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  1. Casey thanks for your reply. When you say "IG data is used to process accounts first", what do you mean by that exactly? Would that be the prevailing market price that Michael @ IG refered to? If this is indeed a glitch in the chart building process, or a "display error" as IG states, and would in turn not affect your account at all, including in terms of your risk management (aka- stop loss), then IG should have stated that explicitly. They clearly left that crucial part out. As a trader you can only go by what price you see on the charts. Bottom line is it shouldn't take th
  2. Dear community members, I thought it only prudent to make other members aware of a few rather questionable & significant price drops that occurred on IG’s Tesla stock back on 17 & 19 August (pre-split). There may have been other examples of this occurrence on Tesla, or indeed other surging technology stocks, although the below examples are the ones I noticed & reported to IG. The screen grab examples mentioned below are attached fyi. 1. Monday 17/08- 9AM open. Price range showing a 17,649.50 point (11.80%) drop in pric
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