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  1. Thank you ! Yeah the risk/reward is slightly against me at $55 however I've hedged myself long in an oil stock which I plan to keep in the long run and use the Short position to capture as much profit while were in this negative period. Gold mining stocks are the only thing I will buy long in the current time they usually gain good returns in volatile markets Anglo American is another pick I'm looking to add as it's done well to avoid the negativity vs the FTSE and is performing well
  2. Hi this is my first post! Totally agree I don't think this rally changes anything, we are in a bear market... and will last into the new year... it Just takes a tweet the Donald Trump to spook investors! and to more uncertainty around US/China trade and oil prices are cause for concern so your position in the US 500 is in favour for the start of 2019 as there's nothing to cheer about economically. I'm Short on Oil which is definitely a winner for some in the short run! especially if you entered in October however I entered at $55bbl aiming for $50 however it tested the level before rebounding to $55 but im optimistic this will come down as supply is still uncertain, Plus I'm getting paid interest for being short which a little bonus for holding over the short/medium term, Looking at closing... my position end of January - February but will be reviewed how the the economy is feeling. The Dow could test 18,000 - 20,000 if we still don't improve on the US Shutdown, FED fears, Trade wars, Brexit and if we get weak US consumer data.