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  1. HI Same happening to me today . As I advised yesterday IG will only understand when there is a mass exodus of clients leaving the company. They delibrately do this to us because they know that there is no one to account for. Even the management of company looks like they are all Correpted and Dont listen to customers. I have already made arrangements to shipment my trades to Another Broker . Sooner everybody does the better . Good Luck
  2. Hi Guys I have been talking to CMC Markets in last few months and have already used their demo platform . it perfect and service appears to be good, I spoke to them today and they have no problem with their problem .IG has delibrately manipulated the platform today and i as a day trader have lost quite a lot . i will be definately signing up with cmc and also tonight at 8.15 the platform was again out , i could not deal on spread betting between 8.15 and 9.00 pm
  3. hi fully agree to this senario of today . I had good respect for IG.but not anymore after this. they answered the phone after 30 minutes and I lost nearly ONE hour of Trading . I am definately going to OPEN another account with another Broker and Split the Business between two. IG makes hell of Money from my account . The Management might wake up when revenue goes down . Loyalty to just One broker is not a good idea, If IG breaks down I can straight away deal with other broker . I am sure they are not going to compensate all the customers for todays breakdown .
  4. hello are you trading SHARES OR CFD OR SPREAD BETTING ?
  5. Hi I prefer candle stick . they provide proper details to me and i have been using it for sometime. personally i wouild not prefer lines . you got more winning chances in candle stick then Lines.
  6. Hi All The best way to resolve the problem is to Go to another Broker , Don't stick to IG. IG has gone worse in recent times . Other Brokers offer better service and pricing then IG . IG dont even answer phones , so whats the point in giving them our money . Good luck
  7. Hi u can try looking at videos on You tube regarding Options. there are quite few there, but don't pay any money to these institiutions. I am sure I have seen in past few Free videos . good luck in your trading .
  8. Hi I am one of the successful person but I do not do Publicity about my success. I make few Hundred and few thousand from time to time . Everybody has different ways of playing the market so u should not follow the crowd . Do what suits you best . I do not use Bollinger bands . another Success theory is to be patient and Don't be Greedy. Take your profit and run its your hard earned money. If u dont take profit then the brokers will take it . good luck in Trading
  9. Hello Sam Yes there are brokers who are registered with Cyprus Securities in Cyprus. but DO NOT DEAL with them . Any Broker who is regulated by Cyprus are Bunch of Clowns. Cyprus has no Regulations at all and they will Just take your Money .They are also corrupted Securities firm. There is Platform in Australia which you can use but everything is done from Australia, so be careful and do your home work first before opening that account . All the Best in CFD DEALING . Regards Vijay
  10. Just to say that IG allow five cards to register on account. Now that one of my card needs changing numbers they are asking questions of all 5 cards funding . Nobody seems to asking any questions when funding of account takes place. it looks as if I have done a fraud Money Laundering . such harassment is so much waste of time. Has anyone had such experience ??
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