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  1. all relevant, but I do feel they should specify. Rather then make it 10 round turns or 20 rather than going back on the original terms.....
  2. email extract : "We have reviewed your account activity, and unfortunately we are no longer able to provide our third-party charting package ProRealTime to you for free. However, your free access to IG charts will continue as normal."
  3. HI everyone, Just received an email from IG yesterday notifying that my access to ProRealtime will be revoked come end April due to my "trading activity" I will therefore have to start paying for the software from May. It seems that 4 round turns is no longer the standard - I made almost 260 trades last year and on about 30 trades this year. I am by no meana high volume scalper but also not the standard longer term swing trader. Anyone else had the same experience? Thanks
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