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  1. Hi MAKTRADER6970, I puzzled by this as well. You're right this is not how options really work. I trade options all the time in the US and make money by selling calls on shares I own and selling puts on shares I want to buy. When you sell you should get the premium immediately the option is sold. J_Bernard appears to be correct. We're not buying and selling options just betting on the option prices. You can't use them sensibly or profitably, so I think we should not bother with them. It appears to me CFDs and spread betting is just that - gambling where the broker wins every ti
  2. I agree it is a bit of a mystery. I'm no expert but if the profits are taxed then losses should gain a relief (against other capital gains). This appears to the only benefit, but like you I would like to hear from others with more experience of CFD trading.
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