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  1. thanks for your reply. I'm using hedging and other strategies on other platforms which are more friendly in some ways. On IG I want to use a simple strategy with a close SL and is really annoying that every second order I see that my SL must be hundreds of pips away. I didn't use IG for a while and now on their new platform I have this issue quite often. Clearly, there is a technical error on their platform and I think that normal would be for them to fix it. However, their support gave me nothing and was acting like nothing is wrong with their platform. I have 5 live accounts with diffe
  2. I think that there is a problem with your new platform, sometimes I can have the SL of 5 pips away, while sometimes the minimum SL available is 165 pips away. I spoke with a guy from your support and he was saying: "I have with one of our dealers and Stop loss distance depends on the market conditions". As I told him I didn't talk about the spread which ok, sometimes can be 2-3 or even 5 pips, np with that. The problem is that the minimum SL available is of 165 pips!!! Your response was : "As per our dealing desk, there is no error on our platform. We raised our distances during high vol
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