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  1. Hi Anton I just trade the forex and although Prorealtime makes it easy to display lists showing current candle signals the illustrated Proscreener automatic trading only dispays price crossing sma's etc. I am looking at the public Prorealtime which may be a cut-down version of the one used by IG and showing incorporation of candle signals . I think that price crossijng sma's and sma's crossing would lead to whipsaws and loss but an auto buy or sell on a bearish engulfing pattern and close on an sma price cross would be more successful as with cable today on the 5 minute chart Of course a system which shows divergence would be even more successful or which shows an sma falling or rising I sure wish I knew how to program, or even which code they use.
  2. Hi Using Prorealtime how does one open a trade using a candlestick pattern i.e. a doji but only when stochastic is overbought/oversold. This should have a good win/loss ratio.
  3. Hi I am interested in using Prorealtime on the IG platform in an automated capacity. The online blogs are rather vague. Does anyone know if it's possible to program it to buy or sell when price crosses a certain SMA or EMA of our choice. Also can more than one activity period be specified. Thanks