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  1. Last year new platforms were introduced for CFDs and (in the UK) s/betting. The users of the sharedeal platforms have remained in the dark with an antiquated and feature-poor platform. Are there plans to introduce something a bit more 21st century for the sharedeal platform with better functionality? And if so, what new features would you introduce? As an investor, rather than a speculative day trader, there would be an interest in seeing asset allocations, performances over different timescales (at portfolio and holding level), risk and volatilty info, ability to export portfolio, and more. A
  2. More and more brokers are introducing fees now. It just seems to be the way things are going.
  3. It isn't usually possible as the two are totally separate.
  4. I totally agree. 50p per pt. should be available for all markets. The minimums on IG are discouraging.
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