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  1. Morning, On Mondays, 0915hrs, IG price is again on par with coinbase live price... which is Great.. This means that IG price very competitive during weekdays office hours.
  2. https://cointelegraph.com/news/china-ban-on-ico-is-temporary-licensing-to-be-introduced-official News from the internet
  3. Now is 10pm Sun (10th Sept). Coinbase bitcoin live price is US$4168. IG live price is 4138 (bid offer at 4128 / 4148). This difference has close in from 100 to 30 and the spread is now mostly at 20. Could this be these due to weekend lower liquidity? Hope by Monday, the 2 platforms will be on par again.
  4. On Friday (8th Sept), the price quote was on par with Coinbase live pricing when bitcoin was trading around 4600-4680. The bid and ask spread was between 10 and 20. Today, Sunday (10th Sept), current bitcoin is trading at 4230 at coinbase live price, but at IG platform it is price at 100 LESS, at 4130 and bid and ask spread at 30! Why such big difference in the space of 2 days? Can James ftom IG please assist to clarify? Thanks.
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