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  1. Until recently I have used the old aka "classic" platform. I also tend to use a tablet. In my experience on desktop/laptop/windows alerts notify correctly if the "IG settings->notifications" are set correctly. I recall that if not logged in then the pop-up alert notification does not (cannot) activate. On a mobile the alert shows up in notifications along with a sound alert if WiFi/mobile data is enabled. ElectronsenseC
  2. I also like the classic platform, mainly because I use indicator alerts to be warned of possible setups and I don't see them available yet on the new platform. As you say familiarity, like 30minutetrading. I also like the mobile/tablet platform which. I perceive as a simple version of the new platform so I feel that once the new platform has full functunality it will be fine (if a little cluttered on screen).
  3. Apologies. I can log in under different username but it showing as electronsenseC after login. I'm in the Twighlight Zone!
  4. Minutes ago I created my IG community account and entered a post. Now I can't log in. Can I help? My community username is/was electronsenseC. Can you reset the electronsenseC password?
  5. Right! I also have 4 favourite indicators I like to use for my entire watchlist (FX). Not so much for the indicator graphic but for the drop down numeric data say momentum & volume.
  6. I'm concerned also that the classic platform is to be decommissioned. I will heavily dependent on SMA and Stochastics at least