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  1. Hi Dan, The answer to your question is: Use Default (immediately) It was the first thing I checked (along with my spam folder) when the notifications ceased. I have changed it to just "immediately" to see if that revives it. Furthermore I have the following ticked: "Automatically subscribe me to all topics or reviews I participate in" I should add that whilst I am typing this on this web page near the top right there is a box ticked with the statement "Email me when someone replies" so it all looks in order? Thanks
  2. Thank you for your helpful reply Hannah. I take it that this is a stock which has previously met your requirements but has now fallen short of them since its inclusion for trading. In future I will look at the "get info" facility before considering a stock for trading but as you say it would be nice if these stocks could be seen at a glance. Perhaps a change of the colour and the icon on the left of the listing similar to the way it changes to depict a telephone and turns orange when the stock goes telephone only dealing.
  3. I have been getting a variety of frustrating "sorry" messages when trying to place trades. I may spend a day or two or a week or more watching a stock, annotate the chart with the technical attributes then get a message like this one when I go to execute a trade !! The stock today was the US stock Cloud Peak Energy. This occurred on both the Mar17 and Dec17 bets Could this information not be shown on the platform so that one can immediately make alternative arrangements for trading the stock in question or exclude it from ones watch list. Fortunately this one only came up on a scan ye
  4. There is on the PRT charts. Go to the bottom right corner of the chart, click on the 4th icon in from the right. The one with the two candlesticks and the spanner. The resulting dialogue box gives you the options to change the colour of the background as well as other chart settings.
  5. Could you please add the following metrics to the fundamental data offered in Market Data and add options to screen for them in the screener? 1) Forward P/E 2) PEG ratio Thanks
  6. Thanks for help on this issue Caseynotes I was n't aware that there was such and indicator. I've tried it on my charts with a number of stocks and the prices on the chart are not in sync with the platform albeit some of them are not far out. Maybe they will line up when the markets are open. It will still be a bit of "faff on" even if they are good enough to work off. I work off the daily TF and when they are applied to that they are obviously scrunched up and unable to be read. I tried them on some of the charts on my watchlist and they add what looks like horizontal support/resistanc
  7. Apologies for the delay in replying Dan. I'm not receiving notifications of new posts despite being subscribed, hence the delay? Yes the Canadian listing for Teranga is there now too and the PRT chart loads for it. However the chart only shows one candle/bar on the weekly time frame and five on the daily so no good for TA.
  8. I noticed recently that this incredibly useful and convenient facility is available on IG's basic charts. Is it possible to have this added to PRT charts? For the TA traders/investors who don't need to go to the Market Data page or an external favourite website for funnymentals data it is very convenient. I feel sure it is a time saving feature for the fundamentalists also. Fundamental (and TA) traders/investors please feel free to chime in ;-) Thanks
  9. Oh, a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your efforts.
  10. After using the help desk email address to report bad ticks I have been told by Lucy Ho to in future report them through the PRT chart facility i.e. Help/Technical Support.
  11. Thanks for the reply Dan. TGZ.ASX has been added not TGZ.TSE
  12. Thanks for your prompt reply Dan and your response to my request! I will use the help desk email in future for reporting PRT charts with bad ticks Yes, an IG chart for Kirkland Lake Gold does load up and it is fine, no bad ticks. Thanks again
  13. "Its not how you play..... its how you look when you play!" As one Italian football player said to another ;-) Ciao
  14. TGZ.TSE - Teranga Gold This one is also listed on the ASX but the TSE listing would show the better chart for TA as the stock traded on this exchange receives much greater volume on an average day. Can this one be added please? I would be grateful if you would answer the same question I asked on the thread about fixing charts with bad ticks but relating to this issue of having PRT charts added i.e. What is the best way to inform you through the internet so that you can add charts? 1) Email help desk 2) Email through the technical help in the charts 3) Using the Feedbac
  15. A signature is a nice little addition though it really needs to be distinguished from the body of the text of the post by some sort of demarcation line, different font type etc or a separate dialogue box as is the case on most bulletin boards. I tried to achieve that on mine with a line but it appears that there was n't enough space for that so had to settle for what I could fit in :-)
  16. Many PRT charts (and the basic charts , although I tend not to use those) have bad ticks. This results in candles displaying huge spikes/shadows/wicks (call them what you will) which throws out all the indicators one might have set up. In these circumstances any meaningful technical analysis is rendered useless. I come across some every day. What is the best way to inform you through the internet so that you can fix them? 1) Email help desk 2) Email through the technical help in the charts 3) Using the Feedback facility in Market Research 4) Using this thread 5) or some other mean
  17. Thank you very much Dan, much appreciated. I feel sure once implemented you will get a lot more price action traders interested in the IG platform! I shall certainly make it known. I never thought about looking at the charts on your MT4 platform but presume they rely on the same data feed as the PRT charts. Is that correct? Cheers
  18. Thank you for your reply Tim. I hope a solution will forth coming soon. What I miss the most about not seeing the deal thru facility in the top right of the chart is being able to quickly see the spread on the instrument. It helps in the calculation of the R2R ratio when in the chart and I can quickly see if the trade is worthwhile. Now I have to flick back to the platform, search and find the instrument to do that and then go back to the chart with the use of the "tear of a ticket" facility. I seem to have a knack of finding the limitations of various aspects of the software, I hope
  19. I thought I'd revisit this thread to show with a recent example how not having the right 5pm New York close charts can mislead price action traders trading off Japanese candlestick lines. Note the first chart uses New York close time charts and sports a good example of a reversal candle off a key resistance level, a pin bar or some may call it a shooting star. The second chart is IG's PRT chart adjusted as Dan kindly suggested. It can be seen that the reversal signal cannot be seen. https://www.tradingview.com/x/KbkJ5HeK/
  20. I am unable to deal through PRT's charts this week. The configuration of boxes and drop down menus at the top right corner of the chart window which enables one to do this has disappeared from my charts. Furthermore, the "Trading Options" which is normally available as part of the list in the "Options" drop down menu on the main window had disappeared. Basically the deal thru charts functionality has been totally removed. I called chart help today and spoke to a nice lady called Lucy. Despite being very helpful she was unable to resolve the issue on the phone and asked me to send her a te
  21. All professional stockbroking firms provide stop loss orders whether it be for UK or LSE stocks. If you can't provide this facility then I doubt whether I will be hanging around, that will be the same for my girlfriend. I did not think to enquire about this before we transferred in. I naturally assumed from the spread betting service that IG would be providing a professional stock broker service. Disappointing.
  22. Another bug to report unfortunately. Today I had the FTSE100 (PRT) chart set to display cash opening hours, every time I applied the horizontal ProRealTrend detection tool the chart immediately switched back to displaying 24 hour data! Removing it did not reverse the situation.
  23. The only GTC order is a limit order and when I try this using the full holding at a lower price than I bought I get a "deleted order" message?
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