG's platform which is not down and in the 'red'. Now it should decline and join the rest but I do wonder if there is a reason why it has not declined and whether there is further upside with Bitcoin Cash? I do not know but I shall be paying very close attention to the price action to see if can indicate what is happening.
  21. Bitcoin is now trading around $6.9k. I think the pullback will def. take Bitcoin back to $6.6k levels for sure. If it goes below this then $6.1k is on the cards. If this happens then it will be extremely healthy in my personal opinion. There may be a short term 'shorting' opportunity on Bitcoin before the next move upwards which is coming. Bitcoin was valued at $0.07 on August 16, 2010. It is trading near $6,000 right now. That is a staggering return of over 8.5 million percent in less than a decade. There is no other asset or currency which has generated similar returns in the same period from my understanding. If anyone does know of any then please do share with the IG Community.
  22. Bitcoin Cash should see an imminent drop if it follows suit.
  23. It seems Litecoin has encountered resistance at around the $91 and $92 level.
  24. There was a significant drop in the price of Bitcoin and other alt coins and this will have triggered a lot of tight stop losses for any new entrants to the trading opportunity. This is typical of Bitcoin and Alt Coins and is why a lot of traders struggle to trade Cryptos. The volatility is stomach churning. One must either have large capital or wider stop losses. If they have neither then they must day trade as anything else will wipe their capital out.
  25. @Caseynotes, I take your point that it is a lovely set up. There is no question about that, especially if you are day trading. If you are a longer term trader or even a trend follower that trades only certain asset classes then I am not so sure it would be beneficial. Also the brain power and intake of information and data is different for different traders. Some welcome lots of information and data instantaneously. Where as others may struggle with the amount of material to digest. It depends on brain capacity as well. Of course the set up has a lot of advantages but I think to utilise those advantages is more linked to your trading strategy and how much requirement there is than one may think.