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  1. Me I like funny traders
  2. Live account real trader with I G mt4. Traders trade
  3. Casey is A classic example of the forum rebuttal teams. If you look at the likes given to Casey, most of them are from the IG staff. They cut and paste from another rebuttal poster, from another site to give their arguments credibility. Broker advertising /sponsoring forums , i.e broker's money may be behind the original cut and paste article, therefore allowing it to be circulated freely. I always suspicious of forums, I can smell, I never went to the FXCM/REFCO forum, this is a shame as a I G customer for over 20 years.
  4. People with agendas on forums, especially a broker's forum. The 95% losing traders is taken out of context as BreakingOutBad explains here; People will question why Casey hangs around a forum? If the argument on statistical facts is destroyed with cut and paste options,copied and pasted from the internet, BTW cut and paste content from other sites is no a discussion, but it is also illegal and copyright breaches. If people can be brainwashed with rebuttal of the 95% argument, they can keep trading, broker keeps generating more and more income.
  5. Books are written by failed traders, brokerage owners with agendas or trading educators.A search on google will show 95% of traders lose, the figure is more likely to be over 99%. Buying any books is for beginners and learners,but be cynical traders trade, authors write beautifully, forum posters post to market their agendas on a broker's forum. Van Tharp hid a lot of trading psychology from his books, he sells educational courses for $60,000 a piece from his site, if he wrote the entire truth in his first book, the one suggested,he would not be able to sell his educational course. The art of execution seems to fulfill the gap, of some psychological pitfalls, but not all. It confirms my first point that Van Tharp provided little information,little information is dangerous.How many have others used Van Tharp's little information and failed? There are psychological pitfalls for traders,these are still kept hidden from traders, this is where most traders will still fail despite reading this book. Technical analysis by Constance Brown. Another failed trader may need to write another book,blind leading the blind.If this was so good, the reviews on the first 10,000 books were even better. The (Mis)Behaviour of Markets by Benoit Mandlebrot. Markets are driven by humans with emotions, total fallacy and BS. Alexander Elder wrote books, he sells trading education via seminars etc.The trading educators who have opened up forums are singing praises for Elder on their sites, so they can sell trading education on these private forums,He was a psychologist, I wonder if he knew even 10% of trading psychology. Wykoff was a trading educator and broker, he made his money from selling education,writing books and promoting trading for his brokerage, after buying his books. People would trade more, with his brokerage, he was earning rebates, after reading his stuff. All failed traders end up writing books, essentially the blind leading the blind.The people who can't trade profitable end up selling education. It is questionable when characters come on forums with agendas, to sell education and advertise other paid sites, where their friends are paying rebates, if sales are made on the links posted on this site(to other sites where internet marketeers are selling education etc). The agendas on broker's forum to promote scalping webinars, is also incredible, where broker gains 50 spreads a day from same customer for scalping. Like minded traders in a forum or people with agendas posting, indirectly to sell education and post links to some educational scam artist's site? There is always an agenda with authors writing books. Real traders don't read books, they learn in the pit, in the real market. What a trader sees in a book, relating to himself, is often nothing more than a selective attention bias .This a psychological flaw of the human mind.
  6. If Ig give out free profitable scalping EAS, I would them on my account and start scalping 20 to 50 times a day.That way IG would make a lot of money from spreads, out of me. Maybe the webinar strategy posted in written form would be very useful for back testing, Youtube has hundreds of scalping webinars, so what benefit does this webinar give, compared to the other free ones?
  7. Thank you sir.You are true human being.You will help thousands of human beings live longer, healthier and happier lives.UNLIKE these intraday stooges.
  8. We tried to avoid Refco's darling, but she keeps re-appearing in our lives, after we were swindled .
  9. Wall street has realized the flaws of the human mind in trading, it makes more money from automated hft, something humans can not do.A little guy can now trade with 50 robots, trading about 20 strategies simultaneously through the use of EAS. Humans find it difficult to trade 1 strategy successfully, but now with IG'S low lot sizes and mt4, it is possible for little humans to succeed in an industry, where everything was promoted for the benefit of the bucket shops and bots also overcome the psychological demons of humans in trading.The bots can win against the psychological demons, by bots avoiding them and by letting 50 bots sit patiently,until there is an opportunity to make money.The latter avoids the traps of the bucket shops, the bots will soon start winning the war with chinese EAS.
  10. Now, you realize you are suffering from a psychological defect of the human brain in trading , that Casey needs to be right ,about punctuation and grammar and most importantly trading entry. so CASEY will close trades prematurely , because he needs to be roight,
  11. No. Robots are disciplined, they can cut their losses, they can change their direction whilst the human brain is lost, in 50 different psychological flaws of the human mind. Humans don't like to lose.Cut your losses ,take your losses, emotions can be controlled , according to fake Gurus .
  12. If they get it wrong so often, then their back tested system must be right, then robots and automation is the answer.Wall street is replacing humans with robots.It is psychologically, the 12 inches between the ears where most fail.
  13. Entry 599.24 stop loss 539.24 0.1 lots loss on mt4 spreadbet. 1.0 lots loss on mt4 spreadbet How much is my risk?
  14. Because Casey best intraday price action trader,he get 202 likes, move market like army in battle.