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  1. How do I get the P/L as pips on the Open Trades Window. Peter
  2. Morning Guys. I use Divergence on a number of indicators, CCI, RSI and MACD. Is there any way I can extend a vertical line across all windows for a particular market. I have added a screen shot with just the Main window and RSI shown. From what I can see I need to add another line on RSI and then on CCI and then on MACD - is that correct? So to move the line in unison I have to move all the individual lines? Thanks Peter
  3. It might be a bit late but thanks for the answer. I thought I had done. My apologies.
  4. My apologies for my curt reply. Frustration is creeping in. I trade Oil and Dax predominately on the m2 timeframe. My basic template has both set up with the same indies along with the on m1 and m2 timeframes. Now what I would like to do is open a new chart either Dax or Oil say on the M15 or M30 timeframes but with a different set of indicators. As far as I can see I have to open the chart and which will have the same indicators as the main chart. delete them all and then add the new ones. Which to me seems madness. Regards 1954baby
  5. Thanks for the reply. But it still does not help me out. MTD
  6. If I place a fib on a chart is there anyway I can move the top or bottom anchor only so I can follow price up or down? I know that if I right click and select Configuration I can type in the values. But that is Stone Age technology. I want to drag and drop - even MT4 has that!
  7. I am struggling to understand the concept of templates being new to PRT. For example I have two main charts lets say WTI and Brent (One is the real main chart). As I am watching the two main charts I often open up new chart with same instruments but with different indicators and possibly different time frames. My question is if I load a new chart for say Brent it will take the layout of the main chart. So how do I automatically load a new chart with a pre-saved layout. Or once the chart has been loaded with layout of the main chart load a different pre-saved layout? Hope that makes sense.
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