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  1. Todays trade: Type: Sell bet Entry: 6114 Exit: 6096 Pips: 18
  2.  - Many thanks for the analysis on FTSE100, amazing stuff. As previously mentioned I am novice and I play a small timeframe - 5 mins. My rules of trading are simple: 1. Support & Resistance - Minimum of 2 or more making it a zone. 2. I use certain types of Signal candles reacting from my zones which defines my entry and exit points 3. My target is 20-30 points per day if possible I completely agree that FTSE has now traded sideways for last 2 weeks approx and I see a lot of resistance - 6220-230 area and support between 6110-120. Here is one of the trades I took:
  3. Sorry guys I have been busy with some other bits and pieces hence away from trading but will be back from Monday next week to start sharing my thoughts.  - Amazing stuff, I am not that experienced in trading though I do have a plan/trading method which I follow and will explain in my next post. Secondly I was wondering if we can also post S/R levels which may help community members on a daily basis. Btw I use 5 mins timeframe to trade via PRT. Regards
  4. I would like communitiy members to share chart analysis for FTSE 100. I trade FTSE100 daily and will be posting my analysis over here regularly. @ Moderators - please advise if this Ok to do it or not? Best Regards
  5. Hello Everyone, I am pretty new to trading; have been trading since last 6 months. I live in Berkshire, UK and am an IT professional. I trade FTSE100 only with 5 min timeframe. Trading style is S/R + Candle Patterns + 5 Mins timeframe. Eager to contribute and learn. Regards
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