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  1. I thought IG didn't allow to reopen long positive when price going up is bad enough.

    Today they reach a new high!  Now they do not allowing to close short positions when price raising up!


    Today when the BTC price reached the bottom and jumped back I wanted to close my short position, they just not allowed it !

    The error message I got is:

    "This order takes you over the maximum size for this market. You can deal in the same direction up to 3 contracts every 240s"


    I have to count my position and close to make up 3 contracts, closed 0.2, closed 1,5, closed 1.3 then cannot close any more!

    I keep trying and just doesn't allow me to close, eventually I clam down from the panic and final find one way to close them -- move the stop loss price as low as possible, which is $200 from market price !

    By the time stop loss was triggered, I already lost $2,114.


    After close all the positions I called IG again and again they said that due to BTC  market is volatile and not liquid.

    And again they said that how their system work and they will not make any compensation for it, if I disagree, i can raise a complaint



    They told me there is a rule in their system that only allow customer to close 3 BTC contracts every 4 mins.

     Why don't they let customer know that first?


    IG probably is the worst Cryptocurrency market maker in the world.

    Never heard any other broker do not allowed close positions.

  2. I want to reopen the short position now at 2654 but could not.

    I am expecting Bitcoin price fall hard very soon, but still could not reopen short position

    If IG have told me could not reopen short position, I would have not closed short them on Saturday at all ( and would have opened long position to lock P/L on Saturday morning instead). and today would have not closed my 0.5 short position and leaved it open 

  3. Hi IG,


    I could not reopen 5 Bitcoin short position on 30th July 2017, 8pm Sydney time, at $2635.


    I planed to close my short positions on Saturday(29th July) and reopen it on Sunday to avoid the risk of holding the position when the market is open while your platform is closed.



    However today (30th Sunday) I could not reopen my short position:

    "SORRY you can only place an order to close on this market. for further detail please call our helpdesk"


    I also closed 0.5 short position today at $2632, wanted to open it when the price go up about  $10.

    If you have given me any warning on "cannot open position", I won't close it at all.


    I tried called helpdesk a few times but no one answered the call at all.


    Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.