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  1. This would not be sufficient for me. I need the proper reference listed against all trades, in what ever window they are listed, because I open multiple trades of the same market at the same levels so I can have different stops and limits set for each. I would love to move to the new platform because the old one is clunkey as ****, but this is the single reason I have not moved to the new platform. The old platform lists the ref making it easier to record and differentiate between trades on the same market.
  2. Reading through here, there seems to be a lot of complaints about the new platform. To be honest although the old platforms layout was good and functional, it was also very clunky at times. Being driven by flash, I think it is time to upgrade to a HTML5 version, which the new platform is. Most people including myself don't like change when they are comfortable with a system and don't want to learn another one. At the moment I have dabbled in the new platform and I do like it but there are things missing that interrupts my stream of recording trades. This being there is no opening references listed with the open positions. How do I distinguish and adjust stops and limits between multiple trades of the same instrument. It might be there but I cant find it. Until then I will be clinging to the old one. While I'm here can you also change the way the HLOC data is showed on a chart. Can you have it so it pins to the side or bottom of the chart instead of moving around with the mouse. I find it distracting when analysing a chart, but I still want HLOC data displayed when I point at a candle
  3. I open multiple positions of the same instrument with different stops and limits. These are recorded in my log with their opening position references. When one position is closed out, I need to adjust the stops and limits of the other open positions. In the old platform, I simply go to "Open Positions" and click on the instrument, where it displays the opening reference and then I can edit the position. With the new platform I go to the "Positions" tab. There I cannot distinguish between different trades of the same instrument, because there is no opening reference anywhere I can find. If I click on one of the positions it only brings up it's chart. Can the "positions" tab display the opening reference beside each one listed and then I can modify the stops and limits directly there.