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  1. Add RSW.LSE plus HWDN.LSE with it's multiple flaws to the bad tick on open list. s
  2. oops... apologies, it appears this has been answered here https://community.ig.com/t5/Charts/PRT-charts-after-dividend-adjustments/m-p/4828
  3. please feel free to assist , it would be unfair for him to get all the accolades for solving all the issues in a timely manner. Thank you.
  4. Hi Applet, Good question, apparently if one asks a question of IG on here it has to be preceded it with and an "@" sign followed by a moderators name otherwise they think that we are talking among ourselves.
  5. Add BRSN.LSE to the bad tick on the open list.
  6. I have looked at three LSE stocks so far including the one above and the have all been affected by the bad tick on the open. The other two are ANTO and SPX.
  7. Above, I was referring to the one minute candle at the open although that should be obvious to those looking at the chart.
  8. The DFB chart of Mitie(MTO.LSE) is showing a long wick to the downside today on the one minute candle. The candle low is showing a misleading 272.5, whereas on the LSE's chart the candle is much different in form and is showing a low of 287.1 http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-markets/stocks/summary/company-summary-chart.html?fourWayKey=GB0004657408GBGBXSTMM The spread on the current DFB is just under two points.
  9. For the past two months or thereabouts I have been reporting flawed charts using the email facility in the ProRealtime software. Only one of the many charts that I have reported has been corrected. Listed below is just a fraction of the charts I have reported. You will see that some have been reported twice but to no avail! UK Stocks 3rd April: CHG 25th May: WTAN, FEV, BTEM, MRO, TEM 27th May: RSW 13th June: RSW 14th June: JLT, FEV 22nd June: CRDA US Stocks 8th May: CBOE 9th May: MRCY 15th May: ZION 20th May: CTSH 30th May: CBOE 12th June: AXP 13th June: CAT 14
  10. to ensure you are not misled by flaws in the software I would suggest you read the last two posts in this thread. https://community.ig.com/t5/New-platform-feedback/Why-I-find-the-new-charts-are-unusable-for-Technical-Analysis-of/td-p/12202/page/2
  11. Hi I see you have posted images of cash charts of the DJI provided by IT Finance/ProRealTime. Would you kindly let me know if what I am seeing is the premium version provided by ProRealTime when one opens an account with them linked to an IG CFD account? Thanks
  12. No problem Tri, I appreciate your reply. I'm still hanging on in (that has nothing to do with which side I dress on :-) I look forward to reading more of your valuable contributions to the community. Cheers
  13. , thank you for bringing that point up. Would you not see the auction closing price on the chart just by looking at the closing price of the 4.30pm 5 minute candle? I understand the auction closes at 4.35pm. Alternatively, you could set the hours to view data between 08:00 and 16:35 hours. Obviously no good if the lists are programmed to not included the 5-minute auction. Which I would think could easily be resolved by altering a couple of digits in a line of code. Having said that it's probably irrelevant for some traders if the other data issues remain! Being a student of EWP It's left
  14. Thank you for your reply Nathan. "As for the data issues on charts, whilst we do endeavour to keep the data accurate, do to the amount of different markets we offer it is difficult to eliminate all issues. If you do notice legitimate errors on any of the charts we should be able to rectify this if you let us know. Please let us know if you ever feel that your requests have not been addressed as this is something we will look into." I have wasted more than enough of my time informing you of multiple chart defects on nearly a daily basis over a number of weeks/months. Part of my motivati
  15. , The running of this board appears to be not very well organized e.g as you know I only got to know recently that comments are not monitored by the community support staff unless one of their "handles" i.e. their name with the "@" sign in front is included in the post. Please forgive me if there is a "do's" and "don't's" post somewhere which explains this but I have not seen one. Whether Dan is still here or not or the arrangement is through an IG account sponsored by ProRealTime or vice versa, IG or any good business surely would have followed up on S's complaint to ensure that their
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