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  1. Thanks Adrian I am new and learning the ropes, so your advice is very helpful. I've been experimenting with day trading to start with, simply buying and selling with range trading and looking for trends and trend reversals. I've found I can make money reasonably reliably, but it's full-on and needs my total concentration! So I'd also like to take some longer term positions on thinks like forex, oil price etc. Hence my question. Thanks again!
  2. Hello folks, My name is Mark and I am here I've got tired of seeing my savings and ISA's going nowhere for the past couple of years! I've been playing around with the demo account for a couple of weeks and finally decided yesterday to go live. I am just learning the ropes at the moment - day trading the FTSE 100 and some forex stuff. I'm using the technical indicators to help with range trading and took for trend reversals. The plan is if I can find a system that works reliably for pennies of profit, I can scale up and make this a significant source of income. That's the plan anyway. You know what they say, a ***** and his money are easily parted! Anyway, wish me luck! I'll post again when I've made the first million ;-)
  3. Hello chaps, I am new on here - been trading only for a couple of days. I have a basic question and wasn't sure where to ask it, so hope this is an OK place to do so... but how long can I keep a position open? Is there any time limit? Thanks