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  1. I agree with most other users of the new platform. I do not like it at all. Not easy to use or navigate. It is very bland and un-exciting !!
  2. Absolutely DO NOT like the new platform. Have looked at it over the last year to try to get to grips with it but always reverted back to the classic platform. This morning I awoke to finding that I can no longer do this. It would be ok I suppose if the new platform were any good !!! But its not good. It is hard to configure and navigate. It is bland. When flashing red or blue instinctively lets us know what the markets are doing, this platform does not give any clue. The buttons on the deal tickets are small and they do not react at first click. IE; to close a trade. I suppose I will get used to it over time but if IG could perhaps bring back and incorporate some of the features of the classic platform, I could, in time learn to like it.