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  1. You're not the only one, this is just one of my posts in this regard. https://community.ig.com/t5/IG-Charts-MT4-and-Pro-Real-Time/PRT-charts-not-being-corrected/m-p/12958#M385 They did make an effort to correct charts a while back after I kept reporting them through ProRealTimes' reporting facility in their charting package. There were so many defective charts, and there still is, it meant I was reporting a multitude every day. They then just gave up and when I complained I was more or less told it was not a good use of their time or it may have been that they did not have the resources. I don't exactly recall now, it may have been a bit of both. They went on to say that, as I was not trading all the stock charts I was reporting they would correct the ones I wanted to trade. Of course, that is completely ridiculous as I do not swing trade a stock unless its chart pattern looks right. Impossible to do with all the false spikes not to mention the multitude of charts which remail unadjusted for splits etc. I have referred to PRT charts but understand that as they use the same data for their new charts the same problem will exist with those too. I use PRT charts as their new charts do not provide basic and simple indicators to allow me as a swing trader of mostly stocks to do TA. If interested please see the thread below: https://community.ig.com/t5/New-platform-feedback/Why-I-find-the-new-charts-are-unusable-for-Technical-Analysis-of/td-p/12202 They have obviously spent a lot of money on the development of their new charting package and continue to do so by adding bells and whistles. What I find incredulous is that they appear to be unconcerned about the integrity of the data they are supplying to their charts. What good is a charting package if the data suppling it is defective and the charts are not maintained to accommodate for adjustments such as stock splits? Adding bells and whistles is a waste of time. It does not matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig.
  2. Add RSW.LSE plus HWDN.LSE with it's multiple flaws to the bad tick on open list. s
  3. oops... apologies, it appears this has been answered here https://community.ig.com/t5/Charts/PRT-charts-after-dividend-adjustments/m-p/4828
  4. please feel free to assist , it would be unfair for him to get all the accolades for solving all the issues in a timely manner. Thank you.
  5. Hi Applet, Good question, apparently if one asks a question of IG on here it has to be preceded it with and an "@" sign followed by a moderators name otherwise they think that we are talking among ourselves.
  6. Add BRSN.LSE to the bad tick on the open list.
  7. I have looked at three LSE stocks so far including the one above and the have all been affected by the bad tick on the open. The other two are ANTO and SPX.
  8. Above, I was referring to the one minute candle at the open although that should be obvious to those looking at the chart.
  9. The DFB chart of Mitie(MTO.LSE) is showing a long wick to the downside today on the one minute candle. The candle low is showing a misleading 272.5, whereas on the LSE's chart the candle is much different in form and is showing a low of 287.1 http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-markets/stocks/summary/company-summary-chart.html?fourWayKey=GB0004657408GBGBXSTMM The spread on the current DFB is just under two points.
  10. For the past two months or thereabouts I have been reporting flawed charts using the email facility in the ProRealtime software. Only one of the many charts that I have reported has been corrected. Listed below is just a fraction of the charts I have reported. You will see that some have been reported twice but to no avail! UK Stocks 3rd April: CHG 25th May: WTAN, FEV, BTEM, MRO, TEM 27th May: RSW 13th June: RSW 14th June: JLT, FEV 22nd June: CRDA US Stocks 8th May: CBOE 9th May: MRCY 15th May: ZION 20th May: CTSH 30th May: CBOE 12th June: AXP 13th June: CAT 14th June: VVC, CME, CMA, LECO, NJR, NWE, MMM 20th June: PG 23rd June: CBPO This is the bunch of US stocks I reported yesterday i.e. 24th June: ARMK, ARW, BLL, FNF, FBHS, PAC, HAS, IPGP, MCD, MHK, NEE, PKG, SSNC, STE, TRU, WCG, YUM My focus is on the US and UK markets, I estimate the percentage of stocks with charts with flawed data is at least in double digits. Far beyond the "one or two that escape the net" as has been previously postulated or as you have articulated " Due to the large number of instruments we offer we sometimes do miss some errors on charts." I understand that the same flawed data powers the new IG charts too! On that basis, I find it incredulous, almost bizarre, even surreal that so much work is going into developing the new charts when IG does not have a reliable data feed!! It seems very much like the cart is being put before the horse. In the context of any developments to the charts where indicators are a derivative of price (are there any that are not?) the old IT adage is very appropriate, "garbage in, garbage out" Before I finished this post I thought I would go through the Dow Jones Industrial Index or Wall Street in IG speak to see how many defected charts would be revealed. The following is the result of that exercise: MMM, CAT, TNH, GE, GS, HD, JPM, JNJ, MRK, NKE, TRV, UTX, UNH, VZ, MCD & PG. More than half, i.e. 16 charts out of 30
  11. to ensure you are not misled by flaws in the software I would suggest you read the last two posts in this thread. https://community.ig.com/t5/New-platform-feedback/Why-I-find-the-new-charts-are-unusable-for-Technical-Analysis-of/td-p/12202/page/2
  12. As promised the link below is to the thread I started in which I conversed with Tim about this issue in November 2016. He did say he would pass it on to the developers but obviously, the problem remains. You will see in that example I have used the FTSE100 index DFB chart so I imagine a lot of your customers will be affected. In this example, I have only provided one image of the 30 minute chart. Please note the fib expansion tool was being applied on the hourly chart. It's also clear from this how fib levels will not be based on cash markets when using the hourly time frame and other time frames above the hourly but below the daily. Drawing trend lines are affected too! https://community.ig.com/t5/Charts/Time-Zone-amp-Trading-Hours-on-US-Indices-not-working-correctly/td-p/10409 Thanks
  13. Hi There is another significant flaw in IG's PRT software which could mislead a lot of traders. I feel sure I have expressed my concern before and will go through the threads I have started when I have time and provide a link. In the interim, I will show you an example using the S&P500 index DFB chart. The basic problem is that when a chart for an instrument, in this case, the S&P500 index DFB is set for cash hours 14:30 to 21:00 the charting software does not accommodate for this on the hourly time frame. Instead of the daily opening candle showing on the hourly chart showing 30 mins of data i.e.14:30 to 15:00 hours it shows a full hour from 14:00 to 15:00. It, therefore, ignores the 14:30 to 21:00 data settings for cash market hours. I have applied the fibonacci expansion tool on what should be the same data in the images below. The first image shows the tool in yellow on the hourly time frame. The second on the 30 mins time frame in white and the final image shows how the fib levels are distorted using the hourly time frame. Note I have my cursor on the low bars so that you can see the difference in prices. I discovered this initially as a result of drawing diagonal trend lines on the two time frames and found they did not match, so it affects not just fib levels. Regards ST
  14. The above image of my layout demonstrates how useless IG PRT charts are if one uses the settings in the software so that only cash hours data is shown. Less than one month of data is shown in each chart. Below is a screenshot of the software settings used. So in conclusion, both IG's new charts and IG's version of PRT charts are unusable for TA of stocks. The new charts for all the reasons given above and IG's PRT charts primarily for data quality issues as pointed out in this and previous posts and threads. The same results are obtained regardless of which US market is chosen i.e. Wall Street, Tech or Minor.