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  1. Hi Charlotte, for me it’s about being able to identify what works and what doesn’t. So having the option to pull out individual trades is a must. the p/l chart over time would be handy. For me I’d use it to get motivation from either a loss to change strategy or a profit would encourage my approach. Lastly can we get a lifetime account analysis as I see at the moment it’s only back to 2018. Understand if the data not there thou. Regards Coombsy
  2. Hi IG, just wanted to say thanks for finally having a trade analytics sections as i am finding it helpful. knew you should always keep yor own records but often forget or i lose some info to mess up the totals so this has been helpful to know that all my trades are included. thanks again, Darethc
  3. Hi, Just a quick comment to say thanks for asking the volume question as I hadn't even noticed that volume had been put on the basic charts and through reading this post, I've learnt something new today. That may also raise the point that IG should advertise any developments a bit better. Or maybe it's just that I need to read my emails in more detail. Either way thanks IG for the new indicator. Dareth
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