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  1. Thank you for your helpful reply Dan. I have got Pretium Resources up and there's plenty for me to choose from now.
  2. Unfortunately my jubilation on this point was short lived. Comparing the adjusted ProRealTime chart (advanced charts with IG) to my brokers charts where the daily candles close at 5pm EST by default I found a number of candles were not the same. The data feeds on price did not agree which distorts the shape of the candles crucial for identifying the patterns for trading opportunities. For example I looked at the AUD/JPY pair (only because I have a trade open on that one at the minute) on the daily candles for 18th and 19th July. Lets take the 18th first, the opening price was 20 pips more on I
  3. Dan, I'm a very happy camper! That worked a treat, thank you very much. I must have been suffering from a senior moment or two when I tried it last time :-) What's really great is PRT is my preferred charting package and I'm looking forward to the improvements discussed here coming down the pike. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Tim, for momentum traders and those interested in capital growth in the medium to longer term it is extremely important to be in the strongest stocks in the strongest industry groups receiving the flow of big money. All the greats including, Wycoff, Livermore, Darvas, O'Neill and Weinstein to name a but a few advocated this.
  5. Hi folks, Liam and one of his colleagues has sorted this issue for me. Unlike LSE stocks where one can find them and trade them in the ISA account without turning on either of the live data feeds (L1 or L2) the platform requires one to turn on the data feed for US stocks just in order to find out if a stock is available for trading. Pretium Resources was not available, I've asked for that one to be added. Thanks guys
  6. Hi Ose, Heikin Ashi and Renko candles are available in advanced charts. Click on the spanner near the top left corner of the chart next to "Price". In the resultant box click on the drop down menu next to "Style" on the right side of the box and choose the candle style you require including HA and Renko.
  7. Anyone else having difficulty in finding stocks when in their ISA account. I have failed to find stocks both using the "Finder" search facility and searching manually. The stocks I have been looking for I have been told by support are available on the online platform. I only receive a "Sorry no results were found" message :-( I have sent them a screenshot but in the meantime could someone do me a favour and see if they get any results searching for any of the following stocks in their ISA?: Asanko Gold, listed on NYSE & FRA Kirkland lake Gold, listed on LSE Novagold Resour
  8. Thanks for enquiring Dan, I've tried this before and it did n't work. I sent screen shots to CS at IG to show this. If a recall correctly it would not accept the settings. I'll go back and try again though.
  9. Hi Tim, I have provided a link to an image of a chart of Connoco Philips. You will see that the chart provider not only shadows in the name of the stock but also the sector and industry group i.e. Energy and Integrated oil and gas. http://s1326.photobucket.com/user/Robin8889/media/Sector%20amp%20Industry%20on%20Chart_zpseuaulgh9.png.html I provided a link above to the S&P500 sectors and industry groups maintained by Stockcharts.com. If you scroll down to the heading Energy and then click on the industry group you will see Connoco Philips along with all the other companies in th
  10. Thank you for your helpful reply Hannah, I just got the same reply from Liam on help desk and came here to tell the community.
  11. Thanks for the positive reply Dan, I have to report that PRT charts are now saving the FTSE cash hours and exclude weekend data settings for me. I have n't done anything different to what I normally do either i.e. Main menu/File/Exit/Save your modifications before closing Yes. Having said that, I have n't done a junk file and cookie clean recently, although I don't think that should matter. We shall see. Regards Rob
  12. I agree Dan cash charts would be nice! On a different note, can a link be provided to the thread in the "notification of a reply" email sent when subscribed to that particular thread? Thanks
  13. I don't know what happened to the tickers in my post above but they are all listed on the New York arca exchange and here they are again SIL, SLVP & SILJ Let's see how this works out :-)
  14. We are probably in the early stages of a new precious metals bull market and there is currently no way to get exposure to silver miners through an ETF within the IG ISA. Would it be possible to add the following ETF's to the available options online? Global X Silver Miners ETF NYSEARCA:SIL ishares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETF NYSEARCA:SLVP PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF NYSEARCA: SILJ Thank you
  15. I am also very keen to see volume introduced in PRT's chart package for spread betting. It's arguably the most important indicator there is for most instruments. Is there a firm date for it's introduction yet? Thank you.
  16. I am speaking from the point of view of a chartist here. As any self directed swing trader or longer term investor in stocks will know the sector and industry in which a stock is part of has a big influence on the performance of that stock. It would be of great assistance to the chartist to see the sector and industry group on the chart. Most good charting packages "shadow in" the details on the chart itself. It save having to leave the chart and visit a website like this one below: http://stockcharts.com/freecharts/industrysummary.html?&V=W&G=SECTOR_SPDR#&S=PD I would
  17. For many price action traders like myself who trade FX off the daily and four hour time frames both the simple and advanced charts provided by IG are completely useless. The daily candles close/open at 00:00 GMT adjusted for day light saving time. Please see below for why this is not any good. Best Charts For Forex Trading Most people prefer to use charting provided by their broker. Though this may seem harmless but could result in disasters. Let me tell you why there is a chance they won’t be the Best Charts for Forex Trading. Due to Forex 24 hour nature each broker has a different
  18. That was a great request by Dan and the way advanced charts load now is definitely an improvement. However, having adjusted my charts to the FTSE cash hours 8am till 4pm the pivot points are not shown at the same levels as live charts indicates i.e based on the cash market. Another pain in the rectum is that the software does not retain the settings even after hitting the save button before exiting. The same for getting rid of weekend date. The settings for each market has to be re-done each time the charts are loaded. Another irritating thing when trading through charts is that just b
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