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  1. Nadelina...... your clients generally have not been told about KO so feedback is bound to be limited. I only found out because a contributor who was trading them asked a question re KO.
  2. IG Haven't mentioned it so how are we to know. I would have thought it would have been put up on the log in page
  3. Re IC - I haven't place a trade yet but will do so soon - but I am still very impressed with them. I did try IG Australia but their service was not too good so decided not to apply. If anyone is interested I will let you know about how the actual trading goes.
  4. Interesting how we all have different experiences - I had no problem setting up an account with IC and found them very helpful - also their live chat is very fast and the people are knowledgeable and nothing seemed too much trouble for them
  5. Thanks Guys, I know IG have to comply with the ESMA ruling but that does not mean retail traders cannot make their voices heard via various channels which might make ESMA re-think. I am looking to find out if I can get compensation from ESMA for losses incurred ie training, conferences, re retail and professional books, the freedom to trade, and lose if necessary. The discrimination in their ruling is obvious re retail and professional - professional traders are not immune to losing huge amounts of money. Also it needs to be brought up as to the actual reality of WHY they have land
  6. I am quite a Dumbo re these matters but as the ESMA ruling is decidely discriminatory and will cause loss to retail clients cannot we complain to the Ombudsman if there is one?
  7. I am in a way surprised IG would ban anyone from talking about another company in view of the upheaval that has been caused over the ESMA rulings. Why would they be worried if they are giving a great service, they can only be worry if they think someone else is doing a better job, but that should be a spur to them as it is to all good companies. In answer to the question - no I am retail client - if I thought I could get professional status I would stay in England where I can spread bet, rather than trade CFD's, but there is no way I would get approved
  8. I now have a live trading account with IC and I shall try them out. I am very impressed with them at the moment as they have live trading chat which is open all the time and their response is ultra fast and very helpful as the guys and gals seem to know their onions. I haven't funded the account yet but will do so on Monday starting with just the $250 dollars. They do seem client orientated with their nothing is too much trouble approach, which creates that kin of feel good factor. The proof will be when I eat the pudding as they say.
  9. Hi Caseynotes, I checked IG Australia but did not like that there was a no withdrawal of funds to debit cards as it states 'not available'. I also do not have a restriction on how little I put in with ICMarkets whereas with IG it is £250.00p every time I fund. I tried to get help from IG Australia but was not able to. My impression of IC is excellent at the moment as they actually have a chat line which is always open so I was able to gen up on them, liked what I heard and saw, so opened an account. Unfortunately I could not upload identity papers as my printer has broken down. Any
  10. Good for you Guest Tinkertrader - by the way IC are only coming up because I was looking for another company who did not have to obey EU rulings, and also I like what they seem to be offering. All brokers are unknown to us until we try them, and you had to try IG once upon a time and obviously liked them
  11. Hi FFS Daytrader, It is usually best to do your own research but this what I have found out re IC Australia........... They are fully regulated by ASIC the equivalnt of the FCA Minimum funding is $200 but there is no minimum after the first funding. No maximum on withdrawals. Clients money is kept in segregated accounts Fund and hold account in £ sterling. Hope this helps. I cannot fund my account at the moment as my printer had just broken down - I need to upload documents for identity before I can trade.
  12. I can't find the thread to post this entry on - it is the one started by James re ESMA I have now opened an account with IC Markets which I will try out - they are a very young company but they do seem to be OK. I value freedom and I refuse to bend down under ESMA's rulings so decided to 'walk' as this negates ESMA's power over me and what it is trying to do which is to make me a slave. I do hope many others will not bow down to the Master Esma wants to be.
  13. News on smaller trade sizes........... it does appear a firm I trade with is doing something as I have just been told they are working on it, and also working on opening up outside ESMA rulings. He could not confirm as it has not been settled yet. Good to know that a firm is doing something to help - of course I know they are helping themselves too but it does incline to thinking well of them.
  14. I have found out that at least one firm is considering reducing sizes and we will be told as soon as it is confirmed. This is not what I want but at least they are doing something to help their clients. I am trying to find a non EU forex broker but Google brings nothing up. Any help would be appreciated.
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