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  1. Morning all, I am new to IG and have a question about the daily FX interest. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place... On my demo account I have charges for daily FX interest for AUD/USD: 04/09- 1 day 07/09- 3 days 08/09- 1 day 11/09- 1 day The only times that I've left a trade past 10pm was one opened on 31/08 (closed at 23:44) and one opened on 4th (closed on 5th at 01:58). Can someone explain how this works? I know if you hold over a weekend you'd pay 3 days but I haven't done that. Also I don't understand why there are charges come in on the 8th and 11th when the last time I held past 10pm was the 5th! Sorry if there is a simple answer that I just can't seem to see... Any pointers would be much appreciated.