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  1. Think I've just answered my own question.... you have to be careful to click on the Alert button in the main toolbar and then exactly on the indicator you want to use....
  2. Does anyone know how I can have two separate alerts on the same chart ? Each time I try and add the second alert it adds it as a second condition of the one I've already got !
  3. Hi, How can I set the timeframe in the code I'm trying to write for an indicator... I'm working on 2 minute charts but want to calculate levels based on the previous hours high/low and close.... I've tried using the TIMEFRAME command but can't seem to get it to work... the first part of the code is : TIMEFRAME(60 minutes) myH = ( HIGH[1] ) myL = ( LOW[1] ) myC = ( CLOSE[1] ) Thank you
  4. Just heard back from the ProRealTime support team... It is in Options/ Platform Options/ "Display Cursor" tick box...... Always nice when it is an easy answer !
  5. Hi, Is there anyway to turn off the mouse over data on the charts ? It would be great to be able to choose when I want to show it... if you are trading from the charts it can get in the way at times ! Thank you PS I've also asked this question via the Pro RealTIme website contact form but had no response whatsoever.
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