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  1. Nope still can't find the digital 100's oh well If IG cannot provide best I look elsewhere anyone has any suggestions of decent trading apps that do the digital 100s cheers
  2. Hi guys sorry to bother you. I am new to this I played the Digital 100's 6 months back on the demo account and did extremely well, took a break now looking to get back into it maybe try a bit of real money but I can't seem to find Digital 100s anywhere in the demo platform have they been removed ? Also I found some digital 100's on the Real currency platform but the layout seems worse I have to say I preferred before where I had a full list of Digital 100s in front of me so I could monitor all the top fx fluctuations, now I don't know how I am going to get around this opening 10 single digital 100 tabs Or am I missing something ? Help greatly apreciated Many Thanks