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  1. Please the link below jbtrader: https://community.ig.com/t5/Suggestions/PRT-Can-the-Daily-Candles-on-FX-pairs-be-adjusted-to-close-open/td-p/6861 If I recall correctly, somewhere in the thread someone from IG index promised to submit the request to their developers. If you use IG's PRT charts for any length of time and you are serious about TA you will realise that there are far bigger concerns than this. It has nothing to do with the version number or IT Finance.
  2. Chris, I have just been over to the link you provided for the L2 platform. Unless I have missed something it only mentions CFD's and shares in your share dealing service being tradable on the L2 platform? My enquiry related to Spreadbetting and ISA's, kindly see the title? Please advise.
  3. Thank you for your reply on this matter Chris, I do intend to take a look at the L2 offering when I get time.
  4. Could you please add stop buy/sell limit order on the new platform for both ISA's and spreadbetting please. As much as I would like too, I very rarely place stop orders because of the risk of a being filled at an unfavourable price. In particular, a price outside of one's risk parameters. This can occur when a stock gaps up/down or moves quickly through the stop order price and is filled at a much higher/lower price. This prohibits anyone with prudent risk management from trading a breakout or breakdown strategy trading set up when not being at their computer/mobile device or doing other t
  5. From IG's Share Trading web page: "Go long or short on over 8000 international shares with CFDs or spread betting, or buy and sell shares via our share dealing service" SimilarIy to the PRT limit of 50 results on the screener I find the limit of 30 alerts as inadequate. I look through charts in the double figures nearly every trading day and sometimes more. This is another limitation of PRT charts which prevents me from trading. An unlimited amount of alerts would be far better as one never knows how many potential set-ups one is going to encounter. If this is something you would
  6. Thank you for suggesting this improvement Finite. I agree entirely, in my humble opinion, this is one of the sub-optimal features of the PRT screener. I would also benefit if Finite's suggestion was implemented. My screens also often bring up far more than 50 results so I miss out on potential set-ups too!
  7. Thanks for your reply Hannah. I hope you and all the staff at IG had a nice Christmas and likewise to the community here. It's nice to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For me, I will not be trading anything which is not denominated in dollars until the new orders are available. This is obviously very restrictive but I have sorted out some ETFs I may trade which are tradeable in GBPs so I will be able to place stops for now. There are a couple of ETPs which are UCITS compliant which I would like you to add to both the ISA and betting platform. The addition to the bet
  8. Anyone who has read my other post on placing a stop loss order will know that I expressed my frustration about not being able to place simple "one cancels the other" orders. I did establish that to place a stop loss order one has got to place a separate "on exchange" sell order. However, after having purchased an ETF this week which is denominated in dollars I was further exasperated to find out that the platform does not even allow one to do this! Any chance of getting this fixed IG? Whilst I am here I would like to mention to the community that if you are considering the purchase of
  9. This screen shot illustrates my point in my last post above. I have used the FTSE100 as an example. The fibonacci expansion tool was used on the hourly time frame and wthe yellow trend lines were also drawn on the hourly time frame. The above is showing the FTSE100 when dropped down to the 30 minute time frame. At point "a" inside the ellipse the 16:00 candle is the red candle on the left obviously showing 30 minutes of data. The red candle to the right is the 8am opening the following day. It can be seen that the expansion tool terminates below the candle as it is at the low price of the hour
  10. Paste the following code into the proscreen "Creation by programming tab" C1 = HIGH[1] > LOW[1] AND HIGH > HIGH[1] AND CLOSE < LOW[1] C2 = HIGH[1] > HIGH[2] C3 = CLOSE[2] > CLOSE[3] C4 = CLOSE[3] > CLOSE[4] C5 = CLOSE[4] > CLOSE[5] Screener [C1 AND C2 AND C3 AND C4 AND C5] Then select the list you wish to be scanned in the box on the left and then select Weekly in the "selection of period" box. It does not matter what is selected in "display of top 50 results" Finish by clicking on "Execute Proscreener". The code only gives you three bars prior to t
  11. Hi Tim, Apologies for the delay in replying, the boards' notification of reply facility is being selective in which of my posts it responds too despite Dan's attempts to resolve the issue. See the other thread if interested. US Indices: I would expect the 14:00 (GMT) candle to open at the 14:30 price and show 30 minutes worth of data. As the US stock markets close on the hour the rest of the hourly candles would show one full hour of data. LSE Indices: Similarly, I would expect the 16:00 (GMT) candle to show 30 minutes worth of data and close at 16:30. The other candles from 08:00
  12. "Display intraday charts of this market: from 14:30 to 21:00 (UTC: 00:00)" I have US indices set as above in PRT charts in order to get cash charts, however, the charts open at 14:00 on the hourly time frame, not 14:30. The 5 min and 15 min TF is unaffected, have n't checked the others. Could you please correct this? Thanks
  13. I can't comment on trading through PRT charts as IG have disabled it. I have trading rights on another account under a power of attorney and apparently when I am logged in the software is not sophisticated enough to differentiate between which account I am trading through! So I have to do without in that respect. Very rarely have I had a dropped connection on just the data feed with IG PRT charts. I would therefore suggest that your issue is probably a local one. I have downloaded PRT's own software version 10.3, the charts are free for EOD data if you register. However I cannot see
  14. , your IG chart is showing Sunday 6th as a separate days candle. No good if you are price action trading as mentioned above. You can remove this candle and have the data incorporated in the candle on Monday. Go to the options drop down menu on the main menu bar, select Platform Options. From the resultant dialogue box select Time zone and Trading hours then remove the tick from Display weekend data. Before closing save the change by clicking on apply changes at the bottom of the box. Having said all that you will need to wait until IG get PRTs version 10.3 before we are able to set the dai
  15. Thank you for your reply Hannah. Where can one find out whether a stock is a SETS stock or not and do you have any plans to introduce this information in the "Get info" dialogue box? In regard to placing a stop loss and take profit order on a stock to liquidate the total holding if either order is hit. A one cancels the other order is a very basic order found as standard on many brokers platforms and in particular on highly liquid stocks listed on the LSE and the NYSE. Is this type of basic order not available on any stocks in the IG ISA?
  16.  There are three LSE stocks in my ISA portfolio with which I am only presented with a "Limit-Day" order on the deal ticket making it not possible to place a stop loss order. The stocks are BNN Technology, Oracle Coalfields and Triad Group. I have placed a "Stop Market - GTC" (stop loss) order to sell my total holding on another stock but when I go to place a "Limit - GTC" (take profit) order to sell the total holding I receive the message "Short sell not allowed. You are trying to sell more shares than you currently own"? The stock is Plant Healthcare and is quoted on the LSE.
  17. Just checking into to say that no email notification came through for your reply here. I did say in my penultimate post that I had had no other replies to other posts I was subscribed too but missed this one. Just to keep the record straight. Cheers
  18. Reynolds American is available for trading in the ISA but you will have to have subscribe to the NYSE data feed. The monthly fee is 91p which is rebated if one does at least one trade per month. Similar arrangements are in place for subscribing to the other data feeds offered just the fee and the number of trades to qualify are not all the same. To see this info go into your ISA account click on "My account" just under "Logout" in the top right corner and then on "Data Feeds" in the menu on the left side of the resultant box. , FYI I got an email notification through for lukatic's reply
  19. No problem Dan, I white listed the first ever reply notification I received from IG community. I have looked in my spam folder but there are no notifications there.
  20. After having posted on every thread I am subscribed too and discovered that no email notifications were forthcoming I thought I would go and check "My settings" again. To my surprise under Email there is the following statement with a check box: "Don't send me any community emails" The box was unchecked! I have absolutely no idea how this has occurred as have received notifications before and nothing has been adjusted. Anyway, the box is now checked marked and I will post this and come back with the verdict.
  21. Thanks, FYI did n't get a notification for your post above.
  22. I had to return here as I have just seen in my inbox an email notification of the reply CR380 made to my "Additions to Market Data/Screener" thread. The time stamp of the email is the same as the time stamp of the post so it could not have anything to to with me changing the setting to "immediately" as mentioned above. I'll leave you to it :-)
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